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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun
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    Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun
    (rating: 4.3 out of 5)
      Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun
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    Tea verde squisito con il suo aroma complesso ed il sapore fresco è piacevolmente energetico.

    Tommaso (9/17/2020)
    resta fra i miei tea verdi preferiti anche se questa volta l´aroma è meno presente.

    Tommaso (9/1/2015)
    A great tea which I drink almost daily! The aroma on the leaves is great.

    Neil (5/18/2015)
    A great tea which I drink almost daily! The aroma on the leaves is great.

    Neil (4/17/2015)
    A fantastic tea as usual! Has been a daily brew for sometime

    Neil (3/29/2015)
    I expected more of this tea. Although the leaves are fragrant I can see nothing special here.

    Pawel (2/6/2015)
    A fantastic tea as usual! Has been a daily brew for sometime

    Neil (12/8/2014)
    A fantastic tea as usual! Has been a daily brew for sometime

    Neil (8/3/2013)
    Lovely tea ! I buy it regularly. Nice and sweet !

    Ionut (5/13/2013)
    I was very disappointed here, because I very much adored the 2011 crop of this tea (see my last review!). After a minute of brewing it tasted of nothing, so I put it in for another minute, and the resulting tea... tasted like a very plain green tea with no personality at all. Think blank canvas green tea. It didn´t have the immense deliciousness it did before. :(

    Matthew (5/3/2013)
    A fantastic Bi Luo Chun, great aroma and taste. A regular purchase

    Neil (4/29/2013)
    Fantastic Bi lou Chun tea. Will definitely buy again

    Neil (4/10/2013)
    Very good and tastefuly tea. Nice body, sweet and fresh aroma, it lasts 2-3 infusions !

    Ionut (12/5/2012)
    Ovearall good and worth the value. Just have to make sure that the water temperature is right.

    Chang (11/6/2012)
    very good green tea .

    Christian (8/27/2012)
    I found biluochun is one of the best teas I´ve tried recently, but it is a little bit too expensive.

    Mingjie (8/25/2012)
    Nice Bi Luo Chun tea, both aroma and taste, will order it again.

    Tuyet Hong (7/23/2012)
    Aún no encuentro la combinación de temperatura/tiempo para prepararlo, mis primeras 2 tazas no tienen sabor pero extrañamente en la tercera encuentro un sabor seco y a yerba nada ligero (rebatiendo lo que alguien más comentó). Es un sabor ahumado que efectivamente marea un poco. Las ojas tienen aroma fuerte, y el sabor está ahí, pero hay que buscarlo. Creo que no es completamente lo mío, y tal vez no lo compraría después porque prefiero el sabor superficial, pero es un profundo y excelente té, lo seguiré explorando.

    Abdul (5/11/2012)
    Absolutely wonderful and incredibly unique in every way. The moment you open the pack you will be astonished by the fresh grassy smell and the appearance of the leaves. The leaves are far furrier and softer than any tea I´ve ever seen: indeed the tea is essentially all down. After brewing, the taste is.... it feels like soft fur turned into liquid moving down your throat. It´s just so soft and furry and fresh, will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Highly recommended. This tea really is extraordinary. Of course there are many excellent teas but this really stands out. Lu an Gua Pian and Xi Hu Long Jing and Huang Shan Mao Feng for instance are quite similar, but bi luo chun is very very different.

    Matthew (4/10/2012)
    This tea is rated ´good´ only because it comes a very close second to Xi Hu Long Jing. The Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun is herbacious as a leaf, a pleasant, rounded flavour as a tea. In the pot, the nose has a pronounced woodiness.

    Chris (7/6/2011)
    A satisfactory bi luo chun, but the taste is a bit too light.

    Tapio (5/25/2011)
    The taste of this tea is true to its description. Very fragrant, the smell strangely like a piece of Nori. The first infusion taste is sharp, sweet, and enticing; just hinting the true complexity of flavor. Second infusion proved sweeter and tastier; with slightly under ripened nutty notes. Very downy but is a little dry to my taste. Overall I would say this tea is an unusual good addition to my collection.

    Christopher (4/25/2011)
    This is the taste! I like it a lot, I help my friend to buy it, so good, they all love it.

