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Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
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    Emperor Long Jing
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    Emperor Long Jing
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Emperor Long Jing
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    Eccellente. è sorprendente la dolcezza dell´aroma appena aperta la confezione. sicuramente non è un tea economico ma il gusto e l´aroma complesso possono giustificarlo. da bere è una vera ambrosia.

    Tommaso (5/25/2021)
    Interesting tea that did not live up to its name - i will give it another chance at some point

    Marika (8/4/2020)
    Nice refreshing and comforting tea. I don´t have much experience with long jing or green tea, but I liked this one.

    Brandt (9/11/2019)
    Good, but I have tasted better in the past. A bit pricy for what it is.

    Joao (1/14/2019)
    excellent tea, light, delicate,potent. I recommend it for lovers of long Jing

    Byron (6/24/2018)
    Just received my order and tried it today. Sublime.

    scott (5/8/2018)
    This is an excellent grade of Long Jing. The aroma, taste and flavor are the best I have ever had.

    Robert (4/27/2018)
    eccellente. è sicuramente il mio preferito fra i tea verdi. basta una piccola quantità per un ottimo tea a dimostrazione dell´ottimo prodotto.

    Tommaso (7/7/2017)
    has a sweet, rounded flavor, perhaps reminiscent of freshly roasted white corn. Full, nutty and buttery texture, and pleasantly dry finish.

    dennis west (9/3/2016)
    Excellent tea flavor. Package came on time, very well wrapped Thank you for your expedite mailing Kim

    Kim (4/25/2016)
    Bought this tea on advice of a lady from China and am highly satisfied.

    Frank (3/30/2016)
    Classy tea--wide taste profile--excellent in appearance, bouquet, taste, and body. A great first taste of spring.

    Gerald (3/30/2016)

    Yun (12/10/2015)
    I have always enjoyed a good Long Jing. This one is a bit pricey for everyday, but nice when you feel like treating yourself.

    Jennifer A (9/23/2015)
    This my overall favorite green tea, this last batch is excellent; the scent, the flavor, the aftertaste is wonderful and keeps me coming back for more.

    raymond (6/23/2015)
    This tea was remarkably sweet, with the sweetness perhaps most evident in the finish and aftertaste. The main body of the tea is equal parts savory and sweet with the savory side hinting at grainy, nutty, and yes, even green bean, flavors”.

    dennis west (6/6/2015)
    Excellent in every possible way that means, wonderful tea and wonderful service. Thanks-

    Patrick (6/5/2015)
    Quite good quality, as expected for this type of tea and price range

    Joao (4/26/2015)
    I mainly drink Long Jing, I decided to try the Emperor again. It´s a very good tasting tea no questions, but again it´s too light in flavor for me. I suggest trying a small amount of each Long Jing to see which one works for you.

    Miguel (4/16/2015)
    This year´s Emperor Long Jing is one of the best I have ever tasted. It has a light, delicate, nutty sweetness and the aroma when brewing is an experience in itself.

    miles (4/2/2015)
    A high quality Long Jing. The tea is delicate, sweet.

    Pawel (2/10/2015)
    this tea has sweet tender leaves that are good enough to eat. I have been drinking this tea since a visit to China about 18 years ago and it is the best I know. I am so glad I found Tea Spring since I can not get it in the US.

    ISABEL (11/17/2014)
    Really wonderful and fresh. Great tea -- excellent

    Shehzad (8/24/2014)
    I like this tea, it has a nice fruity flavor and a pleasant light aroma.

    Marina (8/1/2014)
    The tea is wonderful-- I´m addicted. TeaSpring makes ordering easy, and they´re wonderful about following up and making sure our order has arrived

    Lissa (6/27/2014)
    This early harvest 2014 Long Jing (Dragon Well) is a very good from Tea Spring. It has a great bouquet and an excellent flavour. This is an excellent and famous green tea. If you are not already familiar with it, do try it.

    Leon (6/17/2014)
    vegetable sweet all the things you would like in a spring tea started at 150 degrees 30 sec move up 15 sec 2nd steep 160 45sec third and so on till 180 2minutes still going love this tea

    mark (5/10/2014)
    This first flush emperor Long Jing is certainly vibrant and virtually screams to be steeped.

    dennis west (5/1/2014)
    Just received this Tea on Saturday and I find it very refreshing. I always look forward to the First Flush Tea each year. I appreciate your fast delivery and neat packaging. 03-24-14

    Doris (3/24/2014)
    Good tea. I get two nice infusions of it. But that all. I realli like it (Emperor Long Jing) but somehow I expect more from it.

