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  Chinese White and Yellow Tea
Chinese White & Yellow teas are light and delicately smooth. They are the least processed tea, undergoing just steaming and drying, leaving it close to its natural state. Recent studies have shown that these teas contains more cancer-fighting antioxidants than any other teas.
  Chinese White and Yellow Tea
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  • Cha Wang Bai Mu Dan  
  • Cha Wang Jun Shan Yin Zhen  
  • Jun Shan Jin Bi  
  • Jun Shan Yin Zhen  
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    Cha Wang Jun Shan Yin Zhen
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    Cha Wang Jun Shan Yin Zhen
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Cha Wang Jun Shan Yin Zhen
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    Very good tea. I am highly satisfied with this purchase.

    Frank (9/21/2015)
    A highly aromatic tea that has a strong aroma and a very pleasant taste. The quality of the buds is exceptional. This tea carries a very nice mouth feel with every brew. There is an apparent sweetness in addition to its powerful, yet elegant, taste.

    Nik (9/10/2015)
    Almost creamy. Takes a little adjustment ... perhaps my palette not quite ready for it yet. Still, can taste the class.

    tom (8/25/2015)
    This tea is a perfect yellow and has all the qualities described.

    Pawel (6/29/2015)
    This is very beautiful tea. All of the leaves are perfectly uniform and gorgeous. Liquor has a very thick mouthfeel, very creamy and surprising. Flavor is just as the website says, sweet corn fresh off the cob. Very good!!!!!!

    Lee (1/26/2015)
    Divine, wonderful, perfect. But the brewing time Teaspring gives is woefully inadequate: I recommend three minutes or even more.

    Matthew (12/4/2012)
    This tea is absolutely wonderful, and while I gave this only 4 stars last review, that was my error, for I had brewed it wrong. Be very careful in brewing this tea: I recommend 2-4 minutes (you´ll have to experiment). 1 minute will be too weak. It´s incredibly sweet and nutty. Sensational in fact.

    Matthew (8/21/2012)
    This is delicious, but not worth its price. I´ve tried huang ya that was as delicious but far cheaper.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    This is a very unusal tea and not for beginners. The aroma is barely noticable and needs some time getting used to. But if you know how white tea usual tastes you´ll notice the total abscence of any bitterness. Pure White! More than that, I drank ten infusions of it and it still had this pure white taste. The next day I brew an otherwise excellent green tea and - guess what - it tasted way too strong and bitter. So I can understand why other people reject this tea. It is only for the advanced tea afficionado and not for everyday use.

    Andrej (12/6/2011)
    This is one of the finest teas I have ever drunk. The leaves are a greenish golden and almost each one is perfect - whole and unbroken. This tea has been handled in processing as if it were something very precious. Which it is. It has a wonderful sweet aroma with just the slightest hint of floral richness. It can be steeped several times and it retains its subtlety and character. If you want to try an absolutely top quality tea, try this one. chances are you will like it.

    Leon (7/28/2011)
    One of the very best teas I know. What more should I say?

    Björn (5/19/2011)
    I could not get any taste out of this tea. It was flat, little aroma, no matter how much leaf or what temperature I used it was bad.

    Nagy (2/12/2011)
    Heavenly, tough to brew just right, however. A light tea with surprising body, but the flavor is this tea´s strength. Around 170ºF for three minutes for the first steep has given me some wondrous results.

    Philip (1/28/2011)
    Ok... This is hard for me to type because JSYZ is one of my favourite teas. Let´s start with the positives. The dry leaf does indeed look high quality, i can attest to that with all my being. However i am 2nd infusion in and i still got hot water and hot water only. I´m not a novice with the old jun Shan, I´m making this exactly the way i have always made jun Shan, only I´m really getting no flavour at all! None of that rich sweetness i had from some jun Shan only 3 days ago (tea springs gold tin can range) This seems to lack any relationship to that fine wonderful tea. I must say I´m sad and it is with a heavy heart i write this as i do love JSYZ. All ill say is if this is imperial grade ill happily drink the peasants grade and feel richer than before.

    Dorian (9/23/2010)
    Still very impressed. Compared to last year, buds are a little bigger, some of them almost opened. Maybe a little more tannic. Being very fresh, the future woody aromas of a mature yellow tea are a little more grassy and spicy, which can also be interesting.

    Étienne (5/7/2010)
    That´s the Jun Shan Yin Zhen I was looking for! It is fully processed as a yellow tea and from early harvest buds. The scent of the dry leaves were not that appealing, but when infused the brew immediatly diffuses an intoxicating lychee-sugarcane aroma that reminded me of a good Bai Ji Guan. The mouthfeel is that of a typical high grade green tea : light in appearance, bud deep and sweet the more you taste it. The high pitched candy-like aftertaste is sublime. It is great to watch in a glass the beautiful and even golden green buds dance in a vivid golden brew. Thank you for that quality!

    Étienne (2/24/2010)
    This tea is even better than the regular Jun Shan Yin Zhen, and the price can´t be beat.

    Deborah (6/4/2009)
    excellent tea, with fruit taste and very aparent smoky notes, that are easy delivered in the cup, which set it apart of regular jun shan yin zhen, which is sublter. the aftertaste is very present, and the tea buds extremely beautiful. A tea that any tea lover should enjoy.

    Sergio (4/25/2009)

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