    Junwen (4/22/2011)
    A little more smokey In flavour than last years. Just as downy. Still an amazing aroma. This years has a subtle yet persistent ginger flavour that lasts strongly until the tea looses strength. Another superb tea

    Dorian (4/22/2011)
    The aroma of this tea will feel the room when you open the packaging. when you brew it, the tiny and fine tea leaves are just beautiful...nice arome when brewed...but dont last many steeps...

    Chee Meng (3/23/2011)
    It is a top quality green, if you brew it more concentrated it resembles a good Menghai sheng puerh. It is very strong, do not use too much leaf, and do not stir the tea with the lid of the gaiwan, let it sit on the bottom.

    Nagy (2/12/2011)
    Unusual tea with a meaty/indeterminate taste. To be honest i think this tea is a little more of an aquired taste, ill persevere with it, often it takes time to find positives in a certain tea, other times you can find an instant hit. I do like the amount of down that this tea has, more down than a basket full of owlets. Any greenn tea fan i think should try this, i woukdnt say i would recommend it to somebody new to green tea as the flavor is somewhat strange. So far the nicest green ive had fromteaspring is the XFLY, wonderful tea.

    Dorian (8/31/2010)
    very good tea. a bit too expensive. .

    Christian (8/26/2010)
    Good quality Bi Luo Chun as always. Tasty and refreshing. Better than other online stores.

    Chang (8/9/2010)
    This tea has a unique body, focuses more on the meaty-grassy side, no sweetness whatsoever. Good in it´s own way, just not for me though.

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    It is my favourite tea. The first brew has a subtle smoky taste. Subsequent brews have a sweet and floral aroma. I would recommend Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun to every tea-lover.

    Tze Chuan (6/15/2010)
    very good plain green tea without bitterness. Tea is not getting brown when it is sitting around. Perfect for blending with osmanthus or mint. also no vegetable taste.

    Christian (4/28/2010)
    Just got this today, a batch of the Spring 2010. Initial impressions are that it´s excellent. Very downy, lots of fluff coming out of the packaging. The first steeping was amazing, a little sharp and smoky -- like a milder version of xing yang mao jian. Not particularly vegetal (which is how I like my greens), however it let out a very sweet smell when it was steeping. Second brought out a bit more of the sweetness, and was less sharp. Still had a very mild smokiness which I enjoyed. Was still going strong after the 3rd infusion. All and all I´d say this is quite an excellent and enjoyable tea, if you´re looking for something less sweet with a subtle hint of smokiness.

    Travis (4/26/2010)
    First infusion just average, the second one, whoaaa... The magic begin... Very outstanding fragance, smells great, great taste... That´s why it is one of the most popular teas... Excellent tea

    Susany (4/20/2010)
    very good green tea without special flavor. You can use it as base for e.g. osmanthus flower, mint....

    Christian (4/8/2010)
    I find this ´09 batch to be better than the ´08 batch. It has a smokiness that I was looking for.

    Mark (12/7/2009)
    Excellent Bi Luo Chun, a bit too subtle for me, but overall very good.

    David (10/4/2009)
    Cloudy, unpleasant fragrance. 50 gm of unsatisfactory "famous tea" which I won´t order again.

    mark (9/11/2009)
    This tea has a unique body, focuses more on the meaty-grassy side, no sweetness whatsoever. Good in it´s own way, just not for me though.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    I actually found this to be better than the Long Jing, but not as good as I hoped.

    Trent (6/6/2009)
    Good mouthfeel, good slightly "roasted" aroma, very delicate fresh tea leaves. Not the best grade, but very enjoyable.

    Étienne (5/24/2009)
    Bi Lo Chun´s are known for their sensitivity to brewing. I find that you have to treat this tea with kid´s gloves, otherwise it will get bitter or the leaves break. I notice the leaves can easily break if I handle them too roughly. After the third try, I finally got the infusions correct. As long as I kept the temperature low the tea tasted lovely. The first and second infusions are very assertive with a thick brothy quality and a pleasant vegetal aroma. I find the later infusions more like other green teas, refreshing, clear and light. I find the fragrance understated and pleasant. The price is expensive, but this is because of its rarity. The tiny leaves are beautiful. I think it is worth the high price for such an unusual and interesting tea.

    Kei (5/13/2009)
    As usual, good quality tea 3 years running. Highly recommended.