    Ionut (3/19/2014)
    Excellent green tea. very nice aroma fruity flavor. recommended.

    Marina (3/18/2014)
    This is still my favorite. The current batch is not as fresh, as we get farther from the season.. but still tastes great! I´m looking forward to 2014´s harvest!

    Damien (1/7/2014)
    Fine, one of the best green tea for me. The only draback is the price, but you receive an exellent quality for your money.

    Marina (12/4/2013)
    Good quality Long Jinn. Nice bright green leaves. Good flavour. Lasts several steeps.

    Lawrence (10/17/2013)
    Thanks! Still tastes great... Wonderful Damien

    Damien (8/22/2013)
    Very sweet and refreshing aroma. But somehow the second infusion does not have to much taste

    Ionut (8/3/2013)
    Exelent green tea. Nice fruity aroma and light fruity flavor. Very refreshing. Recommended for green tea lovers.

    Marina (7/2/2013)
    WOW! The best Longjing I have had yet.. Thank you!

    Damien (6/26/2013)
    Emperor Long Jing This 2013 crop is not very good, for the price paid for this 2013 tea it was certainly not worth the cost. In the past I have had better, sure hope it improves.

    dennis west (5/26/2013)
    It´s a great tea, I´ve yet to brew the perfect cup. The aroma is pleasing and the aftertaste is sweet and nutty, but I haven´t managed to find the right brew yet. I´ll try Zi Hu Long Jing and compare.

    raymond (1/16/2013)
    Everything we expect from a Long Jing in this price range. Still tasty after 3 infusions. A very nice tea that is not picky about brewing time.

    Michael (11/5/2012)
    Wonderful!!! Leaves smell very fresh and grassy. The taste of the tea is nuanced.

    Katre (6/19/2012)
    Suave, quizá demasiado porque dependiendo de la temperatura puede haber un dulce y refrescante sabor (como otros han dicho) o bien no sabe a nada con agua muy caliente. Si el agua está en su punto el sabor es delicado, fresco y tiene un "aftertaste" como espeso, largo al paladar, cremoso alguien mencionó. Debe ser por la calidad de la hoja, que se ve muy tierna. En realidad parece que tiene sabores escondidos para jugar con la preparación, que aún no logro entender después de varios intentos.

    Abdul (5/7/2012)
    Very nice, certainly, but a bit weak. It had the smooth cereal signature flavour of long jing tea, but it wasn´t exceptional. Nothing compared to Teaspring´s Lion Xi Hu Long Jing. Bit too expensive in my opinion.

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    Excellent Long Jing. Warm toasty smell and savoury flavours. This is a connoisseur´s tea, for sure... it is very light and subtle. The flavours are so subtle that if you don´t know what to look for, you might not even find them. This is a tea to savour slowly and ponder, otherwise you may taste little besides hot water.

    Reed (4/20/2012)
    There´s this healthy creaminess that I crave so much!

    Patrick (2/29/2012)
    Very nice tea, great looking leaves. Classical green tea aroma

    Andrej (11/14/2011)
    Wonderful flavor! Always arrives fresh. I´ve been looking for this tea everywhere-- this is the only place I can get it in such high quality!

    Lissa (10/23/2011)
    Wonderful flavor! Always arrives fresh. I´ve been looking for this tea everywhere-- this is the only place I can get it in such high quality!

    Lissa (10/23/2011)
    Realmente no me gusta mucho este long ging comparado con otros que tengo, demasiado sabor a tostado y no me queda muy claro cual es la variedad-cultivar de la que procede.

    FRANCISCO (7/15/2011)
    A very good tea. Light and refreshing. Though, I´m a bit surprised about just how light it was. The second infusion was the best while I really had to strain to savor the third.

    Shehzad (6/6/2011)
    Very disappointing for a 2011 spring tea. The weather must have been very bad in the spring of this year or perhaps it was not properly handled after harvest.

    dennis west (5/29/2011)
    A nice rich aroma, has some fresh sweet fragrance that isn´t familiar from other long jings.

    Tapio (5/25/2011)
    EXCELLENT green tea. I highly recommend it! FOUR STARS!

