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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Cha Wang Huang Shan Mao Feng
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    Cha Wang Huang Shan Mao Feng
    (rating: 4 out of 5)
      Cha Wang Huang Shan Mao Feng
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    The aroma is a pleasant reminiscence of fresh Orchid bloom. Every sip of Huang Shan Mao Feng tea promises a sweet and refreshing memory.

    dennis west (9/3/2016)
    this is my first time buying/brewing this tea, but so far I find it has a very light flavor with a citrus type aftertaste. Iīm still experimenting though but I think it has potential to be something that I like regarding itīs mild flavor.

    raymond (6/23/2015)
    The first few infusions were very sweet tasting. The liquor was overall very delicate and light in flavor. I used a glass gaiwan and enjoyed many infusions. The sweetness dissipated in the latter infusions and was replaced by a light tanginess.

    dennis west (6/6/2015)
    Another highly recommended tea from TeaSpring. In my opinion, perfect floral notes.

    Pawel (2/6/2015)
    Exellent delishes tast. No bitterness at all. This tea will be my favorite.

    Alexander (1/16/2015)
    Very nice tea, if brewed correctly. A light flavour but very rewarding!

    Neil (7/17/2014)
    Good quality for the price, shipping was good... Thanks! D

    Damien (8/22/2013)
    Cha Wang Huang Shan Mao Feng This tea has no taste, no matter how much of a quantity or how long brewed, or the temperature, it still has no taste. Since it has no taste it is assumed to either not be a 2013 crop or it was not properly handled after harvest.

    dennis west (5/26/2013)
    fresh taste and excellent daily drink. this is one of my favorite tea.

    Jeff (5/25/2013)
    Very fresh tea. Arrived to Australia in perfect condition. Condition of leaves very good. Well done Tea Spring.

    Ben (5/13/2013)
    This has a light, delicate flavor. Somewhat sweet. Not at all robust, but very good.

    Shehzad (2/2/2013)
    One of the teas that have been dissapointed me. It does almost no taste. If I want to feel very little taste I had to ass 5+ grams for one cup of tea. It is very expensive. I do not recomand it...

    Ionut (12/5/2012)
    This tea has no taste whatsoever. I tried brewing it in every manner possible, with many different temperatures and with different types of water. I also tried different volumes of tea. Still no taste. I surely would not recommend this tea to anyone.

    dennis west (6/22/2012)
    sweet,silky,fragant; one of the best teas I tasted last year

    Thomas (1/14/2012)
    Perfect as usual. sweet aroma, beautiful fragrance.

    Anton (8/6/2011)
    Really nice tea. Kind of smoky, if thatīs the right adjective, As another review mentioned, itīs a tea that you really crave in the morning.

    Shehzad (8/5/2011)
    I have to respect this tea. The initial aroma and flavor are not as pronounced as the huang shan mao feng. Though with subsequent infusions it becomes more sweet and is quite pleasant. Much enjoyed!

    Christopher (7/31/2011)
    Was expecting more from this year. Quite disappointed. Very light in taste unlike previous year.

    Chang (6/2/2011)
    2011 crop was not as good as the previous year. I purchased a sampler, but will not purchase more.

    dennis west (5/29/2011)
    A very enjoyable Mao Feng, one of the best 2011 first flush teas.

    Tapio (5/25/2011)
    This is wonderful tea. I get hungry for it and canīt wait to drink it. Thatīs the highest praise I can offer any tea.

    Gerald (5/14/2011)
    Has been one of my favourites this year. Taste is really sweet, in a balanced and harmonious way. Taste is somewhat simple, not so complex. Nice, overall good tea, easy to drink.

    Jesse (5/3/2011)
    1st steeping brews a tea with hints of smokiness, followed by a buttery texture and a mellow sweet finish. Subsequent steepings increase the smokiness, lose the buttery taste, but they keep the same finish. Excellent tea!

    Joseph (3/13/2009)
    This is a really good the the leaves are large and scent is good to.

    Robert (2/2/2009)
    Dry leaves have quite a smokey aroma. Some cups are quite smokey, others have been buttery. I think it responds to differences in brewing techniques. Very enjoyable and refreshing.

    Mark (1/2/2009)
    tea is okay but not out of this world .

    Christian (7/14/2008)
    This is just lovely green tea. There is a nuttiness and a slightly floral undertone. Not very vege or grassy for green tea. The true beauty is in the silky smoothness of this green nectar. It is truly more than the sum of its parts.

    derek (6/19/2008)
    Need a large amount to tea to brew a cup of otherwise excellent tea

    Chung (6/12/2008)
    very fresh and very good quality, refreshing and very rich taste!

    Tobias (4/16/2008)
    Itís a good quality of green tea. Like Premium grade Bi-Luo Chun. Worth trying!

    CHONGCHEN (7/13/2007)
    Itís a good quality of green tea. Taste very similar to Bi-Luo-Chun.

    CHONGCHEN (7/13/2007)
    A nice hearty green tea. Great variation through each infusion and also very different experiences to be had from experimenting with brewing techniques.

    Gary (6/29/2007)
    The dry leaves appear charred. The brew is quite smokey! ultimately this is a satisfying tea, each sip is crisp and refreshing. but tasting such smokey-ness is disappointing considering the price. it is very enduring- easily giving 4 infusions or more ( the smokey flavor finally left during the 4th steep)

    martin (6/10/2007)
    Subtly exhibits the great characteristics of Mao Feng--not in your face, but present nonetheless with a mildly pungent sweetness that doesnít overwhelm. Great, but youíve got to pay attention otherwise itíll be a waste.

    Elliot (6/9/2007)
    Wonderful aroma with refreshing floral taste. But need more tealeaves since itís a very light tea.

    Chang (6/6/2007)
    iím kinda disappointed. not as good as last yearís product (or whatever batch i had). rather than a fresh alive green smell when opening the bag, it was a bit of a cooked smell. it tastes a bit overcooked as well - too smokey. for this level, i suppose i expect more.

    moon (5/24/2007)
    I enjoyed this tea very much, it has a very nice and clear and sweet taste

    Yu Bo (4/22/2007)
    light and refreshing

    john (2/23/2007)
    Good refreshing taste. Not too much aftertaste, but the tea itself is fairly sweet. Very good quality leaves.

    Zachary (8/31/2006)
    I enjoyed this tea very much. It has a wonderful sweet and refreshing taste.

    derek (6/10/2006)
    Nice very mellow sweetness cup after cup, in a tea that is completely void of astringency. I had to go with about 50% more leaf by weight to release even this mellow sweetness.

    Chip (5/15/2006)
    Good fresh spring tea. It has good amount of buds and the tea hairs show of the quality of the tea. I prefere this tea better than this yearís dragon well tea personally. It is not as sweet as last yearís regular Mao Feng but it is more refreshing

    Chung (5/11/2006)

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