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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
  • An Ji Bai Cha  
  • Bi Tan Piao Xue  
  • Bu Bu Gao Sheng  
  • Cha Wang Tai Ping Hou Kui  
  • Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun  
  • En Shi Yu Lu  
  • Gu Zhu Zi Sun  
  • Huang Shan Mao Feng  (2 types)
  • Jasmine Tea  
  • Jiu Hua Fo Cha  
  • Long Jing  (3 types)
  • Lu An Gua Pian  (2 types)
  • Lu Shan Yun Wu  
  • Meng Ding Gan Lu  
  • Te Ji Pearl Jasmine  
  • Ting Xi Lan Xiang  
  • Wu Yi Qu Hao  
  • Xu Fu Long Ya  
  • Yang Yan Gou Qing  
  • Yong Xi Huo Qing  
    Shuang Long Huan Zhu
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    Shuang Long Huan Zhu
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Shuang Long Huan Zhu
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    This tea never fails to impress both in taste and its magical unfolding in water - takes many infusions too!

    Marika (9/15/2014)
    Заказали в первый раз, очень понравился. А как замечательно раскрывается вкус.. и сам он раскрывается, как цветок в чашке.

    Svetlana (10/3/2013)
    This is one of the best green teas Ive had so far. It wakes you up, calms you down and greatly recommended for community brewing. Each tea ball makes several brews and combines the aromas of tea with a hint of the sweet scent of the flowers they enclose if brewed as according to instructions provided.

    Sankarshan (9/6/2013)
    The tea-bulbs are very effective and the tea is pleasent to drink. This is quite rare where I live, so I really have lots of joy when offering it to my guests.

    Katarzyna (6/29/2013)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (10/21/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    Beautiful blooming tea, with jasmine flavor. But the taste just ordinary tea, not too special. Nice gift.

    Susany (1/7/2012)
    Ok tea. Very artistic looking. Taste was alright but not for daily drinking.

    Md Asad (1/3/2012)
    Very nice tea with a beautiful display. It will make a wonderful gift to my friends. It tastes nice and can bear a couple of brewing.

    Laszlo (7/3/2011)
    хороший чай

    Sergey (4/19/2011)
    Very pretty and great taste. Nice to show off to guests with.

    Michael (4/16/2011)
    strong tea of great origine with sweet aftertaste and strong flavour. love it!

    kseniya (3/12/2011)
    This is a very pleasant sweet and nutty tea. However, if youre deciding which Gong Yi Tea to get first, get Bu Bu Gao Sheng first. Its better.

    Piradej (1/28/2011)
    Beautiful and attractive floral display. A pleasant aroma of jasmine drifts above the clear class as the flower unfolds into a most attractive display of art. The suple flavor floates across the palat like as gentel brease at dawn.

    Troy (12/25/2010)
    A rather incredible flowering tea. Though I rarely indulge in such teas, this one is by far the most beautiful of the few that Ive come across. Definitely an impressive tea.

    James (12/6/2010)
    very good tea .

    Christian (4/8/2010)
    This is one of the more elaborate blooming teas. The tea is drinkable, but I prefer to use the flower for display.

    Shaun (2/11/2010)
    this is a good tea if its properly made(perfect)to the last drop!

    michael (11/18/2009)
    Alternative form of tea. Granules obtained from a different kettle of aromatic tea! I recommend!

    Andriy (10/30/2009)
    interesting tea to look at, subtle jasmine taste. actually really good.

    Christian (9/23/2009)
    Very fun to watch and very fragrant and light in taste!

    Samantha (7/20/2009)
    A very beautiful work of art, and a very nice tea. Doesnt get bitter.

    Jenni (5/31/2009)
    Хороший чай, красиво выглядит и приятен на вкус. Рекомендую высокий стеклянный заварник - в чашке всего не рассмотрите.

    Hauryl (5/23/2009)
    Very fresh and makes many pots of tea from one single piece.

    Todd (10/6/2008)
    A very good display tea a work of art and a tea.

    Robert (7/23/2008)
    Visually excellent, really good in taste and flowery smell

    Patcharapun (6/18/2007)
    Its a good Gong-Yi tea, but it needs a special glass teaware to show it off (wide and high enough)~~

    CHONGCHEN (6/13/2007)
    good aroma execellent various savours of flowers and tea, they is fresh

    SYLVIE (5/1/2007)

    Markov (3/5/2007)
    This tea has an excellent soft taste, delicious aroma, and is aestetically pleasing. In short, I am going to buy more of it :)

    Alexey (1/3/2007)
    Very light taste but wonderfully fragnant.

    Toni (12/10/2006)

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