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  Chinese White and Yellow Tea
Chinese White & Yellow teas are light and delicately smooth. They are the least processed tea, undergoing just steaming and drying, leaving it close to its natural state. Recent studies have shown that these teas contains more cancer-fighting antioxidants than any other teas.
  Chinese White Tea
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    Bai Hao Yin Zhen
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    Bai Hao Yin Zhen
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Bai Hao Yin Zhen
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    Excellent white tea. Keeping its flavor and sweetness to through many infusions.

    William (1/12/2021)
    Era da tempo che non assaggiavo questo fantastico tea bianco, ed avevo dimenticato il profumo di fiori ed il sapore fresco caratteristici.

    Tommaso (9/17/2020)
    Best white tea ever we keep ordering this tea it is the best we have ever had!!!

    andrew (5/2/2019)
    best tea ever!!! I have purchased this tea 5 times now I cant get anything better than this!!!

    andrew (10/3/2018)
    High quality from start to finish: hairy leaves with great aroma, delicate and delightful taste

    Noam (5/23/2018)
    Delicious Silver Needles!! All of the leaves are uniform and covered with downy fuzzies. Very nice quality.

    Alice (4/8/2018)
    I usually drink green tea but wanted to try white tea because it has lower caffeine content. After my very first brew this tea has a unique light sweet flavor with a slight ´tangy´ sensation in my opinion which I like. I´m sure the more I experiment with amount, temperature and brewing time I´ll see what more it has to offer. So far so good though.

    raymond (4/6/2018)
    White tea perfection. Cant get anything better. I drink 2 cups of this a day.

    andrew (3/15/2018)
    Best White tea ever keep on loving it and buying it

    andrew (3/15/2018)

    andrew (4/28/2017)
    Good quality white tea as usual. Fresh, smooth, & mild fragant after tasted.

    Susany (3/9/2017)
    Best tea love the taste and the great price. Excellent quality and quick shipping.

    andrew (1/31/2017)
    Brewing glittering pale yellow color with evidence of floating white hairs that reflect light. Baihao Yinzhen smells of "fresh-cut hay", and the flavour is described as sweet, vegetal, and delicate

    dennis west (12/26/2016)
    Wonderful tea. 1st infusion very delicate, further infusions reveal layers of taste, both high notes and low notes, the tea develops with repeated infusions. 6 grams tea /220ml water, 65deg C temp. 1min first infusion. I´ll buy more

    Julian (6/8/2016)
    This is the third timer I have ordered this tea, not as good as previous orders but still a good and refreshing tea. I will order this again.

    Andy (5/4/2016)
    Not the best silver needle I ever had but pretty close. Of course the best one I had was also one of the most expensive teas I ever had as well. Anyway, very fresh and very good.

    Ben (7/27/2015)
    Very impressed with this tea. It´s sweet! I brewed relatively cool, and it has lasted for 4-5 steeps at least. I highly recommend this, it´s just lovely and refreshing.

    Wanda (6/5/2015)
    This is the second time I have purchased this tea. It is just as excellent as the first purchase. I will continue to order more.

    Frank (6/2/2015)
    This is the first white tea I have tried. I am a novice to tea drinking having recently given up coffee but I liked it so much I have ordered it again.

    Frank (5/21/2015)
    Delicious Silver Needles!! All of the leaves are uniform and covered with downy fuzzies. Very nice quality.

    Lee (1/26/2015)
    Perfect tea for any occasion. Sweet and flowery aftertaste.

    kseniya (1/10/2015)
    Dry leaf has nice fragrance of flowers with hint of cherry. Brews up a tea with good body and sweet taste.

    Francois (12/27/2014)
    As always smooth sweet tasting tea that is easy to brew.

    William (10/24/2014)
    Great tea high quality great smell and taste tons of white hairs on the leaves

    andrew (9/28/2014)
    Consistently great sweet tasting, easy to brew, good for your health you can´t go wrong getting some Bai Hao Yin Zhen.

    William (8/31/2014)
    I have been drinking white tea for many years and have experienced years in which the harvest is excellent to below average. Like fine wines, depending on environmental conditions, the harvest is better some years than others. This year, 2014, is quite good, but falls short of some of the very best years. I am being quite picky here and I will buy this one again, it is good. Try it.

