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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Shen Yun Tie Guan Yin
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    Shen Yun Tie Guan Yin
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
    Shen Yun Tie Guan Yin
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    Very good tea, both in aroma and flavor. Gets better with each brewing

    Shehzad (3/21/2016)
    A subtle tea. I can see why some people don´t get much flavor here. Not all high-quality tea has apparent taste. Some have apparent aftertaste, or apparent warming on your body, or apparent elevated feeling of consciousness. This tea has apparent aftertaste, and apparent warming sensation in the blood. The taste of the tea is sweet and floral with fresh characteristics, but the real gem is the aftertaste which builds and becomes apparent with every exhaled breath. A refined, subtle tea worthy of exploring.

    Nik (9/13/2015)
    Good, but not much better than the Jade variety of TGY available here – I do not see the point of paying twice as much for this tea.

    Slava (5/31/2014)
    Great!!! Very good tea. Fresh & strong fragrance. Truyen

    Truyen (4/14/2014)
    This is an all around excellent tea. Delicious scent and flavor and very relaxing. It is expensive though, and I drink too much oolong to use this as my regular. I love it a lot though, and I would highly recommend picking up some for a cup once in a while.

    Timothy (12/27/2013)
    The tea is good but did not live up to the flowery taste and aroma. I did not experence the after taste as descibed. I much prefer Jade Tie Guan Yin. Andy

    Andy (3/18/2013)
    It´s one of my favorite tea which refreshes my mind and makes my tiny office full of its nice scent

    Carol (3/16/2013)
    So good. Still our favorite Tie Guan Yin at this price point. Has fascinating nuance not present in many other anxi oolong we have tried. Delicious.

    Michael (11/5/2012)
    Last stock (maybe) of 2011 shen yun tie guan yin, in small package, but to many broken leaves. The taste just good enough, but the best tea to share with many friends

    Susany (8/27/2012)
    This is a very nice tea, but I couldn´t personally differentiate it from other anxi or Taiwanese oolongs, such as huang jin gui or dong ding. I would say this is not worth its price and recommend trying these instead.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Still good tea with strong flowery fragrance, but maybe some last stock in 10grams package, so many crushed leaves.

    Susany (1/15/2012)
    Still good tea with strong flowery fragrance, but maybe some last stock in 10grams package, so many crushed leaves.

    Susany (1/15/2012)
    Still good tea with strong flowery fragrance, but maybe some last stock in 10grams package, so many crushed leaves.

    Susany (1/15/2012)
    Still good tea with strong flowery fragrance, but maybe some last stock in 10grams package, so many crushed leaves.

    Susany (1/15/2012)
    This package contains of 10 small packages. The taste still good, but many crushed leaves in fine grains. But the taste & fragrance still good.

    Susany (1/4/2012)
    As great as usual. Very good tea. Fresh & strong fragrance. 100grams only in 5days.

    Susany (12/7/2011)
    As great as usual. Very good tea. Fresh & strong fragrance.

    Susany (12/7/2011)
    I´m not suprise with this tea. This is the best of all I have ordered. Because they´re so good and also costly. I may have ordering them once for a while. An excellent product and service from TeaSpring.

    Tina (11/16/2011)
    very beautiful color, i just put 6 grammes for a half litre tea pot with water at +95 °C during two or three minits .it is suffisant. very good tea in afternoon and lunch

    Daniel (5/24/2011)
    The aftertaste is fresh and very pleasant. It seems to be less "oily" than many other Tie Guan Yin. If you had a poor Tie Guan Yin last time you should go for this one. It will show you a field of flowers and vegetables - always fresh and light, never oily and flat.

    Philipp (4/13/2011)
    It is great TGY, and what makes it better than others, the answer only comes when you brew it the right way Chao Zhou Gong fu style, no faircup, use maximum heat and shower the teapot, it has intoxicating aroma that lasts 7 infusions, it fills your breath much more obviously than other teas. This one is one of the highest quality of TGY, so buy it with confidence if you have enough experience to make it right.

    Nagy (10/12/2010)
    First time buying this one but very impressed with it. The tea is truly very fragrant as described. Will buy again.

    Chang (8/9/2010)
    This is the best TGY that i have ever tried. The first infusion is so heavenly that the flavors of TGY lingers in you mouth after you drank it. Price wise is a little steep but definitely worth trying. Used 3g leafs in 100-120ml of boiling water, this TGY is able to last me for about 5 infusions. this is the one TGY along with Jade TGY that i will definitely purchase again from teaspring.

    Wen Jun (7/12/2010)
    This tie guan yin is the best I have tried. The fragrant smell is so good.

    Yaqin (3/4/2010)
    A very light, yet aromatic and flavorful, TGY. Light color in the cup, but still good for multiple infusions. Fragrant with that lovely hyacynth aroma and taste. Very pleased with this tea, customer service, and the shipping time from China to USA.