    Chang (5/4/2009)
    I´m relatively new to loose leaf tea, but among the 10 or so that I´ve tried, this is one of the best. It has a very full aroma, and the taste is very complex. Unlike the Oolongs I drink most frequently, this one is only good for about 3 or 4 infusions while the Oolongs can produce more. A great tea nonetheless.

    Patrick (1/5/2009)
    Haven´t figured this one out yet. Expected more in the way of spiciness from the first infusion. The second infusion is nice and buttery. Third a bit astringent. It´s okay but I wanted more.

    Mark (1/3/2009)
    il primo infuso è squisito moto delicato limpido si può vedere la lanugine in superficie. conviene utilizzare una quantità minima giusta per una o due infusioni.

    Tommaso (11/15/2008)
    Totally passable. Excessively dusty. Decent appearance and consistency of leaf but no aroma on initial brew or subsequent brew. No scent. Fairly nice balanced mouthfeel but not much else to say. No finish. Hopefully this was just a poor showing but I would say pass. ?Not quite sure why this is a top ten famous tea? Thank you for offering organic teas, we really appreciate it. Mike and Traci.

    Michael (10/1/2008)
    A fine tea, very light and subtle. I enjoy trying all the different varieties and picking my favorites. I find myself coming back for this one time and time again.

    julie (7/26/2008)
    Tastes mostly vegetal and nutty, not as flowery as I expected. Good but not great in my taste.

    Oskar (7/11/2008)
    Good quality Bi Luo Chun as always. Tasty and refreshing. Better than other online stores.

    Chang (7/2/2008)
    a very good Bi Lo Chun, but not the best i ever tasted, the price is high, but the very thin leaves are from real good quality and so it is worth that, for a nice cup on a sunday noon.

    thomas (7/2/2008)
    The youngest leaves from Tea Spring for this tea. Excellent

    Chung (6/12/2008)
    I don´t remember my tasting notes for this tea , so i have to say this is an unmemorable tea .

    Michael (5/2/2008)
    I found this tea to be bland and only good for a single infusion. Perhaps I prefer more robust green teas like long jing etc. I guess this is a matter of individual taste. No doubt there are many green tea lovers that favour this particular tea.

    HPall (5/1/2008)
    Still ranks as top-notch. This tea calms me like no other.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    One of my two favorite green teas. TeaSpring´s is better than others I´ve tried. I love everything about this tea. The flavor and aroma are fantastic. Ten on a scale of ten.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    A very unique green tea. Be careful to keep the brewing time short, or else it becomes very bitter.

    Daniel (4/10/2008)
    Very refreshing. Once I got the temp and times just right, the flavor really opened up. And the flavor matched with how the tea looked... fluffy, airy... if that makes sense. i’ll order it again someday

    John (2/6/2008)
    I am only just now getting into this wonderful world of Chinese teas and am fascinated with the complexity of flavor that is released on each and every subsequent steeping. The first steeping was very floral with a sweet ’grassy’ flavor to me. Second was mild, sweet and very aromatic, it was exactly what I always envisioned a perfect cup of Green tea tasting like. I am sipping the third steeping as I write this and it has become a little bit earthy with a bolder presence but lighter overall flavor. It is actually darker than the previous two steepings, perhaps on account of the hotter water and 30 seconds of extra steep time. I am quite pleased with this tea, the second steeping was a 5 star in my book. The first steeping would get a 4 and the 3rd is about a 3. I will round everything to an even 4 stars.

    Jerod (1/24/2008)
    Fluffy, great aroma out of bag. Fruity smell and very sweet taste. Refreshing. A very good green tea.

    Esther (11/20/2007)
    One of the better green teas! After the first cup, the taste changes for each subsequent cup afterwards. It’s very interesting.

    Vincent (11/1/2007)
    Fine example of my favorite tea--not the single best, but a very good representation of what is great about this tea. Sweet, fruity, and quite cloudy on subsequent brews (lots of down) but fresh tasting as well. Easy to steep to bitter, so go low on water and time to discover this tea’s magic. Wish I could rate it 4 1/2 stars, but Teaspring’s isn’t quite tops, so 4 it is.

    Elliot (10/10/2007)
    Bi Luo chun de très bon niveau. Supporte très bien trois infusions. Parfum très riche à l’ouverture. Beaucoup de duvet.