    Leon (6/17/2014)
    Truly amazing quality and taste! An amazing tea for later in the day, when you want great taste with less caffeine. Highly recommended!

    Damien (5/27/2014)
    Absolutely delicious. Unlike any other tea I have ever tasted. Clean and refreshing.

    Mikala (5/16/2014)
    Best white tea ever, great taste and refreshing. Recommended!

    Martin (4/25/2014)
    Subtle in taste, but smooth, sweet, and very refreshing. This was the first white tea I have tried though, so I cannot compare it to any other experience. I do enjoy it a lot however, and would order it again.

    Timothy (3/3/2014)
    Best white tea I have ever tasted. Really recommend this tea to anyone!

    Martin (3/3/2014)
    Lovely, as always - the 2013 crop is a little less complex than the prior crop but it´s still great. I´ll be re-ordering when I run out.

    Noah (1/30/2014)
    Wonderful tea, light and refreshing, this is the second time I have ordered this tea and will order again.

    Andy (12/16/2013)
    One of my favorite white teas so far.. delicious! Easy to brew. Definitely on the re-order list!

    Damien (12/6/2013)
    very good tea .

    Christian (11/28/2013)
    The best of the white teas I have tried. So refreshing and light and perfect for these hot summer days and warm evenings. Still one of my favourite teas....

    Robin (11/25/2013)
    Very very delicate tea. Fresh aroma. For sensitive taste.

    Airat (11/18/2013)
    Wonderfully light and fragrant. A pleasure to drink.

    Shehzad (9/20/2013)
    Very mild and refreshing taste. Make sure you brew it the right way as it is easy to ruin the flavor.

    Anna (6/26/2013)
    Excellent Tea. Delicate and delicious; very mild sweet gentle aroma.

    Joe (5/5/2013)
    This is the second time I´ve tried this tea (last time was 2011) and again, I´ve been a bit disappointed by it, because it doesn´t taste like silver needle which I´ve acquired more cheaply from other sources and liked much better. Silver needle should have such a distinctive taste, and this tea... doesn´t have that much personality. Perfectly pleasant, but little personality. 2013 crop.

    Matthew (5/3/2013)
    Fantastic tea. Really mild and unique cooling flavour. I have already re-ordered.

    Noah (4/11/2013)
    Wonderful tea light, delicate and refreshing. This tea appeals to all the senses.

    Andy (4/9/2013)
    Velvet and delicious .. highly recommend to all Box came battered and torn .. but packets of tea whole and unharmed

    Boris (3/11/2013)
    Very sweet and flavorful. Lasts manys infusions. The best white tea.

    William (2/28/2013)
    My favourite white tea. Smooth and aromatic. Great evening of late afternoon brew

    Neil (2/26/2013)
    Great Tea. Always helps to relax and cool down the body.

    William (2/19/2013)
    Bai Hao Yin Zhen or as commonly known the Silver Needle is a delicious tea – light and sweet. My only input is in regards to brewing: I recommend to those who unfamiliar with this tea to try and steep the leaves in 75°c for 8 minutes it will give a great flavor and distinct sweetness that will be unique to the harvest.

    Marina (10/16/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    An amazing tea, great aroma and taste. Will definitely buy again!

    Neil (8/21/2012)
    This a sweet and beautiful light tea that never fails to satisfy. I have been drinking this tea since I first used Tea Spring in 2006 and it is still one of my favourites. A must for any tea connoisseur. The silver needle tea is just one of those perfect teas that you can enjoy again and again and again. The colour, the taste and aroma are pleasant and satisfying. I have tired this tea in clay pots and ceramic pots and now I am preferring the ceramic pots. I will absolutely buy this tea again!

    Robin (8/6/2012)
    Nice, delicate and subtle. An excellent and refreshing white tea !

    Breilloux (6/2/2012)
    This was quite unlike other samples of silver needle I´ve ever tasted... this has its positives and negatives. Strangely this was not as sweet as silver needle usually is, but it was more distinctively nutty. Rather like meng ding huang ya.

