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    Kuding Tea
    Kuding Tea
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Kuding Tea
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    bardzo dużo goryczy, ale ponoć ma cudowne właściwości. Polecam.

    Katarzyna (11/20/2019)
    I enjoy the bitterness of and the quality of each single leaf in the pack. I share the joy with members of my quite big family. We all experienced good health effects after having regular brew. I truly recommend.

    Katarzyna (9/22/2017)
    I have been drinking Kuding Tea for many years. I particularly enjoy adding a twig or two in my teapot along with other teas, as it adds a very interesting bitter taste. I like to steep it for a long time, generally about 45 minutes, this allows the leaves to unfurl and release their full potential. The bitter taste of Kuding Tea may seem a little odd at first, one must try it a few times to discover the subtle sweetness behind the bitterness. Andre :)

    Andre (6/22/2016)
    I have been drinking Kuding Tea for many years. I particularly enjoy adding a twig or two in my teapot along with other teas, as it adds a very interesting bitter taste. I like to steep it for a long time, generally about 45 minutes, this allows the leaves to unfurl and release their full potential. The bitter taste of Kuding Tea may seem a little odd at first, one must try it a few times to discover the subtle sweetness behind the bitterness. Andre :)

    Andre (4/13/2015)
    so unbelievably bitter. but i did enjoy it. mix with a little honey

    Shehzad (6/27/2014)
    I have spread this tea among my friends and all of them enjoy the bitterness of this tea. They claim they feel better health-wise having drank this type of tea regularily. Thanks.

    Katarzyna (6/29/2013)
    I have to admit that I was expecting something undrinkable thanks to my research on the web about this tea. They say it is very bitter and it is. I guess its a bitterness I dont mind though. I take one sprig and leave it in my cup for about half an hour before I drink it. Then I sip it slowly while the leaf is still in it. Its gets stronger with each sip, but I like it. Worth trying at least once for the experience. I will probably buy again.

    Kimberley (3/27/2013)
    Rare in my country, excellent product, drank with pure pleasure. Solidly packaged and delivered in a reasonable speed. Thank you.

    Katarzyna (12/18/2012)
    Very unusual tea, extremely surprising at first sip, but definitely very pleasant. Bitterness turns into a long note with a vault rich in sweet on the end. I recommand highly this tea with the famous Dun Ji soup. Order placed Sept 2, shipped promptly, received in France on 28th.

    Stephan (9/29/2012)
    First time trying Kuding, so cant compare with other Kudings... definitely bitter with a hint of sweetness on the palate. Unique and interesting drinking experience. Also seems to have a positive effect on digestion.

    Rami (5/25/2012)
    A good tea as usual. This time the sticks are rather thin, may be coming from a different place.

    Peter (5/10/2012)
    This is my second batch of kuding, and unlike the first, I could not get any sweet aftertaste... so it was just bitter...

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    I didnt expect to love this tea, but I did. The initial bitterness is very strong, but it has such a sweet aftertaste! Every time you take a sip of this tea, you will cringe for a second, and then smile. Highly highly recommended if you want an unusual exotic drink. I think the brewing time is wrong. I would use more than 2 sticks and at least 2 minutes.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Tea of excellent quality. Delivery of less than 2 weeks. Thank you very much, Ill be ordering more.

    Vadim (2/14/2012)
    This shipment was very nice, all large intact nails. And so bitter. One starts to like it even it after a while. I drink it regularly first thing in the morning with honey added as sweetener and even mixed with other herbal teas.

    Peter (7/23/2011)
    After reading the other reviews, I think Ill be holding this tea until I can use it for medicinal purposes. The leaves seem to be of good quality, and Im looking forward to seeing how the cup will turn out.

    James (1/18/2011)
    Very strong medical properties. Hope next year will be the same or better.

    Kong (10/30/2010)
    One cup in the morning using one Ding plus some honey controls my morning cough. I steep for 5 minutes and again the next day the same now opened leaves and a longer steeping.

    Peter (9/12/2010)
    To say that this is a bitter tea cannot begin to describe how bitter it really is, Oh My Goodness its extremely bitter! This takes bitter beer face to a whole new level! Okay so rinse it, no seep it long and toss out that first batch. Get some of that flavored honey, use anything you can to help mask the bitter taste because it didnt leave with that first batch you tossed. If you are experiencing hot flashes, you may see a positive drop in the level of intensity of that hot flash, I did. In fact, if Im still getting them, they are just not that noticible. You heard right, this stuff made a difference for me and I hope it does the same for you.

    Carol (7/23/2010)
    Not very impressed. Most Kuding Cha Ive tried is rolled very tightly and has a greener tint and a slightly sweeter, although bitter, taste to it. The leaves from TeaSpring are not of the best quality.

    Tyler (6/21/2010)
    This was sent as a gift to someone who liked Kuding tea. I really can not rate it, since I have not tried it yet. I rate it as a good gift to someone that likes Kuding tea.

