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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Meng Ding Gan Lu
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    Meng Ding Gan Lu
    (rating: 4.3 out of 5)
      Meng Ding Gan Lu
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    Un tea di ottima qualità. Aroma e sapore sono abbastanza decisi ma la loro complessità conferisce a questo prodotto un aspetto molto interessante.

    Tommaso (6/14/2018)
    Very good tea, quite refreshing. Might order it again.

    Joao (8/29/2017)
    The main character of this tea is its sweetness that spreads over from the mouth down to the throat. The tender leaf gives a clear liquor, intense floral note with hints of nut undertones, and leaving a very sweet lingering taste that lasts for a long time.

    dennis west (6/4/2017)
    Fantastic tea, great aroma and taste. Beautiful leaves wet and dry

    Neil (10/1/2015)
    The aroma is enticing, with notes of fruit and nuts. It has a buttery smoothness and is balanced with a light, cleansing astringency.

    dennis west (6/6/2015)
    Beautiful tea. Nice change from my everyday Long Jing, will but again.

    Jennifer A (4/29/2015)
    Wow!! Excellent tea. Tiny tiny fuzzy leaves. So fuzzy look literally like baby bird´s downy feathers. Sweet, fresh, many unique flavors coming through with each steeping in my gaiwan. I loved this. Amazing job on picking and creating this tea.

    Lee (12/23/2014)
    Very pleasant for a morning brew. Nice change from Oolong

    Alice (9/19/2014)
    One of my favorites. But I have the impression that the price is increasing over time for this tea.... Is because of the good reviews ? If it is will not be fair

    Ionut (8/28/2014)
    Like a taste of heaven in a tea cup. Wonderful refreshing tea.

    Ben (8/25/2014)
    nice tea -- i understand where it got it´s name. light but still full.

    Shehzad (6/27/2014)
    My favorite everyday greenie! Though it´s a shame it´s taste is not at it´s best when drank right at the morning though it still delivers the silent bliss, harmony and tranquil serenity. :)

    Lauri (6/14/2014)
    A very nice brew! Great taste and aroma, will definitely purchase again

    Neil (6/6/2014)
    One of my prefered tea. Refreshing, smooth, sweet aftertaste. I will be ordering this one again.

    Jizdan (5/28/2014)
    Another one of my favourites! It is a tea that shares similarities with Bi Lou Chun, but also has it´s own characteristic flavour

    Neil (4/2/2014)
    A nice, light tasting tea. Very fresh and brews great!

    Damien (12/6/2013)
    I´m still buying this tea two years later and it still makes my spirit soar. True to its name. Pure bliss in a pot....

    Robin (11/25/2013)
    One of my prefered green tea. Very fresh aroma in the first infusion. Second Infusion has a nutty taste. Third infusion is bad.

    Ionut (11/12/2013)
    A great tea. I have really enjoyed this brew so far

    Neil (7/13/2013)
    I like this tea. I bought it second time. Very good product

    Ionut (5/13/2013)
    One of my favourite green tea. It´s unique and let your mouth fresh just like a day in spring time.

    manuel (7/15/2012)
    Super sweet and mild. Nothing out of the ordinary but a good green taste.

    Max (6/18/2012)
    Es muy suave, fresco, no lo siento maravilloso. No tiene nada de amargo o de seco. Ligero y cálido. En lo personal prefiero algo más profundo.

    Abdul (5/14/2012)
    Very sweet. This tea is rather like dong ting bi luo chun, but not as nice.

    Matthew (5/11/2012)
    This is such a lovely tea. To me, it´s a typical fresh green tea, just sweeter. This is, bar none, the SMOOTHEST tea I´ve ever had. That´s what I thought with my whole first drinking silk! A lot of teas leave a raspy/dry feeling in my throat afterwards...this did not. It was very refreshing.

    Krista (5/5/2012)
    This is my favorite Teaspring green tea. This year´s tea is again consistently excellent. It puts me in a good mood. I especially like the quality of the tea buds and leaves- very fresh.

    Ronald (4/4/2012)
    Very good tea. My only issue is that the leaves don´t taste very good, but if you don´t eat your tea leaves don´t worry about it! Drink away!

    Michael (12/7/2011)
    Приятный вкус, насыщенный аромат.

    Anton (10/26/2011)
    Very nice tea. Sweet, aromatic brings you a feeling of calm and control. For a good teasty cup of tea 1.5-2 spoons is the right quantity. I will buy it again.