    Matthew (5/11/2012)
    I love the ethereal nature of this tea. Lightly sweet, and very subtle with light touches of fresh grass.

    ryan (4/26/2012)
    Согласна про осторожное заваривание. Если правильно заварить, вкус терпкий, запах приятный, а чай красиво стоит "иголочками" первое время - просто эстетическое наслаждение наблюдать за этим чаем. Лично меня немного смущает пух, все же я привыкла пить чай, раскрывающийся полным гладким листом, но пух - это вовсе не минус, просто вопрос личных предпочтений. Довольно неожиданно этот чай удалось заварить 3-4 раза. Спасибо.

    Olga (3/28/2012)
    In 2011 quite disappointed with this Bai Hao Yin Zhen quality comparing to my 2009 order. Buds are not as big as before, missing honey aroma. I would even compare it to high quality Bai Mu Dan by the look (not by taste ). Still not bad for the price.

    Andrei (3/12/2012)
    Нежный вкус и аромат. Требует осторожного заваривания. Не кипятком. Иначе становится бесвкусным.

    Andriy (3/3/2012)
    This has a very interesting taste. This is my first experience with white tea. It seems slightly similar to green tea, but very smooth without bitterness. USA Don G.

    Donald (2/16/2012)
    I like this white tea. Silver needle with white down. Fresh and smooth, but only until 3rd brewed.

    Susany (2/15/2012)
    A Delicious tea, with a very delicate taste. Best tasting tea I´ve ever drunk. Very refreshing.

    Jenni (2/13/2012)
    My favorite TeaSpring tea. This will make you fall in love with white.

    Braden (1/11/2012)
    This tea is very good for the price. The flavor is subtle, but has a nice hint of sweetness (like a very very subtle honeydew taste). The texture is very interesting, as the tea is slightly thicker than most. All in all a very good tea for the price.

    Liam (11/27/2011)
    I would not have left a review if the quality of this tea is on par with the reviews that I read here. I tried the same kind from a local tea shop and really liked it. After reading the reviews, I bought one 50 g bag from here. Unfortunately, the quality of this tea is far inferior to the one that I got from a local tea shop (in northern California that carries just a few Chinese teas and and sell mostly western teas). The tea that I have bought from here do not have much of ´fur´ compared with the picture on this website or the one that I got from a local store. It certainly in a much lower grade.

    Bowon (11/23/2011)
    having tried others white tea i came back to teaspring the quality is un matched

    mark (11/18/2011)
    Хороший чай, ароматные листья, релаксирующий эффект. Рекомендую.

    Andrey (11/8/2011)
    This year´s harvest tastes lighter and more subdued than previous years. I ordered it in the autumn rather than the spring, so the tea has rested a little and is more mellow. I nevertheless enjoyed it. The tea buds are lovely. The tea is light, smooth, sweet, and refreshing. Multiple infusions possible. In later infusions, just leave a little water to cover the leaves in the gaiwan and come back later and refill with hot water. Later infusions have a taupe color and a complex and sweet taste. I do not agree that BHYZ has less caffeine. In my experience, I found the caffeine in BHYZ to exceed the caffeine content in green teas and is comparable to the caffeine in oolong teas. I read it depends on how they process and prepare the white tea. Wonderful BHYZ. Highly recommended.

    Kei (10/21/2011)
    In my experience, a much better quality Bai Hao Yin Zhen than those offered by Teavana or Chado. A very good tea!

    Michael (8/12/2011)
    After years of sampling white and green teas, this is my favorite tea. If you like a refined tea with subtle aroma and taste, this is it. It is high in anti-oxidants and low in caffeine. The caffeine in it is gentle, clearing and enlivening the mind without overly stimulating it. Drunk in small to moderate quantities it does not excite the mind but allows it to remain calm. I have drunk this tea for years, and while the subtle qualities of the tea vary from year to year, much the same as quality wines from the same grapes and vineyards vary from year to year, this has consistently been a winner. It is best to buy it in the late spring or early summer when the new crop is just in. It is a pleasure to open a new bag in the late spring and enjoy the aroma of very fresh tea. If your tastes tend toward the subtle and refined, you will like this.