    GAVRIN (9/18/2007)
    An ok biluochun, though I was expecting a slightly higher quality for the money. Has a slightly funny taste and smell, I didn’t expect from my previous experience.

    joshua (8/27/2007)
    It´s OK xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Manuel (7/27/2007)
    Good quality though its scent and taste is not strong as Xi-Hu Long-Jin (Dragon-Well).

    CHONGCHEN (6/13/2007)
    I was a little skeptical about some of the previous reviews, but another pretty much nailed it: It has the look and smell of a top grade, but does not have the complexity in flavor that I’m used to with a top grade Biluochun. It’s rather lighter, with more emphasis on the honeysuckle fragrance and texture. It is still quite good, but I did expect a little more for the money.

    Adrian (5/11/2007)
    Quite fluffy (lots of white down), with a very fruity aroma out of the bag. Not the most fantastic Bi Luo Chun I’ve ever tasted, but a pretty good representation.

    Elliot (5/8/2007)
    Consistent and enduring. easy, steep over and over. its like- there are no faults in the tea> but nothing exceptional either.

    martin (4/23/2007)
    I really like this tea, it had a very pleasant taste and aroma

    Yu Bo (4/22/2007)
    Very delicate and fragile to prepare but well worth the effort. Centuries of appreciation by those who know tea best. Add my humble appreciation to the list.

    Arthur (4/21/2007)
    This tea is the bomb! It is all fuzy and smells like heaven. I made at least 5 infusions and the taste was still there. It is also very strong (seems to have a lot of caffeine)! This is one of the best I have had...

    Kenneth (4/19/2007)
    Overall a pretty good tea. Not quite as fragrant as I’ve had before, but a great price for what you get.

    Jason (4/15/2007)
    A tasty tea.

    Ryan (3/18/2007)

    Markov (3/5/2007)
    This is a really good tea. It it has the look and and dry leaf aroma of other top grade bi luo chun. Unfortunately, it does not have the complexity and flavor I’ve had with other examples.

    JOHN (2/10/2007)
    really nice tea, leaves a pleasent after taste and stays quite strong

    john (2/5/2007)
    Good but unremarkable Bi Lo Chun, quite green (unoxidized) and slightly sweet.

    David (1/22/2007)
    This tea is one I come back to again and again. Definitely a favorite.

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    Lovely small leaves and gentle flavor.

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    good quality

    Michael (11/25/2006)
    For the first time I drank green tea. What I used to drink was chunmee. This tea is excellent and I will order more and have already make my friends try it. Just for my parents who like very much Chunmee tea, What would you recommend me to buy, and where to find the best of it? Thanks

    mbaye fara gaye (8/29/2006)
    Excellent product with a great taste

    Tung Cuong (7/25/2006)
    A pleasant tea that initially had left me indifferent.

    Paolo (6/11/2006)
    Tea leaves that are beautiful to behold; slightly sweet, floral, pungent aroma; and sweet, slightly vegetal taste accompanied by mild, pleasant astringency. Shorter infusions bring out memorable spicey floral in the first infusions.

    Chip (5/15/2006)
    I am giving this tea an ’excellent’ rating because using a tall-glass brewing method it has yielded four excellent brews with a delicate flavor and lasting mouthfeel, and I expect to get a few more. I used 6 grams to a 10 oz glass and poured water in, then dropped the leaves in and let them sink to the bottom. The first brew was 2 minutes, leaving water to cover the leaves, and the flavor was gentle and toasty with a vegetal green in the aftertaste. The second I drank after 30 seconds because the water that had been infusing in the leaves was full of flavor, which mixed well with the fresh water. This was stronger and more ’green’ with an almost floral character. The third I drank quickly as well, and was similarly delicious but with a lighter character. The fourth has been sitting a few minutes and has developed a little bitterness (barely a hint), but the flavor is deeper and sweeter, with a rounder mouthfeel. I think I will get a few more brews out of this one, plus a taste or two of the delicious leaves. I really like this tea!

    Danica (5/4/2006)
    Its a good tea, i like the strong flavor it gives off.

    Joe (3/4/2006)
    If I have received a box of Piluochun which was picked before Ching Ming this tea will be rated excellent. It is refreshing and will open the second bag for my after tea at work.

    Chung (2/18/2006)
    Good...But not a first grade of Piluochun.

    Nicholas (2/6/2006)

    GIOVANNI (12/26/2005)
    Nothing wrong with this tea

    Ed (12/4/2005)

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