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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Huang Jin Gui
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    Huang Jin Gui
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Huang Jin Gui
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    I adore this tea, both by itself and mixed half and half with the osmanthus tea. I can´t recommend it highly enough.

    Erica (1/20/2024)
    Fragrant, yet complex enough...I will order it again.

    Uzi (3/5/2023)
    Fantastic oolong that is comparatively very inexpensive. Not "planty" like a green, but not as strong as a black. It has it´s own very delicate floral taste that imparts an even better aftertaste. I brew it at 180-185F for 3 minutes, but I am still refining my method.

    David (2/4/2016)
    Absolutely amazing tea with a surprisingly strong aroma. One cannot make many extractions, but the ones we are able to do are extremely good.

    Joao (12/1/2015)
    A delicious tea with a bit of a flowery note. I got two solid extractions and one over night room temp extraction

    Blake (1/27/2015)
    The more i drink, the more i like it. Its now one of my favorites

    Thomas (12/8/2014)
    The more i drink, the more i like it. Its now one of my favorites

    Thomas (12/8/2014)
    A marvelous elixir. I felt it´s positive benefits from the first cup. And it has a soothing, rich, comforting taste.

    Jane (10/27/2014)
    Очень достойный улун, цветочно- фруктовые нотки, порадует всех любителей улунов!

    Alena (5/13/2014)
    This is a delicious tea. Very sweet, floral and fruity. It may not be the most complex in the world, but it is very good, and its price is very fair. I fully recommend trying some.

    Timothy (2/7/2014)
    A very pleasant tea, good aroma and smooth flavor. A good value tea to be enjoyed daily.

    Andy (12/19/2013)
    One of my favorite teas, easy to drink, rich flavor

    Darja (6/25/2013)
    Great oolong, but i would recomend Nai Xiang. The milky flavour there is just not to be missed!

    Tim (6/11/2013)
    Mellow to the taste. with floral overtones. Some similarity with other quality oolong teas. But I am happy with the purchase!

    Robert (4/14/2013)
    Great aroma and taste. Wonderful oolong. Will order more.

    William (2/28/2013)
    Очень приятный улун, заказываю второй раз, рекомендую попробовать всем любителям улунов.

    Alena (2/21/2013)
    I had never tried this tea before, but I really enjoyed it.

    Eliana (11/19/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    Surprisingly, the 2012 crop was not as good as the 2011 crop. I remember the 2011 was wonderful, very fruity, fragrant, and its taste actually evolved with brewings. The 2012 crop was quite different and resembled milk oolong (which is nice, but certainly not as sweet as 2011 huang jin gui). But if you like milk oolong (and it´s a nice flavour) then this is still a good tea.

    Matthew (8/21/2012)
    High quality oolong.Very inexpensive with good smell and taste.

    Slava ZM (8/21/2012)
    Pleasant tea, has very nice aroma. Is very good for everyday use.

    Jizdan (6/30/2012)
    One of the best oolongs i´ve tasted. it is a regular on my shopping list

    Cory (5/2/2012)
    For the batch received, a matter of preference rather than rating

    Alvin (4/15/2012)
    This tea surprised me, as I thought it was the best Taiwanese/anxi oolong I´d tasted. Better than tie guan yin even.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    This one was okay. It´s not that special. I wouldn´t buy it again.

    Patrick (2/29/2012)
    similar to an xi tie guan yin, but with soft osmanthus fragrant

    Susany (2/26/2012)
    similar to an xi tie guan yin, but with soft osmanthus fragrant

    Susany (2/26/2012)
    Pleasant tea, nice flavor with a taste that lasts till the third infusion.

    Adrian (1/9/2012)
    Прекрасный улун с цветочным ароматом. Очень приятная находка для всех любителей улунов. Чай на каждый день, легкий и ненавязчивый.

    Alena (1/6/2012)
    Хороший чай после рабочего дня, особенно если правильно его заварить.