    Leon (7/28/2011)
    Always as good as ever. Wonderful tea! Nice and light tasting.

    Angele (5/23/2011)
    Very enjoyable flavor and mouth feel. I doubted the claim that it has cooling properties but it is true! Great tea for a warm summer brunch and book reading.

    Wesley (5/16/2011)
    This is my first impression of my first ever silver needle. I enjoyed the aroma of the infused leaf, in which I detected a hint of pine. The tea was good for several steepings in a porcelain gaiwan. I detected a slight grassiness (not unpleasant) in the first few steepings. Thereafter, the natural sweetness became more pronounced and the pleasant aftertaste more pronounced.

    Nathan (5/8/2011)
    Always as good as ever. Wonderful tea! Nice and light tasting.

    Angele (5/6/2011)
    Refreshing and invigorating. This is one of my favourites! It is the finest White Tea I have ever drunk. I love it so much. I bought some other White Tea after trying this from an Organic Store here in NZ and it tastes like dirt compared to this Silver Needle orgasm....

    Robin (5/5/2011)
    The original flavor with a light, but not enough natural sweetness. still great white tea.

    antonius (4/22/2011)
    An OK tea. I have had better Bai Hao Yin Zhen than this. Slightly bitter and not enough natural sweetness. Average.

    Paul (4/14/2011)
    The original flavor with a light, unobtrusive flavor. Invigorating tea. Recommended!

    Andriy (3/4/2011)
    very enjoyable tea with long lasting taste parfumes are fresh and tastful during the initial brew.

    Stefano (2/26/2011)
    Good to enjoy this tea in summer hot weather.Very good.

    Pavel (1/6/2011)
    great white tea, I have not had better silver needle at this price point

    Gabriel (12/19/2010)
    Excellent white tea, smooth and delicate but tasty!

    Terje (11/17/2010)
    Very nice tea ,tastefull, you can drink it all day long.

    SPYROS (11/3/2010)
    This is one of my favorites off this site so far. The dry leaves have a smell that is reminiscent of fresh pine. The taste of the liquor makes my mouth water when I recall it, fresh and lightly sweet with a hint of grassiness. I have this almost every day, and sometimes multiple times a day. I will definitely order this tea again when my stock runs out.

    Trevor (10/6/2010)
    Tea leaves are smaller and darker than last year (so they look a bit less attractive), but the taste is still captiving. This is absolutely good BHYZ.

    Paweł (9/6/2010)
    Excellent white tea, smooth and delicate but tasty!

    Terje (9/3/2010)
    Most defiantly the tea drinkers white tea. Very light, remarkably very sweet, and the visual aesthetic of infusion is a most pleasing.

    Christopher (9/1/2010)
    Good quality silver needles is probably the best type of tea that could be consumed at any time of the day, and this is that type of tea. Albeit very light, this tea´s flavor is sophisticated enough for any tea drinker to enjoy.

    Robert (5/20/2010)
    I just finished my last batch of this latest Bai Hao Yin Zhen, and found it to be equal quality to the previous offering. I have my favorites, Bai Hao Yin Zhen is one of them, so I tend to purchase the same teas from season to season. I´ve come to trust the consistency of products offered by without question. This is an example of how product ID numbers may change from batch to batch and season to season, but the quality and value remain consistent. This is an excellent tea, very light and tasty, perfect for evenings. Try this tea, you will not be disapointed!

    John (5/12/2010)
    Wonderful and delicate white tea. Nice whole slender white leaves covered with silver hairs. A fine choice for a Silver Needle white tea.

    John (4/13/2010)
    Very elegant, fragrant, with both a nutty and fruity taste, very persistent

    andreina (4/6/2010)
    This tea is very subtle if steeped like recommended. I like to use a longer steeping time for this tea.

    Konstantin (4/3/2010)
    Excellent tea with very delicate smell and taste. Perfect present for yourself or anyone else.

    Konstantin (3/7/2010)
    Excellent tea. Our all-time favourite. Mild flavour but very tasty.

