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  Chinese Black Tea
Tastes thick and robust. Tea connoisseurs appreciate Chinese Black tea as a beverage with various purifying qualities. Chinese Black tea blends easily with other flavors to create a rich and exquisite taste. Regular consumption of Chinese Black tea can reduce risk of stroke.
  Chinese Black Tea
  • 1979 Series Keemun Black Tea   
  • Bai Lin Jin Zhen  
  • Bai Lin Ju Hong  
  • Bi Luo Chun Hong Cha  
  • Keemun  
  • Keemun Hao Ya A  
  • Keemun Mao Feng  
  • Keemun Xian Zhen  
  • Lapsang Souchong  (3 types)
  • Rose Keemun  
  • Sichuan Gongfu  
  • Tan Yang Jing Zhi  
  • Tan Yang Te Ji  
  • Yi Hong Jing Pin A  
  • Ying De Hong  
  • Yunnan Gold  
  • Yunnan Pure Gold  
  • Zhu Hai Jin Ming  
    Bai Lin Jin Zhen
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    Bai Lin Jin Zhen
    (rating: 4.8 out of 5)
      Bai Lin Jin Zhen
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    Eccellente annata di questo te che mi è piaciuto moltissimo aroma complesso persistente squisito per la colazione e il pomeriggio.

    Tommaso (3/6/2023)
    a beautiful blend of depth and fragrance. A perfect afternoon tea...both relaxing and stimulating.

    Uzi (3/5/2023)
    a beautiful blend of depth and fragrance. A perfect afternoon tea...both relaxing and stimulating.

    Uzi (1/5/2023)
    a beautiful blend of depth and fragrance. A perfect afternoon tea...both relaxing and stimulating.

    Uzi (10/23/2022)
    a beautiful blend of depth and fragrance. A perfect afternoon tea...both relaxing and stimulating.

    Uzi (8/19/2022)
    Si conferma fra i miei tre tea neri preferiti. Profumo fantastico e un infuso dalle nete sempre particolarmente complesse. è sempre un ottimo acquisto.

    Tommaso (4/2/2021)
    è il mio tea nero preferito in assoluto il suo aroma delizioso e complesso non finiscono mai di sorprendermi.

    Tommaso (9/17/2020)
    Another favourite. This tea helped me see that rinding is important. I live its aroma just before pouring the first brew. A definite keeper!

    Marika (12/27/2019)
    Cosa dire, ormai è il tea del quale non posso più fare a meno. Adoro il suo aroma persistente e complesso, la sua dolcezza.

    Tommaso (11/8/2019)
    Squisito resta il mio te nero preferito. ineguagiabile per il suo aroma.

    Tommaso (2/27/2019)
    Eccellente come sempre. Bai Lin Jin Zhen di questa nuova stagione si presenta con una foglia più piccola e un colore più uniforme rispetto all´anno precedente aroma e gusto sempre ineccepibili.

    Tommaso (12/20/2017)
    Very good tea with a lasting taste. Not the best I ordered from this site, but very good nevertheless

    Joao (8/29/2017)
    l´aroma appena aperta la confezione è travolgente e persiste anche in seguito. per la mattina a colazione è perfetto. ottimo tea, si conferma tutte le volte che lo riordino, un ottima scelta.

    Tommaso (7/7/2017)
    stupendo! aroma persistente vi accompagnerà fino all´ultimo sorso, e continerà con profumi complessi profumando la tazza.

    Tommaso (4/5/2016)
    A perfect black one. Very aromatic tea. Thank you.

    Pawel (6/29/2015)
    Very layered in flavor. Sweet tomato, touch of malt, tiny touch of smoke, subtle honey sweetness. Changes flavor with each different steep in the gaiwan. Yum

    Lee (12/19/2014)
    Enjoyed this tea a lot. Beautiful leaves, glossy, tan/brown and almost purple in places. The smell released on opening the pack was worth the price of admission alone. Chocolatey, almost sweet, and very, very malty. Brewed up, the malt odyssey continues (remarkably like sniffing actual steeping malted barley), with fruity, sweetly smoky notes lurking behind. The taste has the expected biscuity/malty profile, but sitting wonderfully in balance with tobacco-y, leathery notes. Big, robust and mouth filling, but also complex. I´m finding it gets too bitter and overwhelms the flavor after anything more than a minute´s steep. Keep it short! Good for at least two steeps, probably more. You will not regret this tea.

    Daniel (11/13/2014)
    Every order I place at teasrping I always get this tea. It is my favorite black tea. When I saw it was from 2014 I about peed my pants. ( could be from drinking so much tea). It is sweeter and lighter than most black teas. The after taste is really what makes this tea so great. Sweet, chocolaty, with notes of spice and a mild tobacco flavour. It is awesome.

    Ben (6/3/2014)
    Amazing nutty, choclatey flavor that I can´t get from any teas sold domestically. I´m hooked.

    daniel (3/19/2014)
    Very nice, if not a little moderate. It didn´t really stand out among other Chinese black teas.

    Matthew (5/11/2012)
    Since i start shopping here, it is my favorite one. Suitable for quick brewing and everyday use for black tea lovers. A rather simple, but satisfying deep taste. Recommended.

    Igor (5/4/2012)
    Довольно таки интересный чаёк, подходит для того, чтобы приготовить его по-быстрому, без заморочек

    Ilua (4/4/2012)
    il mio preferito per colazioni salate. profumo caratteristico il suo gusto esalta cibi speziati. eccellente.

    Tommaso (3/15/2012)
    Excellent in every regard, very subtle and impossible to misbrew. I prefer this to the pure gold yunnen. Wonderful and worth the high price.

    Christopher (9/26/2009)
    Taste is smooth and mellow but with a brisk and strong astringency and pull. The aroma is lovely with hints of vanilla. A black tea that tastes gentle at first but ends with a forceful, strong, and bold character. A great morning wake-up-jolt tea! Excellent tea!

    Kei (9/11/2009)
    squisito; ideale per la colazione ma molto piacevole anche per il pomeriggio.

    Tommaso (9/5/2009)
    the parfume is already the begin of an adventure. the flavor is a long way to paradise!

    Ricardo (8/8/2009)
    I have to say that this is one of the best Yunnan´s I have ever had. It is amazingly sweet with that beautiful classic "malty and tobacco" like fragrance that lingers on the pallet. I found it interesting how light and sweet it was for a Yunnan. It remind me of an aged Bai Hao yin jin. I brewed it in a guiwan for only about using just boiled water.

    Ben (7/12/2009)
    Nice black tea shares some characteristics with Dian Hong, with some difference.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    This is a very good tea. Had I not discovered Yunnan Pure Gold, I would probably still drink this tea. The leaves are simply gorgeous with so many golden colors standing out in front of a rich, dark tapestry. The unbrewed scent is a little lighter and more like apricot than honey. The soup itself is a clear, yellowish brown and the scent gains some complexity of pepper scent. The flavor is bold and leans more toward the pepper side of things as well, which many people prefer. Perhaps a little more astringent than the Yunnan Pure Gold. Very good complexity, though, and I recommend you try it.

    Tim (5/18/2009)
    This is my favorite black tea the taste is great and flavour is never bitter.

    Robert (2/22/2009)
    my favorite tea. excellent taste! Soft and light taste of first welding. Strong and pleasant, if longer brew.

    dmitry minein (2/22/2009)

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