    Anton (10/26/2011)
    High quality oolong.Very inexpensive with good smell and taste.

    Slava ZM (10/16/2011)
    High quality oolong.Very inexpensive with good smell and taste.

    Slava ZM (10/1/2011)
    I ordered it for the second time. Love the smell, love the taste!

    Darja (9/28/2011)
    A wonderful tea, especially for the price. Nice color and subtle flavor. Last about three infusions; basically, a spoon will last the whole day.

    Shehzad (6/6/2011)
    Supple and delicate. The tea´s color in a glass is amazing. Just loved it. It was my first tea tasted from my Tea Spring order. From order to delivery everything one could hope for plus the order was delivered on the East coast US in under two weeks. I order all my tea on the internet and Tea Spring has been just like down the street though they are in China. Very attentive service and high quality product.

    R C (6/1/2011)
    Pleasant tea, nice flavor with a taste that lasts till the third infusion.

    Adrian (5/17/2011)
    хороший чай

    Sergey (4/19/2011)
    A very good every day tea. Fill up the pot in the morning and it can be washed again and again all day and still has plenty of flavour left at the end of the day.

    Paul (4/14/2011)
    One of the best oolongs i´ve tasted. it is a regular on my shopping list

    Cory (1/31/2011)
    Pleasant tea, nice flavor with a taste that lasts till the third infusion.

    Adrian (1/27/2011)
    Pleasant tea, nice flavor with a taste that lasts till the third infusion.

    Adrian (12/15/2010)
    High-quality and inexpensive tea. This tea will be ordered next time.

    Anton (11/28/2010)
    A very crisp flowery oolong tea. Unoffensive and smooth, almost impossible to brew bitter, unless you try to do so. The quality is just above-average, but a good buy for the price to fill in the role of "daily oolong." Recommended.

    Piradej (11/18/2010)
    My Favorite oolong Tea Tastes and smells just like honeysuckle Flowers, in my opinion "Flower" Tea get under rated This is a great tea.

    rex (10/29/2010)
    This tea has very nice aroma and honey aftertaste.

    Darja (9/19/2010)
    This lightly oxidized oolong is usually good for three or four infusions. It´s also quite affordable.

    James (9/12/2010)
    Tea is not excellent but is really good for it´s price. A good everyday oolong to start the day with! It has good taste and a good aroma. Can withstand multiple fusions easily

    Konstantin (8/18/2010)
    Clean crisp floral notes, with a sweet mild aftertaste.

    Christopher (7/23/2010)
    This is my first Oolong and I found it very enjoyable. The floral flavours are delicate enough to not overpower the tea, but strong enough to add to the enjoyment.

    Paul (6/22/2010)
    Great tea! Done by 6 infusions! Pleasant aftertaste, nutty notes, I am very pleased. Highly recommend!

    Anton (6/11/2010)
    This tea, although is refreshing has a not so fresh quality. The tea leaves weren´t all whole and some were not the type I expected from teaspring last time I ordered. Also, I couldn´t distinguish the osmanthus that was advertised in the order.

    Ronald (6/8/2010)
    Good fragrant oolong tea. Love the flowery fragrance.

    Arpita (5/24/2010)
    Amazing Oolong, for the price and being a spring 10´, would highly recommend this tea! wonderful fragrance and great aftertaste.

    Ben (5/3/2010)
    Wonderful tea! I like it very much. A delicate flower scent will make your tea-drinking unforgettable. Thank you teaspring!

    Natalia (4/28/2010)
    Another outstanding selection from TeaSpring. The Huang Jin Gui, is a delightful Osmanthus Oolong. The floral fragrance from the osmanthus flowers is strong without being overwelming. It is somewhat reminiscent of a gardenia scent. This tea, for me, is good for at least two infusions, with full flavors and aromas. I am a tea purist and enjoy black, oolong, green and white tea. I shy away from flavored teas other than Jasmine or the addition of some mint to a green tea. This was the first Osmanthus tea I have had, other than some absolutely flavorless teabags, and I definitely find it to be every bit as enjoyable as my favorite Jasmine teas. I plan to buy more with my next order and foresee this becoming one of my regulars.