    Angele (3/2/2010)
    I like this tea very much. Not the finest Bai Hao Yin Zhen I´ve tasted, but nice for the price.

    Oskar (2/27/2010)
    As always one of the best white tea available. Smooth,delicate, and sweet.

    William (2/18/2010)
    The best Bai Hao Yin Zhen i´ve ever drink. Must have product, great taste. Recommended !

    Cipta (2/18/2010)
    Wow very interesting white tea..very smooth but with a particular taste that I would qualify as herbal...very comforting...a must.

    Yves (1/16/2010)
    Great tea, mild and soft flavor, so far the best one I tasted. I will surely recommend it to my relatives and friends. Thanks TeaSpring for efficiency in every aspect of my order.

    Mano (1/14/2010)
    First class white tea as always!!!Fresh and tasty and enough for a lot of cups

    Marko (1/12/2010)
    The original flavor with a light, unobtrusive flavor. Invigorating tea. Recommended!

    Andriy (1/11/2010)
    Excellent, the best BHYZ I´ve ever drunk. Very smooth, delicate, but still good for several infusions if brewing for short time.

    Paweł (1/1/2010)
    First time I buy tea from TeaSpring. Tea was well packaged, customer support is top notch. Nice tasting tea, very light and refreshing. It is easily possible to make 3 great infusions out of it. I´m not a tea expert but I could describe the taste as very vegetal / sweet. A "must try" if you like white tea.

    Jean (12/17/2009)
    I agree this is one of the best offered under white teas. Very smooth.

    Christopher (11/4/2009)
    The original flavor with a light, unobtrusive flavor. Invigorating tea. Recommended!

    Andriy (10/30/2009)
    remains my favourite tea out of all the teas here!

    sara (10/17/2009)
    Much has been written of the additional benefits of white tea over green tea. Forget all the talk of catechins, antioxidants, etc. (smile) Just know that it tastes awesome, and it´s good for you! Bai Hao Yin Zhen is the "premium" of white teas. A very delicate tea, though. Careful with water temperature, not too hot. A 3-5 minute steeping will yield a thoroughly enjoyable cup of tea. Because this is a light and delicate tea, I´ve found 3 infusions is maximum before flavor begins to be lost. I always keep some Bai Hao Yin Zhen in my tea cabinet for special occasions. Enjoy!

    John (10/12/2009)
    Very smooth, excellent aroma. Keeps taste for several infusions. The best Bai Hao Yin Zhen I´ve ever drunk.

    Paweł (10/10/2009)
    Excellent sugar sweetness with an aftertaste of sweet hay.

    Ryan (9/24/2009)
    White tea has always been my favourite. This one is INCREDIBLY much so that for the first infusion I wondered if I had done it wrong, though I did follow directions properly, because the water had NO colour (maybe as much colour as adding one drop of apple juice to a cup of water). It smelled nice, though, so I tried it, and it tasted very softly of cucumber. Then I sweetned it very lightly as I always do, and it was amazing! Pure, soft swallowing a breath of warm spring mist in an orchard. The second, third and fourth infusions were even more wonderful, the colour and flavour of the tea deepening a whisper each time. So delicate and preference! The fifth infusion was stronger still in taste and the VERY soft ´green´ flavour of previous started to come to the front, making it my least favourite infusion. I tried a sixth infusion just to see, and the taste was finally beginning to weaken. Still nice, though! If you like an airy-delicate, softly sweet tea with general fruit notes, you will LOVE this tea, like I did. If you like strong flavour or mostly ´green´ taste or etc, you may wish to try something else. But I loved it, it´s my favourite ever (so far!)

    Krista (9/5/2009)
    squisito; ideale per la colazione ma molto piacevole anche per il pomeriggio.

    Tommaso (9/5/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste that last for a long time.

    Adrian (9/1/2009)
    One of the best Baihao Yinzhen I had in several years.

    xinxin (8/22/2009)
    Sweet, no bitterness whatsoever and it resteeps beter than I expected it to.

