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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Shui Xian
    Shui Xian
    (rating: 4.5 out of 5)
      Shui Xian
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    My favourite Oolong and my everyday tea... Love the smell and taste of this tea.

    Alice (4/8/2018)
    A+++++++ I have been ordering this tea from them for years. I have a cup EVERY morning. Would not start my day without it

    Alice (2/27/2018)
    I have been ordering this brand of tea for years. And will do so for years to come. Excellent tea and wonderful customer service. They take pride in what they do. A+++

    Alice (2/15/2017)
    I have been ordering this brand of tea for over 10 years. . Excellent tea and wonderful customer service. A+++ I drink it daily. True olong

    Alice (10/1/2016)
    One of my favorite teas, it has all of the classic caracteristics of a great oolong tea.

    Andre (7/8/2016)
    I really like the taste of shui xians. This one is very good money for value. A little short lasting under continues brewing.

    Thomas (4/25/2016)
    I have been ordering this brand of tea for years. And will do so for years to come. Excellent tea and wonderful customer service. They take pride in what they do. A+++

    Alice (11/17/2015)
    Still a very good Oolong. Just like in the Chinese restaurants . Enjoy

    Alice (5/20/2015)
    I purchased this tea for overnight cold soaking. It came out well without much bitter extraction.

    Blake (1/27/2015)
    My favorite of all times. I have been ordering this tea since 2006 :-)

    Alice (9/19/2014)
    Wonderful taste - like the best dark chocolate pralines with a solid crisp and clean minerally base. Lasts a lot of infusions (I got to 6). Great tea!

    Elke (8/30/2013)
    Very interesting cereal (popcorn) sort of taste. I think bai ji guan is certainly superior however. Also this tea does not last many brewings (only 2-3).

    Matthew (11/3/2012)
    Satisfying and rejuvenating. Floral characteristics are enhanced as water temperature gradually cools in the cup. Very enjoyable daily tea.

    Tom (9/25/2012)
    Drinking it right now ...excellent tea!!!Price is right too!!!Thank you.

    Slava ZM (8/21/2012)
    Mild-roasted, flowery fragrance. Taste has a nice caramell character, which balances well with the roasted flavour.

    Jana (4/18/2012)
    Good tea for good price.It tastes like DHP almost.

    Slava ZM (11/14/2011)
    Could not be happier :-) I just LOVE this tea. And the company is A+ in my book!!

    Alice (10/1/2011)
    Good tea for good price.It tastes like DHP almost.

    Slava ZM (10/1/2011)
    I am NEVER disappointed with this tea or company. AAA rated :-)

    Alice (9/19/2011)
    A good DHP-like Wuyu oolong, considering the price. Very nice aftertaste.

    Terje (4/22/2011)
    хороший чай

    Sergey (4/19/2011)
    This is my first experiment with oolong tea, and I will say, it was a successful experiment. I find myself drinking it every day. It tastes great sweetened or unsweetened and makes me feel refreshed and invigorated all day long. Thank you!

    Rachel (2/23/2011)
    A very tasty DHP-like Wuyu oolong. Very nice aftertaste.

    Terje (11/30/2010)
    Expected better, but the taste is disappointing. I will not order more.

    Anton (11/28/2010)
    Thanks so much...Im drinking for healing purposes of my inner body!!

    Talisha (11/2/2010)
    Very Good but, not as remembered as a young man in the rest. I ate in. Wish it was alittle less earthy. Still searching.

    Hugh (10/26/2010)
    This is the best oolong tea that there is :-) Better then you can get in Chinese restraurant

    Alice (9/27/2010)
    Very nice flavor,different of what i expected,a good tea for quiet afternoons.

    Adrian (8/30/2010)
    Excellent tea, drink slightly chilled. A wonderful aroma and aftertaste.

    Ilya (7/4/2010)
    Still my favorite tea :-) Always pleasant and tasteful

    Alice (6/4/2010)
    Nothing more to say, just an excellent tea for a good price.

    Fan (5/5/2010)
    The taste and smell of this tea are great. Excellent choice especially for its price.

    Konstantin (3/5/2010)
    This tea was great! It smells like dry longans and tastes very smooth with strong sweet aftertaste. After drinking it, my mouth was full of sweet saliva.

    Fan (1/27/2010)
    A wonderfully smooth tea that is delicious sweetened with maple syrup. My kids are crazy for it.

    Martin (1/9/2010)
    I have been ordering this brand of tea for years. And will do so for years to come. Excellent tea and wonderful customer service. They take pride in what they do. A+++

    Alice (11/3/2009)
    very nice difference,enjoying the refreshing difference-its a good tea to get a different taste from- Ben

    michael (10/13/2009)
    This is a very good oolong and I enjoyed it. Very unique compared to others I have tried.