    John (2/21/2010)
    Intense flavor / great depth. The second brew is more delicate but more fruity in character.

    Roswitha (1/2/2010)
    Unfortunately not as aromatic and sweet as the previous batches.

    Roswitha (1/2/2010)
    Amazing oolong, very floral and mild. Taste remains strong for several brewings.

    Paweł (10/19/2009)
    This pale oolong is lovely delicate floral, feels like drinking spring!

    Zenobie (9/15/2009)
    Smooth, medium floral aroma, no bitterness at all, honeysuckle-like sweet taste. Compared to higher priced, lightly-oxidized Tie Guan Yin´s, this Huang Jin Gui is comparable but does not give off the high strong floral notes. This tea is gentle, soothing. with a light body and aroma and a sweet taste. Can be infused multiple times, Keep the steeping temperature low around 180-200 degrees to bring out its lovely, subtle, and complex floral notes. For the price, this is a great quality product. Highly recommended.

    Kei (7/5/2009)
    Possibly the best value on teaspring. While the unbrewed leaves are unimpressive, they brew into a wonderfully full floral oolong (siding towards the green). The floral flavor lasts well into multiple brewings, and lingers on the mouth. I sometimes taste a whiff hours after drinking.

    Jeff (6/14/2009)
    very good green oolong, with a very pronounced flowery taste, excellent everyday oolong for price

    Sergio (6/1/2009)
    Being my first Oolong Tea, Huang Jin Gui is more mild in taste than I was anticipating. Overall, the tea is wonderful just not what I was expecting.

    Rachelle (4/29/2009)
    Exellent tea! Wonderfully smooth but complex taste. Aroma soothing and refreshing.

    Thomas Lund (4/15/2009)
    Я не понял прелесть этого чая.

    Sergey (4/6/2009)
    Excellent tea. The honeysuckle flavour is very delightful

    Thomas (4/5/2009)
    A flavour, distinguished tea cleared up very much... one of my favourites!

    Viktor (3/19/2009)
    Delicious tea. No outstanding features but very drinkable.

    Matthew (2/5/2009)
    Beautiful tea, noble golden tint. The wonderful aroma. I very good tea for everyday use.

    Andrey (1/16/2009)
    This is an aromatic, floral tea reminiscent of the Formosa oolongs. In my (necessarily subjective) opinion, the Jade Tie Guan Yin offered by Teaspring is a superior tea to this Gold Oolong, but the latter is still a pleasure to drink.

    Vuong (1/14/2009)
    This is my first oolong that I tasted. I agree with all said here before. The taste is very delicious, mild and fresh. Up to five infusions are enjoyable.

    Alexander (11/25/2008)
    It seems the 2008 autumn has produced excellent teas. This tea is just great as for aroma and especially flavor and I could get 7 infusions with it when normally I get 4 to 5 with most other teas.

    Peter (11/21/2008)
    As always, fragrant and very enjoyable. This batch is a bit less exotic; more like a good Ti Kuan Yin, but no less delightful. Like most Oolong, the rolled-up leaves require fairly hot water, and unroll to take up a lot of volume.

    David (11/8/2008)
    The taste and fragrance of this tea is floral and truly heavenly. I almost wish I could bathe in it, such an amazing scent. Lasts for multiple brewings also.

    Zenobie (11/4/2008)
    I wasn’t impressed by this tea. The smell is pleasant but rather weak; the taste isn’t very interesting – though it does remain very stable over 7 or 8 infusions. The leaves look rather bruised, and there are a lot of fine, almost dust-like pieces present in the product, which isn’t attractive visually in the cup and seems to affect the taste too. On the positive side, the colour of the tea (when brewed gong fu style) is of a bright green hue. Overall, a reasonable deal for half of what a good Tie Guan Ying would cost.