    Jonas (7/31/2009)
    Maybe i am just in mood of drinking white teas, but It´s defiintely one of the best teas i´ve ever tried. It has sweet, gentle flavour. After drinking this tea i am feeling kind of wasy and happy. It´s one of top 2 in my tea collection. :)

    Andrei (7/17/2009)
    For the price this is an amazing Bai Hao Yin Zhen. Wonderfully sweet with a gentle taste of sweet corn. Not quite the best I had, but again for the price of this tea you can´t go wrong.

    Ben (7/16/2009)
    Sweet and smooth, doesn´t get bitter with long infusion. However, it lacks the buttery taste I look for in this white tea.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    Fresh selection of this superlative white tea. Sweet, sour, and light; always a favorite.

    Jeff (6/14/2009)
    So pungent, smells like it was picked yesterday. Overwhelming, delicious, sublime.

    Ted (6/2/2009)
    Such a light, delicate tea. This is one of those drinks that is enjoyed more through the nose than the mouth -- the presence of this tea is mostly felt in its vegetal, sweet smell and only then in its light, clean taste.

    Vuong (5/28/2009)
    It smells a little different from those green teas and tastes very very sweet and smooth. An interesting tea to try.

    Fan (5/27/2009)
    A Delicious tea, with a very delicate taste. Best tasting tea I´ve ever drunk. Very refreshing.

    Jenni (5/26/2009)
    This a a great batch of Bai Hao Yin Zhen! The multiple infusions last forever. The taste is very sweet and smooth. If you use too many leaves or infuse for too long, of course it can get bitter. Use the right amount of leaves and the correct temp. and this tea will be great. I actually find it very easy to brew and not that tempermental. The leaves are perfect, big and fat. Great quality product! You will not be disappointed.

    Kei (5/13/2009)
    Exactly what you would expect. Fresh, simple, clean and refreshing.

    mark (5/5/2009)
    Странный чай. Пахнет силосом, на вкус терпкий. Огромное количество танина (чай мгновенно покрывается "металлической пленкой"). Заваренный третий раз - утром имел черный цвет, почти как кофе.

    Sergey (5/2/2009)
    Just received my first order from the 2009 harvest. It is even more delightful then 2008 -light and refreshing. I enjoy it occasionally with Jasimine pearls.

    Lewis (4/26/2009)
    It´s Bai Hao Yin Zhen - I´m not sure there´s much to say. It was sweet and interesting, sublime to the last drop. Teaspring´s offering is very fresh, as usual. Couldn´t be happier.

    Catherine (1/3/2009)
    I found it very interesting. The taste is not strong, but the tea has vitalizing effect, at least I feel it so. The body seems to be inflated with power from inside.

    Alexander (11/25/2008)
    As always smooth, sweet, and refreshing. Great to drink any time of the day.

    William (11/17/2008)
    one of the best tea i have tasted will buy more in the future

    Seng (10/16/2008)
    As always one of the finest teas in the world. Smooth, delicate and refreshing.

    William (10/11/2008)
    Just Great, don´t miss it. Wonderfull floral taste, several brews possible.

    Joachim (10/3/2008)
    This is the best white tea I have drunk before. Fragrance is very delicate and the tase is sweet.

    Jana (10/1/2008)
    Ive found that, while this tea is nice when brewed for a minute or so, it is best when brewed for fifteen minutes, this gives it a silky-smooth sweetness. The aftertaste is long and fresh.

    James (9/28/2008)
    Excellent tea scent and taste. Light and enjoyable.

    Miljenko (9/9/2008)
    Nice tea but not as good as 2007 harvest, is a little bit smoky.

    Adrian (9/5/2008)
    The best overall summer tea in my opinion. Refreshing and relaxing.

    William (8/17/2008)
    As always. Smooth, thirst quenching, cooling and relaxing.

    William (8/17/2008)
    Delightful lght, slightly sweet Yin Zhen. Better then many I have had

    Lewis (7/7/2008)
    very nice white tea, with a fine scent. very good price relation.

    thomas (7/2/2008)
    As always one of my favorite tea. Smooth, healthy and refreshing.

    William (6/4/2008)
    Good white tea but not high end. Little bit rough for Yin Zhen.

    Milan (6/3/2008)
    Veyr light and refreshing taste, I leave it to steep for extra time, the leaves are covered in bristles

    john (5/13/2008)
    Smooth, slightly nutty taste. Tastes great with fiji or high quality water.

