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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Da Hong Pao
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    Da Hong Pao
    (rating: 4.3 out of 5)
      Da Hong Pao
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    hmmm, was expecting more. Im on my third brew of the first try, for me its a rather weak flavor and color, aroma. To each their own taste...Im literally tasting it now, perhaps my temperature was lacking. Im grown more accustomed to the flavors of green and white teas so there will take time to adjust I suppose. To me, green and white teas have a brighter floral smell and nutty or citrus sweetness... this tea is very organic too but has a musty? aroma. It reminds me of dried mushrooms I bought once from an asian market to add to my noodle soup.

    raymond (12/4/2022)
    Tea arrived rather late due to shipping complications (I suspect due to Chinas COVID situation). The tea has a pleasant smoky aroma and a black twisted appearance. The leaves are mostly intact and without stems. The first steeping presents a strong smoky almost charcoal flavor that gives way to a pleasant sort of caramel/ lightly burned popcorn flavor. I was able to get 6 or 7 steepings from this tea and greatly enjoyed it.

    Romee (4/29/2022)
    Loved this tea and as promised, Prompt delivery, Thanks

    JOHANNES (2/27/2017)
    Wonderful aroma. It has a sweet aftertaste. First time for me and I will be reordering it. It is a strong tea so dont infuse it too long

    Alice (10/1/2016)
    Lovely tea, warm, full bodied. Only downside is it is only good for about 4 strong infusions /5gr / 100ml. Over 4 infusions the time needed increases a lot. I do 15 secs/15secs/10secs/30secs/1.30/3.00

    Julian (6/8/2016)
    Good tea. It arrived in two weeks from my order online.

    Stephen (5/18/2016)
    Pretty good da hong pao. Medium lasting flavor. Will try it again.

    Thomas (4/25/2016)
    Very pleasant roasted aroma with a sweet fruity taste

    Joe (7/12/2013)
    Nice oolong to drink at work. Doesnt get bitter even after long infusions. Lacking the rocky nuances but still very pleasant.

    Michael (11/5/2012)
    Well roasted tea. Two first brews are good. Next I will try another one.

    Anton (12/13/2011)
    Good Tea. Fresh & strong after tasted. But I prefer Shen Yun Tie Guan Yin.

    Susany (10/25/2011)
    Только первая заварка имеет вкус (надо сказать неплохой). Вторая - уже вода. Не стоит таких денег.

    Sergey (6/29/2011)
    Have not tried the tea yet, but shipping was quick

    Stephanie (2/16/2011)
    I had previously ordered the Jade Ti Guan Yin Oolong (which I love) so decided to order the Da Hong Pao since it is listed as one of the top 10 teas of China. Well, for me it was a disappointment - it didnt have the light, floral, sophisticated taste of the Jade - it was what I would be described as "muddy" or earthy and had a long finish that I dont particularly care for. Obviously there have to be Da enthusiasts but Im not one of them. I will probably either give this away or "hold my nose" when I drink it.

    Jim (4/29/2010)
    tasty and refreshing im having a cup right now and I recommend it so go buy it

    david (4/23/2010)
    I thought this tea was very good. It was the first Oolong I have ever tried, and I was very satisfied with it. It has a very nice, strong aroma, nice dark red color, and the taste is strong and distinct. I highly recommend this Oolong.

    Max (4/13/2010)
    I run an international homestay in America. One of my Chinese students once gave me a gift, it was a package of Da Hong Pao. I loved it so much that I decided to order it myself. I feel that your Da Hong Pao is delicious and as described. It has a flowery aroma and after taste. My husband also likes it. The tea makes me feel good!! Thank you for this delicious tea.

    Janice (4/5/2010)
    Great, lasting flavor with a hint of sweetness after a few brews.

    Mateusz (3/29/2010)
    A very good flowery taste. Its very similar the Taiwan High Mountian tea.

    li (3/6/2010)
    A good, smoky, well-priced twisted-leaf oolong. Ill probably be ordering this one again.

    James (3/1/2010)
    Very good, this one exhibits what you would normally look for in a DHP.

    Daniel (1/18/2010)
    This is a very accessible Da Hong Pao with real depth. Many layers, deep and rewarding.

    Fred (12/17/2009)
    One of my favorites. I reccomend it to others, and I will buy some more when I run out.

    Christopher (12/8/2009)
    More sweet and floral than other oolongs, with a convincing orchid finish. Complex and nicely balanced character.

    Rolf (9/29/2009)
    Im not rating this Tea-yet-but could someone say if this is spose to taste like leather? and tobacco? thanks

    michael (9/27/2009)
    I had purchased the Traditional DHP before I tasted this DHP. I understand why this one is more expensive. While the Traditional DHP was dark, bold, and rich; this DHP is rich, but complex with many floral and fruity notes mixed with a mild bitterness in a medium liquor. A previous reviewer made a comparison to a Dan Cong, and this DHP definitely has some of their fruity and floral character traits. As always, a wonderful quality product from TeaSpring. Highly recommended.

    Kei (7/7/2009)
    Very good, this one exhibits what you would normally look for in a DHP.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    Very nice compared to other high quality Yan Cha. Though it lacks the incredible depth and rocky rhyme of the best weve tasted, for the price this DHP shows very well. Good for 3 infusions. A favorite.