    Slava (10/24/2008)

    IVAN (10/16/2008)
    Wonderful tea! Very fragrant and pleasurable. Good buy.

    Chia Ying (10/4/2008)
    i really enjoyed this tea... hardly oxidized and makes a nice 2 nd and 3rd infusion.... little sweet taste and nice aroma..

    Robert (8/16/2008)
    I like it. Sweet, mild, almost no oxidation. Very good everyday oolong.

    Milan (8/12/2008)
    I haven´t found a better green oolong for the cost. I could drink this every day and still be impressed.

    Carl (8/6/2008)
    A high-grade Huang Jin Gui, nice golden yellow liquor & good bright leaves too. I´ve been trying this tea over a few of months, brewing it "Kung-Fu" style I managed 6 or more infusions each time. Better than 2 other HJG I had this spring; a slightly dearer tea but it´s worth it. Will buy again!

    George (7/4/2008)
    really good green oolong, very light and floral. a very fine example of a non expensive excellent oolong

    Sergio (7/3/2008)
    Wow arrived 1 week after I ordered. This tea is a great value. May become my everyday tea. Thanks for the great service!

    Ron (7/1/2008)
    Truly a superior tea! The taste and scent of the liquor is incredibly floral and reminds me of springtime in southern Appalachian, when all the azaleas, mountain laurel, and rhododendron begin to bloom. Honeysuckle is a good adjective to apply. There is almost no oxidation to this oolong and it brews a very fresh, green cup. I use 4 grams per 8 oz cup, which seems to be a nice ratio.

    Christopher (5/23/2008)
    One of my favorite oolong teas. It has a green color, excelent flavour and pleasant to everyday drinking. Brews up to 6-8 times; 2 - 4 brewings have most saturated taste. I have purchased it three times and i will purchase it further

    victor (5/16/2008)
    I just love this tea: very mild and sweet. Price is right too.

    Richard (5/10/2008)
    I waited for longer time for this review, because I wasn´t ready to put highest rate to this tea. I thought, that maybe I will start to like it better after while, but it wasn´t. I like some other oolong teas better.

    Uno (4/30/2008)
    I enjoyed this tea - very much like a mild tie guan yin - sweetly floral with a nice finish. I will be buying this one again !

    Joseph (4/22/2008)
    Fine tea with floral falvour. Defenitely good for 2 brews. Gong fu not needed. Taste that pleases even people who don´t like tea. Good deal

    Joachim (4/20/2008)
    This is a great oolong. You can´t go wrong with this one...great price, great tea. GREAT! ;)

    Michael (3/8/2008)
    Very good. I can easily see myself buying this again some other time

    anon (2/2/2008)
    A very sweet floral tea. Reminds me of springtime for some reason...

    Eugene (1/3/2008)
    This tea is known for its honeysuckle taste , it is slight but it’s there , a good bit is needed to get some flavor out of this tea , keep in mind for the price its good , just as we learn everyday of our life but we still want more for less , you get what you pay for . It’s great to try all the flavors , we’re doing good if all we have to do is taste tea and write a review .

    Lance (12/20/2007)
    Another great oolong I will be sure to purchase again

    Toni (11/20/2007)
    wow, 2007 autumn harvest is excellent! I have purchased this tea before and thought it was a great tea for the money, however, this years autumn harvest has rivaled some of the best green oolongs I’ve personally experienced. I find a slightly lower temp. about 190 F for 2 minutes gong fu style really brings out the honeysuckle, orchid, aroma and taste, with a slight desireable sweet bitterness. The only let down was I am only able to get three good infusions, although this may be due to my longer steeping times. Thanks once again Tea Spring!

    Jason (11/20/2007)
    i don’t remenber buying it. sorry...................