    William (5/12/2008)
    Delicious smooth tea for morning, noon, or night. excellent.

    William (5/10/2008)
    It is as good as the previouse year, I enjoy brewing it with spring water.

    Chung (5/9/2008)
    This is a delicate tea that appears very fresh. The leaves are covered with down but are clearly green and not white in color. It is also not as fragrant as a previous season of silver needle I´ve had. However, this may still be a good tea for the money.

    Vuong (5/7/2008)
    Delicious and refreshing. I always enjoy this tea.

    William (4/30/2008)
    This finest and most delicate of White teas is refreshingly sweet while the taste is clean, smooth and very delicate. It is also know for its´ medicinal anti cancer properties which are said to be more powerful than Green tea !* *"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease"

    Michael (4/27/2008)
    good quality, but the flavor is a bit plum-like and not as clean as the one of the best qualities

    Tobias (4/16/2008)
    Smooth and delicate taste. Absolutely wonderfull. I will recommend this tea to everybody!

    Freek (4/11/2008)
    Buon tè bianco. Usato in entrambe le soluzioni (con infusione breve in gaiwan e lunga in teiera) merita l´acquisto e da un infuso chiaro e dolcissimo

    Andrea (3/12/2008)
    I love this tea! A very fine and delicate tea. To appreciate this tea you can’t eat something, watch TV or talk at the same time; you have to concentrate fully on drinking it. And it’s totally worth it!

    Oskar (3/3/2008)
    Fine white tea. Uses a lot of leaves, but is very fresh and tasteful.

    Erik (2/22/2008)
    The taste is close to green tea. It gives a very natural scent of what Chinese tea represents. Refreshing, green, bitter, and with a sweet after taste.

    Melody (1/11/2008)
    A very fine and delicate tea. Very light and slightly sweet.

    Pedro (1/7/2008)
    excellent bai hao yin zhen. one of the best that I have tried. sweet, smooth and elegant, really good price also, highly recomended

    Sergio (1/6/2008)
    Very delicate tea, but not quite as sweet as some other Yin Zhen that I have tasted...

    Eugene (1/3/2008)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste that last for a long time and makes you crave for more. Adrian

    Adrian (12/23/2007)
    A very fine and delicate tea. To appreciate this tea you can’t eat something, watch TV or talk at the same time; you have to concentrate fully on drinking it. And it’s totally worth it!

    Oskar (12/2/2007)
    Silver needle white tea is one of my favorite teas. Teaspring’s offering comes in third on my best Bai Hao Yin Zhen list. Much more affordable than my top 2 though.

    JT (11/19/2007)
    This tea is wonderful, definitely a favourite. Will purchase again!

    Angele (10/30/2007)
    Good example of the signature white tea. Very fresh tasting, still.

    Elliot (9/26/2007)
    It took me several brewings to find the right combination of water temperature and time, but now I found this tea to be quite good. I find the Bai Mu Tan better for my taste, but that is just a personal opinion, which has nothing to do with the quality of this tea.

    Marc (9/12/2007)
    The light taste of this tea makes it enjoyable for people who do not like very strong teas. Excellent quality.

    Angele (9/11/2007)
    This is a wonderful tea. Very light and very tasty.

    Angele (9/11/2007)
    A delicious tea every time. Delicate, slightly sweet, fragrant.

    kyle (8/7/2007)
    This is an amazing tea. It has a very delicate and smooth taste but the leaves are still very strong lasting many infusions. The claims that this tea has a cooling effect on the body I have found to be true making it a great summer tea also.

    William (7/21/2007)
    Very delicate and subtle. That can be a good thing or a bad thing according to your taste in tea. It’s good to me. This tea, with cranberry juice and a bunch of ice, makes a great summer beverage.

    Cynthia (6/24/2007)
    Really light and smooth, great aroma and smell. Delicate.

    Patcharapun (6/18/2007)
    this is the first white tea i’ve ever had. It’s really good and I much prefer it to most green teas.

