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  Chinese White and Yellow Tea
Chinese White & Yellow teas are light and delicately smooth. They are the least processed tea, undergoing just steaming and drying, leaving it close to its natural state. Recent studies have shown that these teas contains more cancer-fighting antioxidants than any other teas.
  Chinese White Tea
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  • Bai Mu Dan  
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  • Cha Wang Jun Shan Yin Zhen  
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    Bai Mu Dan
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    Bai Mu Dan
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Bai Mu Dan
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    This is my favorite "every day" tea. I have been ordering this Bai Mu Dan from Mr. Ong since 2013 and I have never been disappointed. It is relatively affordable and it has been consistently good. I love the aroma of this tea. I never tire of opening the bag and sticking my nose in and taking a big inhale. One of the best aromas ever!

    Chris (4/16/2022)
    Delicate but lingering floral fragrance, mellow sweet taste, can be infused many times, not too sensitive to higher water temperatures, but try to keep temperatures below boiling point. Very enjoyable!

    Kei (9/2/2018)
    My second time ordering this tea - just like the first time, the tea leaves appear a bit dry. The taste is great though, just what I expected.

    Marika (12/9/2017)
    A tea my friend enjoyed drinking, an everyday tea.

    Neil (10/1/2015)
    Great taste, the leaves a bit dry so it affected the visual amount of the tea to a cup - I will enjoy this good white tea but might switch back to the organic one i get elsewhere -

    Marika (1/17/2015)
    This batch of BMD is a year old, but the tea has become stronger and more robust with time. Newly harvested BMD, which I ordered in the past, is more delicate. Taste is very sweet, full-bodied, complex, with a slight hint of smokiness or bitterness. Color is a dark brown amber. Fragrance is floral and complex. One gaiwan can be re-infused all day long. Dry leaves are intact and strong. White tea does make you feel cooler-great in the summer. Highly recommended!

    Kei (7/24/2014)
    An alright bai mu dam, and it is good for itīs price

    Neil (7/17/2014)
    Light and magical. A very different tea. Does not spoil if you let it steep too long. Highly recommended.

    Brian (5/21/2014)
    What I got is a lot of broken leaves. Tea is pleasant so nothing extraordinary what one can expect for this price. Flavor reminds me of moonlight white tea of Yunnan.

    Peter (5/17/2014)
    Very floral and full. Great hot and cold. Shipping came quickly and in good condition.

    Elizabeth (12/12/2013)
    Very floral and full. Great hot and cold. Shipping came quickly and in good condition.

    Elizabeth (12/12/2013)
    Somehow I did not enjoy this batch. I did enjoy previous though!

    Darja (6/25/2013)
    Very nice. Bouquet is delicate and floral. Flavour is sweet and refreshing. Almost like Bai Hao Yin Zhen, but slightly less refined in flavour. I enjoyed this tea very much.

    Kimberley (3/28/2013)
    Great tea at an affordable price! Rich flavour, nice color, nice price!

    Martin (3/25/2013)
    Легкий белый освежающий чай на каждый день.

    Alena (2/21/2013)
    Great taste, not expensive, a lot of antioxydants as you can see in some studies.

    Martin (11/22/2012)
    Extremely fresh pick, mostly small leaves and some buds. Delicate, smooth, pleasant faint floral fragrance that lingers, subtle and complex taste that is mild and sweet. Like other white teas, not much of the grassy and vegetal notes known for in green teas. Multiple infusions possible. I thought this batch of Bai Mu Dan was very similar to Bai Hao Yin Zhen. BMD is just a little bolder than BHYZ. Highly recommended.

    Kei (10/17/2012)
    Great refreshing white tea. A bit more robust than some white teas, which i prefer.

    Tim (9/21/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    This is my first white tea that Iīve tried from TeaSpring. The taste is somewhat complex and the bodiness is different from green tea. It is kind of heavier. My first sip was great, and then after I finished my cup- it made me feel a little rejuvenated.

    Ronald (8/13/2012)
    Sweet finish. Makes for a great everyday white tea.

    William (2/18/2010)
    No bitterness and can last a few solid infusions. A nice cheap daily tea.

    Daniel (12/10/2009)
    Great quality white tea, i had other white teas but this is certainly the best bai mu dan i had so far. Taste remains after 4 infusions. Very nice

    Wouter (12/8/2009)
    Качественный белый чай. Отличное соотношение цена-качество.

    Andriy (12/4/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste.

    Adrian (11/23/2009)
    Wonderful and refreshing, and a great value. I reccomend this tea.

    Christopher (11/4/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste.

    Adrian (11/3/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste.

    Adrian (11/3/2009)
    Good price / quality ratio. Delicate, fragrant aroma. Recommended!