    Jackie (5/16/2011)
    Not quite as intensely cereal as last years. There is however a delicious sweetness that lasts almost indefinitely. A great long jing.

    Dorian (4/22/2011)
    2011 crop - Very good craftsmanship overall on this tea. Small leaves with a yellowish green color and quite a bit of down for Long Jing. The dry leaf aroma is fresh, toasty, and biscuity, reminiscent of Pocky sticks for me. The liquor also has a distinct toasty flavor from the pan frying and the sweet aftertaste that is a mark of quality Long Jing. I start with 1 tsp. in a 3oz. gaiwan and add 170F water, steeping for about 1 min. One minor defect I noticed in my last cup was that a few of the leaves appeared burnt on the edges, not sure if this was just a fluke though.

    Quinn (4/17/2011)
    This Long Jing is simply sublime. The first (but not the subsequent) infusion has a delicate mellow nutty fragrance. The aroma is mellow, slightly grassy sweet and much more delicate than that of the two other varieties available from Teaspring. For a more robust taste I recommend the Xi Hu.

    patrick (1/24/2011)
    Thank you again for this excellent tea Emperor Long Jing 600gr .Me and my wife we drink it from morning to evening all day long . Simply the best. The bad thing about it ? I dont have time to drink more than 8 cups per day !!

    SPYROS (11/15/2010)
    Absolutely perfect, i think the best tea that i have ever had.Thank you very much. My next order is going to be 500gr.

    SPYROS (11/3/2010)
    outstanding long jing! excellent quality of leaves. slightly grassy smell. mellow and subtle taste.

    patrick (10/16/2010)
    If truth be told vie been looking forward to this one the most, partially because I´m a big time long jing fan, but also because i have had a lot of long jing this year so i was eager to try tea springs chief offering. As with all my reviews ill start with the dry leaf form. This is the smallest leafed LJ i have had in the last two years, tiny perfectly formed and symmetrically pressed leaves with a beautiful golden yellow colour. The leaves are also covered in a wonderful golden down, not ever seen this much down on a LJ before, its not amazing down like a bi luo chun or a yin zhen but it´s impressive. First brew and tea has come out clear! Ie hot water. Oh dear me thinks, this maybe the joke of long jings me thinks. Looking into the wet leaves i can see almost all are still dry! This is an exceptionally flattened LJ, exceptionally produced I have to say. But it has produced just clear water, what´s wrong? When i tasted it however Ahhhh, what a great taste! What a surprising strong taste, I taste smooth high edged flavours, medium nuttiness but amazing cereal complexities, I havnt had a Long Jing in the last two years which has had this ration of cereal loveliness. I have to say to conclude that this is a cracking and unique long jing, which i imagine some won´t like at all. If your not into the nutty LJs and your not into the grassy LJs give this one a try, it´s like taking your tongue to a granary and letting it play in the toasty wheat goodness. Will look forward to trying next years batch!

    Dorian (9/23/2010)
    As always, excellent quality from TeaSpring! Long Jing is smooth with a mellow scent. Beautiful tea.

    Daniel (9/13/2010)
    Perfect in gaiwan. I give up after some 7th infusion. Grad nutty taste.

    Milan (8/27/2010)
    This one is tops in my books, I just love the nutty smell.

    David (8/11/2010)
    My favourite Long Jing, beats the rest of the others hands down, although they´re not half bad either.

    David (8/11/2010)
    This is the best green tea I have had. I have been drinking it since 2008. The harvest in 2008 and especialy 2009 was the best I had. However the spring 2010 harvest while not as full bodied as the 2009 harvest is still the best chinese green tea I have had. It is all I drink now. Mr. Ong is a good man to do business with. No one I have ever purchased anything from has cared so much about keeping customers happy Jim

    James (7/11/2010)
    Although more expensive than some other teas I drink, this is by far my favorite. The flavor and aroma is unmatched by any other green teas. A friend from China turned me on to this tea. He said it was the best in all of China. I think he´s right!

    Daniel (6/28/2010)
    This is very nice, I can´t compare it to last years´ but this Long Jing´s the best I´ve had in TeaSpring.

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    Do not waste your money on this garbage. I´ve had better tea from a bag.

    Lyndon (6/16/2010)
    With this tea, I met about two years ago. Perfect flavor and aroma, nothing else from him did not expect.

    Anton (6/11/2010)
    Not the best long jing I have had, a little smaller leaves, but for being a new spring 10´ tea you can´t go wrong. A highly enjoyable tea!