    Ionut (9/18/2011)
    The taste is very subtle, but good. It´s a quality tea with a very light touch.

    Tapio (5/25/2011)
    I used gaiwan to make this tea, and followed the brewing guide. The first steeping had a nutty taste with a slightest hint of smoke. The second one, which is always the best, had more "velvet" in it, and a sweet aftertaste. The third steeping was still good, but that was it. It is a very good tea for its price, especially when it is as fresh, as it is now. Thanks you, TeaSpring for bringing this year´s crop so quickly!

    Vitaly (5/20/2011)
    This is always an excellent TeaSpring product, especially good this year. Very refreshing. A great beverage. Will order more!

    Gerald (5/12/2011)
    This heavenly tea makes my soul leave my body and float around Mount Meng itself! Okay not literally but it is so sweet and so perfect that you can´t help but almost smell the mist of the misty mountain itself....amazing tea!! Tastes better with my new Ceramic Tea Set (though I reckon it would go well in a glass pot too).

    Robin (5/5/2011)
    Muy buen te y buena relación calidad-precio. Tiene un suave aroma y sabor. Si la infusión es larga, a mi me gusta hacer largas infusiones con los tes verdes chinos, es un poquíto astingente. En definitiva recomendado.

    FRANCISCO (4/16/2011)
    Very good quality, I´m waiting for 2011 first flush.

    manuel (4/11/2011)
    definitely my favorite tea now, very sweet and nice aroma, can´t wait for my next order

    Gabriel (12/19/2010)
    pleasant sweet everyday drinking tea. with vegetal and fruity undertones.

    Thomas (11/1/2010)
    Pretty light in teine, I can drink up to 6 cup during the day. It´s a very good tea.

    manuel (9/10/2010)
    I liked this tea a lot, and ordered two packages again this time. It has a good mellow taste that still stands out. It makes me more cheerful and refreshed. I definitely recommend this tea.

    Ronald (7/6/2010)
    This is quite a delicate tea that has a lovely sweetness to it. It is perfect for those times when you´re in the mood for a light and refreshing drink. For those cold winter mornings, you would want something stronger and more robust, but certainly ideal for the summer.

    Paul (6/22/2010)
    This one gave a more pleasant taste than Zhu Ye Qing, similar light green taste with some difference.

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    Fresh invigorating soulful notes, sharp and pleasing to taste

    Christopher (6/17/2010)
    A nice pan fried dried green tea. Refreshing, smooth, very sweet aftertaste. Good for multiple steeps.

    Fan (5/18/2010)
    This is the first time I try this tea. A great brew, but with very small tealeaves. I probably prefer Lu An Gua Pian or Long Jing, even though this one is very good also.

    Erik (5/5/2010)
    This is a mild, smooth green tea that is characteristic of a first flush green tea. An everyday tea. I received a sample of 涌溪火青with my order and I very much prefer that to 蒙顶甘露. Very much a matter of personal preference really. I found the former more fragrant, more complex, and much longer finish.

    Rowena (1/30/2010)
    I´m a MengDingGanLu fan, but maybe I´ve take it too many times and right now it dosen´t surprise me anymore. It becomes "one of the many" teas, it´s not more in the "special teas" list.

    manuel (11/29/2009)
    I can truly understand why this tea is on China´s top ten teas list. The first steeping is sweet like baby sugar snap peas. The second steeping the sweetness is toned down but still present the taste lingers in your mouth and you sit and try to relax searching for the words to describe what you taste because it is so pleasing you really want to put it into words. The third and fourth steeping are very tastie. You start to find your mouth feels dry sort of like when you drink a dry white wine. That is exactly how to best describe this tea I find it comparable to a high quality mouth watering dry white wine like a Chablis. Yes this tea has so many characters and colors to go with each one. One steeping may be pale so light you wonder if you used enough leaves while if you steep a bit longer you get a very beer looking amber. I LOVE this tea it is definitely worth the price and the two week wait. I hope this helps if your new like me to all of these wondrous teas and if you do order - relax, enjoy and appreciate the gift that comes not only China but more importantly nature!

    Lanora (9/19/2009)
    This continues to be one of my daily drinkers - good tea at a great price.

    Mark (9/3/2009)
    It looks like Bi Lo Chun and has a similar taste and cloudy brew. I noticed the sweet notes, but also smoky astringent notes too. Next time I brew it I will drop the leaves into the hot water instead of the other way around, which is the way many individuals usually drink Bi Lo Chun-type teas. I think with this method, I will not bring out the bitter qualities of the tea. The tea leaves are very fresh. Overall, the brew is subtle, light, and complex.