    Linda (2/22/2010)
    Let me begin by saying, this is a good tea. But it fell short of expectations. From the price, from the name, I was expecting a lot more. Tea drank a little more like jasmine tea (aroma was that of jasmine) than a top grade Tie Guan Yin. The finish was a little short and didn´t have the "gan" (甘), which is what one would expect from a top grade Tie Guan Yin.

    Rowena (1/29/2010)
    I have enjoyed Tie Guan Yin all year long, because my family loves it and always ask for this tea, I have a bit of experience with this type of tea, this is a great example of Anxi oolong, it resembles high mountain oolong silky texture, and it has intoxicating frangrance and hui gan (echoing aftertaste is present long after you put your teaware at rest), leaves are intact with stem removed, in a high quality TGY, or any other tea, we face the teamasters concept of how that tea should be, it is according to his ideals that the tea is made, I believe this tea was intended to be an aromatic oolong, and it last more infusions than others.

    Nagy (10/21/2009)
    nice of tea, but you should grade it more carefull, sometimes i find not to good quality, but quiet oke for the tea

    tony (10/5/2009)
    Unbelievable! Such a sweet floral smell. Amazingly smooth and sweet taste. Good for quite a few infusions. There´s really nothing bad I can say about this tea. Worth every penny.

    Travis (8/12/2009)
    I probably purchased about 5 or 6 different Tie Gwan Yin teas over the last 12 months or so and for me, this one is the best. Teaspring´s description of this tea is very accurate. I´ve had TGY that has oodles of aroma and strong flower flavour but no body. I´ve had TGY´s with bags of body but no aroma. This one has it all in a lovely balanced way. Its not a bargain, but why should it be? In this case you get what you pay for. Well done TeaSpring.

    Thomas (6/12/2009)
    A delicate Tie Guan Yin, with moderate complexity and a light green and nutty taste. It´s delicious, but expensive.

    Jeff (4/23/2009)
    This is the perfect Tie Guan Yin i had ever try. No one can beat this. but the price is to high for everyday tea.

    Budy (3/10/2009)
    This is a tea lovers tea. I find the taste delicate and the aroma fragrant. I´;m still experimneting and seeing which I prefer the mug or the lau-ren style.

    Scott (11/21/2008)
    Yes, Yes, Yes. No words we know to describe the scent. Like an old shop that you would really want to walk into maybe. Amazing attention to detail. We don´t want to say too much as we are barely qualified to drink this magical elixir, let alone review it. Thank you to all who make it possible for the west to enjoy national treasures like this. Truly a tea with heavenly charm. Thank You. Traci and Mike.

    Michael (10/1/2008)
    Such an artistic experience, the initial burst of flavor of tea, immediately followed by a cool fresh after taste that is pleasantly delightful. Enriching pleasant aroma. A family favorite served with oriental cuisine to enhance the natural spices and flavors.

    Ed (9/16/2008)
    This is a very light Oolong that has a very robust flavour. Worth every penny.

    Jerod (7/28/2008)
    Now this is a tea worth drinking; when I was new to teas I tried greens, whites, blacks and I like them all for a variety of reasons.... but ohhhhhh when i discovered this Oolong I was hooked. This is by far my absolute favorite.

    julie (7/26/2008)
    Great finesse. Each infusion reveals a new component aromatic. Sweetness spreads from the throat to the nose. Interesting experience.

    Tommaso (5/15/2008)
    An excellent tea with floral and sweet taste even after several infusions. Sweetness becomes more prominent in later infusions, whereas floral taste is more prominent in early infusions. Defenitely a great Ti Guan Yin. Brew gong fu style is a must to fully enjoy this tea. Not really cheap but surely worth the money.

    Joachim (4/26/2008)
    This tea is wonderfully fragrant and floral. It dances on your tongue.... lasting numerous steeps!!

    julie (4/13/2008)
    not my favorite but not bad either, just not my cup of....

    Joseph (4/3/2008)
    For anyone who loves Tie Guan Yin this is one of the best. There is no way I am serving this to anyone but me. LOL

    Peter (3/31/2008)
    I decided to spring for this tea after I was so pleased with the jade tie guan yin. The color of this tea isn’t as brilliant as the jade however the smell is more floral. After the first 1 extraction I wasn’t that impressed (for the money). However as they went on I became more and more surprised around the third extraction when the leaves started to fully open I started to pick up hints of coffee witch really pleasantly surprised me. (Tell me some one if you also experienced this so I know im not crazy) But buy the fifth extraction it was gone. And the taste of flowers and springtime really came out the liquor is a pale green. From the fifth extraction on the complexity kind of disappears and the tea gets sweet and flowery leaving a cool taste on your berth. As this tea goes on I would compare the flavor to a very god imperial grade silver needle only slightly stronger and able to stand up to multiple infusions.

    ryan (2/14/2008)

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