    Ben (5/3/2010)
    Excellent quality tea. Very fine flavor with a deep lingering quality.

    Lawrence (3/30/2010)
    Yum, just received a fresh packet of Spring 2010 Emperor Long Jing. Opening the packet and smelling it was an experience by itself. So green! Brewed in a gaiwan, the first cup was amazing, delicate. I brewed it pretty lightly -- ~1tsp/150ml -- next time I´ll try more leaves to amp up the flavor. I´m on the third cup now from the same leaves.

    Dave (3/26/2010)
    This tea had an exceptional flavor; just smooth, not bitter at all. Color was a nice yellow with green tint. Very forgiving - tasted good with different seeping times and water temperatures. Also good for a second (or third) cup from the same leaves. These are the small growing tips; very excellent quality.

    bryan (12/17/2009)
    Good! Good! Good! Love the subtle sweetness. Smells sweet. Love it. Shipping, though Express, took 10 days from order date. Eddie L.

    Edward (10/9/2009)
    The tea tastes fresh and sweet. The quality is good. The shipping was on time and the service is great.

    Tran (9/18/2009)
    This tea was fascinating for someone like me, who didn´t even know that ´smoky´ was a word that could apply to tea. Emperor Long Jing, brewed, had a scent and taste that reminded me of something savoury and herbal on the BBQ. I kept wondering what it would taste like if I added salt instead of a sweetener. (I always sip the tea plain, first, but I also always end up sweetening it...I like everything sweet, pretty much.) As someone who dislikes floral teas, especially herbal GREEN teas (they taste like perfume or soap to me when they´re floral and green), this was lovely. Not floral at all, to my tastebuds. Light and potent at the same time.

    Krista (9/7/2009)
    This is very nice, I can´t compare it to last years´ but this Long Jing´s the best I´ve had in TeaSpring.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    Because I can compare with Emperor Lung Ting made and sold in previous year I decided to give to this tea 3 stars only. There is no doubt that it is great tea and it is well made but I found it not so excellent like Lung Ting Emperor from last year. But it is my opinion only. Maybe others will say something completely different. Jiri Holoubek, The Czech Republic

    Jiri (4/14/2009)
    Very sweet and soothing. Wonderful aroma. The aftertaste is less deep than with the Tribute Long Jing, but I´m not disappointed.

    Étienne (4/10/2009)
    Very fresh and smell great, one of the best you can find

    Hong (4/9/2009)
    Subtiele neus, licht aftreksel, mooie egale kleine platte lichtgroene knopjes.

    Dirk (10/6/2008)
    The is the best Dragon Well I have received from Tea Spring and for the pirces, you can not ask for more. Thanks.

    Chung (5/9/2008)
    Very well made Dragon well. Do notmiss it! Jiri Holoubek, Vsetaty-The Czech Republic

    Jiri (5/5/2008)
    Damned gravitation, I wanna fly! But I can´t... Great Long Jing- Absolutely the best I have ever seen and tasted. Thanks for it. Jiri Holoubek, Vsetaty-The Czech Republic

    Jiri (5/3/2008)
    one of the best long jing have ever had.........................

    Michael (5/2/2008)
    Very good. I had to try the more expensive grade just to see the difference. Very mellow and does not turn bitter like the regular grade. Loved it.

    Michael (4/21/2008)
    fresh and good quality, beautiful leaves, nice cocoa-like flavor!

    Tobias (4/16/2008)
    My favorite of the Xi Hu Long Jings, a bit of a price bump this year, but it´s worth it for this one. Classic Long Jing flavor with a sweet, spring-fresh edge to it. Stellar!

    Elliot (4/1/2008)
    EXCELLENT !!!!!! One of the very top picks of this year’s long jing. . Drop the leaves in a preheated guywan or yixing pot, cover, then smell the aroma. Gorgeous! Flowery, fruity, and very fresh. Highly recommended. EXCELLENT !!!!!!

    Alla (3/27/2008)
    Very good quality leafs, terrific taste. Well worth its money.

    Annemarie (1/13/2008)
    Beautiful leave appearance and aroma. It has a very smooth taste but seems softer than xi hu long jing and doesnt last for as many infusions, still a very nice tea.

    William (1/9/2008)
    As usual, arrived on time, excellent flavor, made a great gift.