    Kei (7/2/2009)
    This one gave a more pleasant taste than Zhu Ye Qing, similar light green taste with some difference.

    Daniel (4/9/2009)
    Verry good green tea.Smoothe and fresh a nice and delecate tea.I sure will be ordering this one agian.

    costel (3/30/2009)
    A delicate tea, warm but brisk. Slightly vegetal. The flavor is delicate but complex with hints of sweetness and citrus. I found that too much tea in the infusion produced too much astringency for me, and that diluting it brought out it´s delicacy and complexity, both of which are surprising for a tea at this price. I´m still working to get the most out of this tea. I think less is more for this one.

    Mark (1/1/2009)
    Fruity, refreshing, and sweet taste, typical flavor of the fried dried green tea, but it was too light for me.

    Fan (10/29/2008)
    As I prefer light and gentle green tea, this one from now on is one of my favorites. Such a small leaves, such a nice aroma, is perfect for the start of a day.

    Olga (9/10/2008)
    Always one of my favourite. Maybe this year his flavour is a little too light for my opinion.

    manuel (9/9/2008)
    extraordinary delicious tea very sweet-smelling I drink after lunch and before sleep.

    Marzia (8/26/2008)
    Great tea for regular everyday drinking. Try it iced for an excellent and refreshing summer cool down drink! So much better than the premade over-sweetened garbage you buy in the stores!

    Jerod (7/28/2008)
    Love it, refreshing is exactly the word to describe it

    Alex (6/14/2008)
    Excellent refreshing tea. Fabulous indescribable taste and aroma.

    Étienne (6/9/2008)
    delicate is a great word for this tea. it doesn´t make it bad, it just doesn´t have a strong base of flavor

    John (5/22/2008)
    The dry aroma is stunning: Powerful, sweet, intriguing. Unfortunately, I´ve never really been able to get much flavor out of this tea. I´ve gone up to 5 g per 8 oz cup to get so-so results. At that level, the tea is mild, slightly fruity, and I can get a second infusion out of them. The scent of the tea makes want to really, really like it, but unfortunately the taste just doesn´t keep up. Incidentally, the leaves are microscopic in size and are easily the smallest I´ve ever seen. It is almost as if the tea was picked prematurely.

    Christopher (5/16/2008)
    It´s a good green tea though it´s much light than Dragon-Well tea. Need to steep longer for its best aroma.

    CHONGCHEN (5/11/2008)
    extremely fresh and very good quality! taste has very much of the flavour of lotus and is qite interesting!

    Tobias (4/16/2008)
    I´ve purchased this for three years, so I must enjoy it. It´s somewant sweet and citrusy in my mouth. The leaves are delicate and pleasing to see in the cup.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    A very light and refreshing tea with a sweet aftertaste, but maybe a little too light in my taste. I enjoyed it anyway, so...

    Oskar (4/4/2008)
    Tiny baby buds produce a fresh flavor of spring. Perfect ritual for a reminder that the best green tea harvest only happens once a year, and the freshness doesn´t last forever! I was surprised at just how small the buds of this tea are--it was a cold winter! A bit lacking in depth, but a perfect example of why Teaspring carries the freshest tasting green teas I´ve found anywhere!

    Elliot (4/1/2008)
    1st infusion was smooth and mild, clean, vegetal & a little spicy, some viscosity, some aftertaste. 1st infusion seems to change and become more interesting as it cools in the cup. 2nd infusion thickly vegetal. My 4 gr in 6 oz brewed three infusions, one or two less than I normally expect from greens.

    Salsero (3/31/2008)
    Wonderfully fresh; light, delicate flavor; great tea...highly recommended

    julie (3/25/2008)
    Buono ma con qualche perplessità. Mi aspettavo di più vista la rinomanza del nome, ma alla fine mi è sembrato abbastanza ordinario come tè. Resta sicuramente una buona scelta magari approfondendo dosi e tecniche di preparazione

    Andrea (3/12/2008)
    Good for those who don’t like the strong earthy taste of typical green teas ... light and refreshing with a sweet after-note.

    Tim (12/27/2007)
    this tea has too much vegital taste , and smoky flovor not what I’m looking for .