    Michael (1/18/2010)
    Superior grade Kuding sticks are usually thin and green, like shown in the product photo. However, the actual Kuding sticks I received were thicker, some more brown than green. Superior grade has clean bitter taste and distinctive sweet after taste. Lower grades (1st, 2nd and 3rd) are more bitter and less sweet. This one tastes a little smoky to me for some reason, and definitely not superior grade. Nonetheless, its still Kuding, and not too bad for the price. I recommend putting 3 or 4 sticks in a mug, pour boiling water straight off the kettle, steep for NO MORE than 40 seconds and take the leaves out, rather than putting just 1 stick and leaving it in the mug to unfurl completely (which will take more than a minute). This way, you can reuse the leaves for 3 or 4 more brews, and it will taste better. Remember, the longer you steep, the bitter it gets!

    Asuka (6/9/2009)
    I am delighted with delicious tea, and with all the teas I ordered. I highly recommend TeaSpring for anyone who would like to purchase tea from mainland China. The teas arrived in very lovely packaging, which were clearly marked by product in both English and Chinese---delightful!!! I ordered two of many of the teas to give as a birthday gift to my brother who has been drinking Chinese tea for 30 years. He is very happy with the gifts.

    Linda (4/20/2009)
    If somebody does not know the meaning of "bitter medicine" that person never tasted Kudingcha. For one months I drunk 3 cups a day, morning, noon and evening and my persistent cough is gone. Only 2 Ding for all 3 infusions did the trick. When I called my daughter and asked her if she notices anything? Right away she said: you dont cough anymore.

    Peter (1/15/2009)
    I am continuing to enjoy Kuding Tea and I am sharing it with friends. Thank you so much.

    Geraleen (12/22/2008)
    I enjoy the Kuding Tea very much and plan to continue drinking it.

    Geraleen (12/22/2008)
    This is a good tea, but stronger than I expected. It has a lot of punch.

    Jodi (9/23/2008)
    like the other reviewers stated, be prepared... but it does grow on you and it is definitely in the daily rotation... the medicinal properties and unique taste are worth the experience

    Robert (8/16/2008)
    Not quite what I expected - when my family got this in China, the leaves were pitch black - this was a vibrant green, and more bitter than what we had. Im assuming that what we got was more processed, and I preferred it that way.

    Charley (2/26/2008)
    Just leave a leaf in the cup and you are ready. Its very easy. The tast is a little bitter but refreshing.

    Edward (11/10/2007)
    it tasts like chewing up exticy pills. however it is good for you, you can feel it cleening you out and the tast deff grows on you. it contrasts exalently with my ya bio puerh.

    ryan (10/24/2007)
    It is called "Bitter Tea" because it is bitter. There are different kinds of bitter, even amongst the Ilex family (which Ku Ding belongs to). Anyone familiar with Yerba Mate or Erva Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis) will know it is bitter. Conversely, Ku Ding has a totally different bitterness associated with it. It was reminiscent of a strong chlorophyll flavor (not so much grassy, but along the lines of cleaning product or swimming pool, though those words seem too harsh). I made about 8 subsequent infusions from one tea spike, each with about 4-6 ounces water at about 1-2 minutes an infusion. I used color as an indicator, bright green, can become jade like if brewed longer. The quality of this product seems high. Each tea twig prepared carefully, little to no shake in bag or in tea cup. No need for a tea filter as the leaves settle to the bottom. A different yet enjoyable experience. I look forward to acquiring a special spot on my tongue for this tea. Thus far, I prefer Yerba Mate (traditional method with gourd) to this. 4.5/5

    michael (9/25/2007)
    Ive grown to like it! Its bitter, yes, but theres more to it than that. If you brew it properly youll find that theres a lot to like about this tea.

    Matthew (6/4/2007)
    i like this tea alot, bitter at first but the sweetness that follows is balanced.

    william (3/31/2007)
    Taste is awful, but grows on you. Many health benefits.

    Angele (3/29/2007)
    A bitter tea, but excellent for colds and other ailments! Works like charm.

    Jennifer (12/5/2006)
    I was looking for an iron and rusty flavour tea, and this has health properties. I like to use 4 or 5 sticks, but this does grow on you. Probably the best value herbal tea I have ever known, and the delivered tea is fresh, and clean.

    peter (6/17/2006)
    Such an awful taste for a so small leaf. It better be good for health, or there are no reason at all to buy this tea.

    Nicholas (2/6/2006)
    this is a body tea..good for the body, it has a very strong flavor, but as they say good things dont always taste good. Would reccogmend it for its medicinal properties.

    ESTHER (2/4/2006)
    I have tasted other bitter teas, but this was very good.

    Kamela (1/19/2006)
    I bought this tea for is purported health benefits. The tea is bitter. If you are looking for a pleasureable tea, this is not for you. I will admit that as I drink the stuff, I am aquiring a taste for it.

    James (12/17/2005)
    He who has not tasted the bitter does not understand the sweet" This tea is not for the faint hearted. Do not be fooled, just a single leaf will make your eyes pop out of your head if you brew it too strongly. I know many people that drink it purely for its powerful medicinal qualities. I have conditioned myself to be able to drink this tea very strongly, and now I enjoy it that way! Do you have troubles waking up first thing in the morning? - Try a strong cup of Kuding and you will soon be wide awake!

    Darren (9/2/2005)
    The quality is very high as usual, the taste is medicinal as stated on the website. I found it hard to drink at first as I most definitely used too many leaves, I drink it on occasion but I have a friend who is a great fan.

    Tom (9/2/2005)

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