    Christopher (9/13/2009)
    Nice price for an everyday tea, less bodied than the other wuyi teas.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    Slightly cloudy amber liquor. Has the slight bass astringency of a DHP but doubly aromatic and sweet. Id imagine this to be the taste if an average Da Hong Pao were to be mixed with a good Long Jing.

    Michael (4/17/2009)
    Very nice Shui Xian , it has become a favorite ...

    Gregory (3/8/2009)
    I had always preferred "lighter" oolongs like TGY until I tasted Shui Xian or "Rock Tea". The liquor is dark green with a touch of amber, with a very smooth and enjoyable taste. A 10-15 second rinse in just-boiled water, then a 2 minute infusion yields a great cup of tea! A bit longer than 2 minutes for subsequent infusions. Im on the 4th infusion today on a cup I brought to work this morning, the tea still has good taste and color. Im going to try for a 5th! John

    John (2/4/2009)
    This tea is delicious....and I havent even tried the more expensive version yet which I also ordered. Its quite robust and has a very soothing effect. I highly recommend it.

    Gerald (10/4/2008)
    Good tea for every day drinking, but nothing special for me.

    Olga (9/10/2008)
    For the price you cant complain, but nothing really set this apart for me.

    Dustin (8/19/2008)
    My favourite oolong and my everyday tea... Love the smell and taste of this tea.

    Julio (7/24/2008)
    Still the best tea for its money. Always fresh and my favorite oolong tea.

    Alice (7/14/2008)
    I expected even longer leaves. yes it tastes like chinatown restaurants oolong tea, but I see no greatness in it. Still it is very good tea for a price its just that I like more Dong Ding kind of oolongs.

    Milan (7/1/2008)
    A really fine Ooolong for the price! Mellow and yet robust,this amber luscious liquor goes on and on with a warm and toasty flavour through multiple infusions. Its floral identity lingers on the tongue through the finish. Quite a wonderful Wuyi!

    Jeanna (Shen) (2/26/2008)
    very good basic wuyi oolong. excellent price. beautiful long leaves whith the clasic toasted taste and aroma

    Sergio (11/15/2007)
    The leaves are very long. Taste is mellow - it has this typical and long lasting dark oolong flavor. Very recommendable!!!

    Jana (9/18/2007)
    Still the best around. Great Chinese Tea!!! Just like in the Orient.

    Alice (9/17/2007)
    the a larriere gout de caramel et en meme temps il est herbeux. jai beaucoup

    SYLVIE (9/14/2007)
    I loved this tea, though I am new to wuyi oolong, and so I dont have a lot to compare it too. Either way, at that price, i think this is a marvelous tea.

    Alex (8/25/2007)
    Great everyday Wuyi oolong. Excellent flavor and aroma for the price. Never disappointing.

    JOHN (4/13/2007)
    When I had it, it tasted a bit smoky to me.

    Ryan (3/18/2007)
    Still the best Oolong tea.

    Alice (3/17/2007)
    Lovely chocolate aroma in the leaf. Rounded malty flavors. Smooth finish. Tasty tea with a good price.

    JOHN (1/23/2007)
    Im with Adriel- what Chinese restaurants are you guys going to? Anyway, this is the best tea I have found for the price. I drink it every day. Yay!

    Brian (12/12/2006)
    A decent Oolong tea.

    Erik (12/3/2006)
    This Tea is my favorite. Chinese restaurant tea, right at home

    Alice (11/29/2006)
    I am not sure what Chinese restaurants stock Wuyi Rock Tea, but Ive never been to one. I have been to dim sum in the United States and in Hong Kong, and the type of tea served is the same in both countries. It is a type of Tie Guan Yin (note English tea translations of Chinese tea names vary) that steeps a pale yellow color. Shui Xian steeps a darker orange, and has a full taste a la Da Hong Pao. I would find it strange to find a quality Wuyi Rock Tea in a Chinese restaurant anyway. It is usually a cheap grade served. The closest tea Ive been able to find thus far to the restaurant taste has been a Heavy Roasted Kung Fu oolong tea through the Best Tea House Co. in HK. But even that isnt exactly the same. In the bottom of the restaurant tea pot, the leaves used are sometimes around 3 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. I am still baffled and the search continues.

    Adriel (11/18/2006)
    Just like the tea served in China Town. Very good

    Alice (8/3/2006)
    Very good.

    Alice (8/3/2006)

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