    Sara (5/22/2007)
    This tea is delicate, sweet, and refreshing. A wonderful tea.

    kyle (4/8/2007)
    By far the best of white teas. A favorite, will definitely keep purchasing regularly.

    Angele (3/29/2007)
    Excellent,light and smooth white tea

    eva (3/21/2007)
    A light and clean taste.

    Ryan (3/9/2007)
    The tea is wonderful, as usual. Very high quality.

    Angele (3/8/2007)

    Markov (3/5/2007)
    ...what can I say that already has not been said...this is as good as white tea gets, period. This offering was quite sweet and offered me 5-7 infusions.

    Chip (3/2/2007)
    Excellent. Subtle with a much lighter taste than a Bai Mu Tan ( less smoky )

    Vincent (3/2/2007)
    Bai Hao Yin Zhen really lived up to its reputation as the best among white teas. The tea is so delicate and refreshing that its hard to stop drinking it! The smell of the tea leaves is unusual and pleasant. Ultimately, the tea is delicious.

    kyle (2/28/2007)
    Absolutely beautiful....

    Robin (2/22/2007)
    Looks beautiful, the appearance lives up to its name. A nice tea to sip throughout the afternoon. Delicate and very drinkable.

    Mary (2/14/2007)
    excellent tea

    Ricardo (12/13/2006)
    Too much light for me.

    FRANCO (12/12/2006)
    Very high quality and wonderful taste.

    Angele (12/9/2006)
    Very delicate taste and beautiful appearance!

    Jennifer (11/30/2006)
    Very light and refreshing. Also loved the aroma.

    Toni (11/18/2006)
    Great taste. Excellent service. Fast delivery.

    Alla (9/19/2006)
    A wonderful white tea with a clean taste. The leaves smell and look great and give a full bodied tea. Very high quality.

    Zachary (8/31/2006)
    Very good White tea...clean taste, doesn’t require a large amount to brew to good flavor. I enjoy it with a drop or two of natural sweetener (honey or stevia).

    Karen (8/15/2006)
    Average YinZhen, good for the price.

    Armandas (8/7/2006)
    By using spring water and mix with white tea. I have a wonderful of my most beloved after noon tea.

    Chung (7/6/2006)
    Very good tea. Almost completely free of colour. I mean the water does not become yellow or green, but remains transparent water colour. But the taste is quite strong, but if brewed at low temp. not too strong. I like it. Very clean also, no granules. Good feeling.

    Niels Christian (7/4/2006)
    Very light, well tasting white tea. Not as charismatic as many green teas, but amazingly fresh. You have to use a lot of leaves, though.

    Erik (6/25/2006)
    Maybe it is just that I haven’t had a good yinzhen since last year, but this tastes and smells absolutley amazing. The fullest body possible, a wonderfully fresh smell and taste and amazing color of liqure. Strongly recomende, while it is fresh.

    Silas (6/6/2006)
    A good Yin Zhen for brewng in large tea pot to serve visiting guests.

    Chung (4/6/2006)
    This has to be my favorite of all the teas i’ve tried here or anywhere for that matter. I can say that this tea is fresh, the taste is light, but refreshing, and scientific studies have shown that high quality white tea has 5x more antioxidants than any other kind of tea "even green" and lower caffeine levels than any of the other white teas, around 5-10mg per 8oz cup. Those are the reasons i gave this tea a perfect score.

    Joe (3/4/2006)

    GIOVANNI (12/26/2005)
    I was impressed beyond my expectations. I expected this tea to be just lighty, with no other qualities. I was wrong. This tea is subtle, but very fresh and smooth. The aroma reminds me of a large field during a sunny day after the rain. Smells wonderful. I was also able to rebew this tea four times before the leaves lost their flavor. This makes a perfect tea for the relaxing times. Perfect for guests.

    Brian (11/11/2005)
    Very fairly priced, a good white tea. Its very light but this is what you can expect from a tea of this kind. Extremely fresh, I could even smell the freshness. Great tea.

    Alexander (10/8/2005)
    light and smooth white tea

    Valeriano (9/4/2005)

    If you have purchased this tea before and wish to review it, please login to your account and click on the Review & Rate item link.
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