    Lance (12/18/2007)
    very good green tea. sweet and complex, very beautiful tea leaves and great aroma

    Sergio (11/15/2007)
    This tea has a nice refreshing and sweet taste it’s delicous

    Yu Bo (10/27/2007)
    Delicate sweet and refreshing taste: a perfect choice!

    Jana (9/18/2007)
    ...less sweat than last year...but it’s always one of my favourite tea.

    manuel (9/18/2007)
    Fresh. Subtle. Refreshning. Uplifting. Smooth. Longstaing. Great. Nothing to add :)

    Armandas (8/21/2007)
    guter Grüntee ohne Gemüsegeschmack, leicht bitter. Don’t let it sit around

    Christian (8/9/2007)
    (2006 crop) This is a nice tea that I enjoy. Has a flavor reminiscent of olive. Actually, it’s hard to put into words what this tea tastes like and probably highly subjective. I get three very nice steeps.

    Ryan (7/23/2007)
    Fresh. Subtle. Refreshning. Uplifting. Smooth. Longstaing. Great.

    Armandas (7/2/2007)
    Great tea. Fresh in your mouth. You can taste spring with it.

    Patcharapun (6/18/2007)
    Love this tea, one of my favorites. Very sweet smell, and good for the spring.

    Zachary (4/23/2007)
    When I first opened the bag, grassy was definitely my first impression. but i do like the aroma of the brewed cup... it fits very nicely with spring.

    John (4/22/2007)
    Very fresh tea with good aroma. This tea has a rather nice aftertaste. I find this tea to be unique tasting and a nice change of pace.

    Ryan (4/9/2007)
    I think the name really describes this tea. The fresh leaves have a sweet refreshing, grassy aroma. Once brewed it makes a sweet, refreshing drink. Overall a great tea. A different taste than I have experienced in green tea drinking.

    Jason (4/5/2007)
    nice mellow tea. the freshness is there, the nutty is there, and an odd aftertaste is noticed sometimes too. great nutty aroma- beautiful little unbroken leaves.

    Daniel (4/4/2007)
    just received Meng Ding Gan Lu, which is a pre-qing ming tea. so far I am very satisfied with this product. it smell very fresh and have a sweeter taste than last year’s teas. and the light green color is soooooooooooooo pretty. all in all, this is a high quality product and I will certainly buy again. also I am pleased with the fast shipping. I did not know all products were directly shipped from china....

    chun ruan (3/29/2007)
    This is an excellent tea. The leaves have a very sweet, impressive aroma. Be careful not to overbrew, or overheat this one, I’d say.

    Andrew (3/28/2007)
    For the price, this tea is outstanding. It’s not too sweet, and it has a fantastic aftertaste. I love this one.

    Gerald (3/17/2007)
    Strange tea, lots of competing flavors in the cup. Not always predictable, but worthwhile.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)
    Really interesting tea. There’s a slight bitterness under the sweetness that intrigued me.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)
    A tea I’ve bought several times now. Always interesting.

    Jennifer (1/4/2007)
    One of my favourite...delicious!

    manuel (10/21/2006)
    It is sweet, but also has kind of a funky smokey taste that I found unpleasant.

    Silas (6/7/2006)
    A very good tea; I did not find it to be as pungent as some of the other reviewers did, but it’s nonetheless quite enjoyable.

    Christine (5/25/2006)
    I was quite surprised when I purposely brewed slightly too much tea, the flavor had a distinct chocolate nuance...for all 4 infusions, it was also slightly astringent. But it was such a different flavor for a green tea. It is amazing how adjusting this tea’s preparation can create a whole different tea experience. The aroma was vegetal and slightly pungent. Not a shy tea, but rather bold. I would give it 4.5 stars.

    Chip (5/16/2006)
    What a pleasant surprise! The infusion yields a yellow cup of tea. Its taste is delicate with a hint of herbaceous notes and it reminds the olive flavour. Kind and long after taste, until you cannot resist to brew another cup!

    manuel (5/16/2006)
    Refreshingly light with a delicate sweetness. Pretty light yellowish liquor.

    Ryan (4/14/2006)

    GIOVANNI (12/26/2005)
    light yellowih color.Mild with slight sweet after tast.

    wittaya (11/21/2005)
    This is my ’everyday’ green tea, and by that, I don’t mean that it is not something to look as forward to as other teas, on the contrary, I thoroughly enjoy it each and every time I have it. It’s a delicious tea with a delicately sweet taste that holds on, even after multiple infusions.

    Darren (9/2/2005)

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