    Michael (10/16/2008)
    A very nice surprise. This can show well even next to high quality dancong. It loses out in the long haul, but a very nice experience. Not too smoky at all. All elements are very nicely balanced. Not too tannic at all, even after 4 min brews. Nice strong scent but it lacks focus maybe. Good peachy bright fruit, but a little muffled or vague. Maintains is character well for two brews. Third is questionable. We will be ordering more of this tea for sure. A nice tea that also stands well with food. Good and the price is right. Thanks, Traci and Mike.

    Michael (10/1/2008)
    A wonderful (and expensive) tea! A taste that lasts in the mouth ...

    Martin (5/30/2008)
    Wonderfully strong and complex tea with a famous history.

    William (5/20/2008)
    This is a very earthy tea with a slight smokey quality. Heavily oxidized for an oolong it makes for a heady cup. I prefer this type of Wuyi Rock oolong after dinner as it holds up to a previously assaulted palate. Big and bold !

    Kim (5/9/2008)
    This is a super tea. The aroma of the dried leaves is good enough to eat. The brew combines lovely fruit and floral notes with just enough toasty flavors to keep in complex and interesting. Im still perfecting my gong fu technique for this tea, but I made a captivating brew on the first try. Highly recommended.

    Claud (4/7/2008)
    Mi aspettavo di pi dal celebre e decantato Lunga veste rossa. Forse e colpa mia ma non sono riuscito a far uscire lanima di questo t. Quindi non ne ho goduto il sapore meraviglioso che tutti decantano. Devo riprovarci.

    Andrea (3/12/2008)
    Nice oolong tea with deep, rich flavour and a soothing aftertaste.

    Eugene (1/3/2008)
    Great tea, quite strong so a little goes a long way ... great when matched with Chinese take-away.

    Tim (12/27/2007)
    The dried leaves of this tea are lovely. Theyre long, twisted, uniform in size, and their fragrance is second to only a Japanese sencha I had. Definitely a tea worth trying.

    Vuong (12/12/2007)
    i dissagree with the comment about this tea being to strong. if you are carfull not to over brew this tea is verry well balanced. i like it alot. amazing dark liqure.

    ryan (10/24/2007)
    Get this famous tea of very good and balanced quality for a reasonable price. Very rich smell and taste.

    Kim (9/23/2007)
    Nice Da Hong Pao with an excellent full rich flavour.

    Isaac (9/8/2007)
    This tea was a little too strong in flavor for me although I dont mind the smell. This would be a good tea for those who prefer a strong oolong.

    David (6/28/2007)
    I was refered to this tea by TeaSpring.com. It is avery good black tea. However, I do not like black tea and I am disapointed with the fact that Iit is not listed under black tea.

    mark (6/21/2007)
    Distinctive, classic aromas. You can taste the history in this tea. An very good addition to the flavor wheel of oolong.

    Arthur (5/20/2007)
    very nice flavors a earthy floral taste not to robust first time i have ever had da hong pao was not disapointed.

    william (4/11/2007)
    Da Hong Pao tea is very rich in flavor. It is also known to help maintain good health.

    Wayne (4/3/2007)
    This is my favorite tea. Each small cup seems better than the last. It is expensive but the taste is rich, warm, sweet and fragrant. Worth the cost.

    Celinda (3/20/2007)
    A very enjoyable tea. Nice complexity. Totally Da hong pao aroma and taste. Color nice and bright, sweet and malty notes at the finish. Brewing Paramerters used Method- Gongfu- Yixing 150 ml Spring Water at 180F 7 infusions

    Bill (12/19/2006)
    one of the best teas I have had to date.

    Joseph (11/12/2006)
    not bad

    Michael (10/31/2006)
    excellent flavor for the money. a delicious, complex mouthful with each warm sip

    Michael (10/5/2006)
    One of the best oolongs Ive ever had. Woody taste in the first few infusions, but that disappears and is replaced by a honey taste.

    Chris (9/25/2006)
    The aroma is very good and as I can recall as good as the little boxed Da Hong Pao, I had few years back.

    Chung (4/10/2006)
    Great tea very tasty with subtil aroma

    Richard (3/26/2006)
    My first taste of oolong tea and i really enjoyed it ... Will definately buy again.

    natalie (2/16/2006)
    A beautiful orange brew with a deep, smooth, slightly sweetish taste. There is just a hint of smoke that gives substance without being disturbing to people (like me) who do not like smoky flavour. It should be brewed very briefly, only 15-20 seconds in the Yixin pot. It yields very many excellent brewings.

    Anton (10/4/2005)
    Although this one costs a small fortune (by my standards), I will buy it because it is one of my favorite teas. The dry leaf has a pleasant floral/chocolate smell, and the flavor is consistent with that.

    Candace (10/3/2005)
    This is my favourite tea and I always look forward to having it. Make sure that you close your eyes and forget all thoughts before you breathe in the unique fruity sweet aroma, which is instantly relaxing. The taste is rich and fruity with a sweet aftertaste, that lingers for a long time, even after many infusions. Personally I drink this tea while I am studying in order to stay calm and because it is uplifting. Very special.

    Darren (9/2/2005)
    This is my favourite tea above all others and I always look forward to having it. Close your eyes and forget all thoughts, then breathe in the unique fruity sweet aroma, which is instantly relaxing. The taste is rich and fruity with a sweet aftertaste, that lingers for a long time, even after many infusions. Personally I drink this tea while I am studying in order to stay calm and because I find it uplifting.

    Darren (9/2/2005)

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