    Michael (10/31/2007)
    A very fine tea with rich flavour and lovely fragrance. You’ll get your money’s worth.

    Oskar (10/22/2007)
    Wulong très peu fermenté. Très aromatique fleuri. Un bonheur d’aromes lorsque l’on ouvre la boite. Infusion claire et rafraichissante.

    GAVRIN (9/18/2007)
    Rich and complex Osmanthus-flower aroma that stays for multiple infusions.

    Jana (9/18/2007)
    good, reminds me alot of a delicate tie guan yin. The price is reasonable for the quality of tea.

    Thuong (9/6/2007)
    Infused at 95 degrees C. Strong aroma. Liquor golden green in colour, clear and bright. Pleasant lingering honeysuckle creamy aftertaste. Third infusion of leaves in my opinion left the best aftertaste. Well worth drinking.

    Rod (8/27/2007)
    As always, a pleasant and consistent tea, quite green, and distinctive in its floral fragrance; both the dry leaf and the liquor.

    David (8/19/2007)
    This is a consistently pleasant tea, with a strong, flowery aroma similar to but distinct from highland Formosa oolongs, a clear green-yellow liquor, and a pleasant taste. It keeps well.

    David (8/19/2007)
    Sweet and flower-like aroma, also in later brews. Excellent tea for that price.

    Joachim (4/17/2007)
    For the price I really like this oolong. I has a very nice aroma and floral sweet taste. This may become my everyday oolong.

    Jason (4/5/2007)
    very very good oolong this is one of my favorites will have to get more when i run out

    william (4/3/2007)
    lightly floral taste, personally I don’t find it strong enough

    Christian (3/26/2007)
    An excellent value and good for everyday oolong enjoyment. A very relaxing sweet, floral aroma. I enjoy this oolong when there is nothing to disturb my enjoyment, so I can fully appreciate the subtle goodness of this tea..

    Chip (3/23/2007)
    Very fragrant, sweet, rich and relaxing.

    Celinda (3/20/2007)
    wonderful flowey scent. Great oolong

    John (3/8/2007)
    A wonderful tea, excellent flavor. Can easily make two pots from the same spoonful of dried leaves. Feels gently invigorating to drink.

    aimie (2/14/2007)
    Rich, flowery aroma reminds one of highland Formosa oolongs, but is distinct from other teas I tried. The taste is pleasing, and almost everybody who tried it liked the tea.

    David (1/22/2007)
    Excellent tea. Plenty of subtleties and a wonderful finish.

    fredrick a jenet (1/21/2007)
    nice intense floral on the nose and palate. if you don’t like strong floral qualities in oolongs, this is not the one for you. but if you do, it should be tried. it’s also a pretty acceptable price - less than a tie guan yin or a high mountain taiwanese oolong. so, it’s a good introduction for someone interested in this type of oolong.

    moon (1/11/2007)
    a very good tea

    Ricardo (12/13/2006)
    the quality is kept up, excellent!

    Linda (11/15/2006)
    after taste stay.

    Bao (8/14/2006)
    I very good tea for everyday use.

    Rebecca (7/11/2006)
    delicious iced, refreshing floral flavor for hot summer days

    Michael (7/9/2006)
    I really like this oolong with its honey floral fragrance, I could just sit and smell the sweetness for hours and be content. But it also has good flavor which is a plus with green oolongs. Can I give this tea more than 5 stars!?!

    Chip (5/22/2006)
    I ordered a small pkg to try out, we all like it very much, it will become one of our favorite.

    Linda (4/21/2006)
    The first interesting thing about this tea is to watch as the leaves expand from their original dried balls, to become full and flavorful. I find this tea to be an excellent start of the day as its aroma, color, and taste fill you with energy. This tea even held up well to 2 brewings. I found this tea only good hot and fresh, do not let it sit around.

    Brian (11/15/2005)
    Aroma and taste - great ballance. Realy pleasure!

    Armandas (9/2/2005)

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