    David (11/30/2007)
    amasing smell, good taste too. will be my regular long jing

    Michael (10/31/2007)
    i like this tea. I can only infuse it twice, and then it seems to run out of power. great flavor though, straight up green tea, good with food. I was feeling calm and alert.

    tim (10/15/2007)
    Fantastic! One of the very top picks of this year’s long jing. Fresher (even now!), better leaf appearance, and cheaper than the more expensive AAA Tribute variety. Drop the leaves in a preheated guywan or yixing pot, cover, then smell the aroma. Gorgeous! Flowery, fruity, and very fresh. Highly recommended.

    Elliot (10/4/2007)
    Very fresh leaves with stunning colour and shape. Excellent Long Jing.

    Isaac (9/8/2007)
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Manuel (7/27/2007)
    NOt so good as espected for the price. But freshness compensates all.

    Armandas (7/2/2007)
    A wee bit too vegetal for me, but a lovely floral nose and new mown hay flavour. Smooth refreshing. I know it may seem odd, but, I really enjoy this tea cool, especially in the warmth of early summer. The middle infusions were very asparagus-y; yet it became, softer, rounder and sweeter toward the finish. A thick, grassy mouth-feel, without astringency or bitterness. Tender, vulnerable leaves. This tea must be drunk quickly. I hasten to think the gentility of the flavour may dull.

    Jeanna (Shen) (6/24/2007)
    (2006 crop) Aroma was incredible, my first really fresh green tea and it was outstanding. Chestnut but also more sweet than other long jings I’ve had. Well worth getting early.

    Wanda (6/3/2007)
    This is my favorite Long Jing of them all! You don’t need alot to get an excellent infusion.

    mark (5/25/2007)
    Great leaf appearance; big green, whole leaves. Strong vegetal aroma (almost like asparagus). Light, slightly sweet, and lasts through many infusions.

    Elliot (5/9/2007)
    Light, beautiful, elegant are words that best describe this 2007 version. It has a very soft and pure taste sensation to it that is sublime. You must enjoy this in a quiet moment without distractions in order to capture it essense. This is very characteristic of Emperor Long Jing, much like last year’s but perhaps a little better...but the leaf is so stunning this year. I love spooning this leaf into my pot.

    Chip (4/19/2007)
    The leaf sets of this long jing are really stunning in form and color. The aroma is fresh and vibrant. This really is a very nice long jing. I find that in addition to using enough leaf, the tea desires a longer brewing time and a hotter temperature to elicit its full delicious flavor.

    Ryan (4/9/2007)
    I am just now trying to learn about green tea, and while I have quite limited criteria of comparison, I must say I thoroughly love this green tea. The leaves are beautiful as they fall and rise in the glass, and the tea is delicious. The aroma is fantastic.

    Gerald (3/17/2007)
    Wonderful long jing. Full of flavour but well rounded.

    Vincent (3/2/2007)
    Beautiful leaves and a delicate flavor. A special tea.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)
    Although, my first impression of this tea was that it was on the soft side I have grown to appreciate the clarity and quality of the flavor and aroma! It is a great Long Jing and is worthy of the name Emperor.

    Chip (9/1/2006)
    Superior kind of lung ching.

    FRANCO (6/16/2006)
    Maybe I had too high expectations of this expensive tea, and in part they remain disappointed. Personally, I prefer the stronger flavour of classic Long Jing.

    manuel (5/16/2006)
    Go high...you must go high in order to coax out the elusive flavor and aroma of this lovely but shy Long Jing. If you do increase tea leaves used and brewing temperature slightly to 170 degrees for your 1st infusion, you will be rewarded with a slightly sweet, nutty, vegetal brew. The leaf sets are a treasure to behold indicating their high quality and the care that went into production. I would give it 4.5 stars.

    Chip (5/12/2006)
    Wonderful tea. Does not stand up to multiple brewings (two is basically it), but it deserves 5 stars for being otherwise pretty close to perfect.

    Christine (4/29/2006)
    Very light and refreshing. Very similiar to white tea. Good for regular daily consumption

    Ireene (4/15/2006)
    The aroma is terrific. I steeped this tea at about 180 degrees for one minute. A very nice, delicate flavor. I enjoy it very much.

    Russell (4/14/2006)
    Pleasant aroma and flavor.

    Ryan (4/10/2006)
    Not as refreshing as Lion Ridge Dragon. Good for a after noon tea in the office.

    Chung (4/6/2006)

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