    Andriy (10/30/2009)
    This batch of Bai Mu Dan tastes so much like the premium white tea, Bai Hao Yin Zhen, it is difficult to tell the difference. At a price around 30% less than Yin Zhen, this tea is a great value. Highly recommended!

    John (10/12/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste with the condition that you brew it correctly.

    Adrian (9/1/2009)
    it is a classic. not the best white tea, but a good one

    Ricardo (7/31/2009)
    Nice tea for a wonderful price, perfect everyday white tea.

    Jonas (7/31/2009)
    Very nice every day tea. It has a smooth, and individual taste. The price of this tea makes it even more attractive. This the first tea I successfully made Ice tea from and took it to the beach with me. This enjoying moment will definatelly stay in my memory.

    Andrei (7/9/2009)
    Great every day white tea. Very fine taste and smell

    Erik (6/9/2009)
    A superb white for the price. The first two batches I got from TeaSpring, early in 2008, had a very high percentage of yin zhen in them and were almost champagne like in character: Light, floral, yet with a distinct flavor to them that would not quit until the 4th infusion. The third batch was clearly the remnants of the harvest and, while still good, had a much lower percentage of yin zhen. The quality is very, very high and I canīt wait until TeaSpring gets another harvest in.

    Christopher (3/4/2009)
    Amazing quality, beautiful leaves and a very soft, yet not too weak, taste.

    Jonas (2/25/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste with the condition that you brew it correctly.

    Adrian (2/16/2009)
    Very fine tea,has a subtle fruity flavor which gives it an excelent taste.

    Adrian (2/16/2009)
    This is a great white tea. The best I have tried yet. I find it better than Bai Hao Yin Zhen.

    Erik (11/4/2008)
    A very fresh, natural tasting tea with a subtle sweetness.

    Daniel (9/6/2008)
    Beautiful curling silvery-green leaves...not as colorful as some bai mu dans, but definitely a pleasure to look at. The dry leaf smells good--like dried grasses, nothing superlative but definitely pleasant. The infused liquor, however, smells and tastes lovely! Itīs delicate and flowery; the wet leaves smell sweet. After the second infusion, the liquor had a mild but distinct taste and odor of roses, and the leaves smelled of roses as well. Brewing notes: 148 F, 2-3 minutes each time.

    Jennifer (7/29/2008)
    Excellent harvest, better than ī07 I think! Together with Bi Luo Chun, my tea of choice.

    Marc (6/27/2008)
    This is a very high quality Bai Mu Dan. It arrived fresh and the tea has an excellent appearance. The silver needle (bud) content is higher than most Bai Mu Dans Iīve had. The tea brews up very nicely and the taste is delicate and refreshing. It has a good aroma and mouth feel as well. I get three brews out of the leaves with increasing brew times. The taste changes with each brew, leaning more toward a silver needle taste by the third brew. There is no bitterness to this tea. I have already placed another order for more of this excellent Bai Mu Dan.

    Mark (6/3/2008)
    I like this tea very much. Itīs rich and natural in taste, and has a wonderful fragrance. Itīs more rustic than the silver needle, but with almost the same sweetness.

    Oskar (5/31/2008)
    The best Bai Mu Dan Iīve ever seen. Next order on the way!

    Jiri (5/5/2008)
    Nectar-sweetness, very refreshing and pure tasting. Great for everyday too.

    Alejandra (4/30/2008)
    Very soft taste, good to drink in the morning. The leaves have a fresh and sweet fragrance.

    Jana (6/3/2007)
    Gentle , refined. Excellent price. No flower shape on infusion.

    Arthur (4/3/2007)
    The quality of the tea was not satisfactory

    Markov (3/19/2007)

    Markov (3/5/2007)
    Autumn harvest very nice! Will try again in the spring.

    JOHN (2/24/2007)
    This is a great tea--delicate is a perfect description. Nice & subtle. Devote some time to simply drinking this one, its worth it.

    Andrew (2/7/2007)
    Fresh as always, with smooth taste and beautiful leaves.

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    Delicious, with taste that is robust without being coarse, vegetal without being harsh.

    Jennifer (11/30/2006)
    Beautiful leaves, looks like an autumn forest floor. Taste and smell as always excellent.

    Jennifer (11/30/2006)
    Still a favorite! Wonderful daily-drinking white tea. Good for multiple steeps and very tasty.

    Jennifer (11/30/2006)
    This one is a favorite! Has the delicacy of white tea but is fairly hardy in brewing and allows a lot of leeway in temp and steep times.

    Jennifer (11/30/2006)
    Very fresh tasting, and for that it gets 4 out of 5. Not as floral as some bai mu dans I have had and not as sweet. The price is excellent though. Grassy, hints of sorrel and very fresh.

    Silas (6/7/2006)

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