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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Song Zhong Dan Chong
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    Song Zhong Dan Chong
    (rating: 4.5 out of 5)
      Song Zhong Dan Chong
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    Lovely, bright perfume. Reading other reviews helped me to brew it properly. True that deep tones are lacking...I added a touch of Te Ji Organic Da Hong Pao to bring those in.

    Uzi (1/27/2021)
    This third of the Dan Congs that I purchased this time impressed me with its fragrance already before brewing and a slightly purplish liquor - i like its special tint of green coloured leaves as well!

    Marika (10/7/2020)
    Nice flavorful as promised prompt delivery to Canada

    JOHANNES (2/27/2017)
    I think this tea is not the same . Neither color nor flavor are the same. I is another tea (bad) , but the same price. Este t no es el mismo de siempre. Ni el sabor , ni el color , ni el aroma. Antes era mejor. Lo recuerdo porque el aroma era muy intenso .Ahora no. El precio no es tan conveniente. Pepe

    vilches jimenez (10/15/2016)
    hi, i bought this item three times before, may i know why the standard drop?

    Fukai Environmental (7/29/2016)
    I enjoyed this oolong a lot. A highly aromatic and sweet tea.

    Pawel (6/29/2015)
    This is a wonderful tea with a fresh nose and a nice grassy finish with a note of honey. A great tea that I will enjoy over and over.

    David (12/30/2014)
    This Dan Cong tea has a fruity-ness that is deep and complex. I thought I could compare tea from Guangdong to ones in Chinese restaurants, except this one has additional variety tastes.

    Ronald (8/27/2014)
    This is one of my favorite teas. I really cant do justice to its flavor and aroma. It is an excellent accompaniment for mango sorbet.

    James (6/1/2014)
    A fantastic tea as usual! Has been a daily brew for sometime

    Neil (8/3/2013)
    Good tea! But I prefer the Dan Chong Сlassic.

    dmitry minein (7/24/2013)
    One of my favourite teas. The aroma of the brew and the scent accumulated on the lid is amazing

    Neil (7/13/2013)
    I was very surprised by this tea. My first cup was not fantastic but then after getting getting used to the strong flavour and aroma, I cant get enough

    Neil (10/24/2012)
    This is an excellent Dan Cong oolong. Wonderful floral notes in the nose, and a full bodied mouth feel when made with sufficient tea leaves. Because the leaves are long and hand rolled, its easy to underestimate the quantity to use if youre not weighing them. This tea can easily handle very hot water without bitterness, though I prefer ~195 degrees F. and a slightly longer steeping time (2-3 minutes). Easily the best of the three Dan Congs on offer here, though also the most expensive. Worth it, however, for a delightful Oolong that easily stands up to 2-3 steepings.

    Charlie (9/24/2012)
    I adored this tea. Sweet and complex, elegant, with a long long finish.

    andreina (9/20/2012)
    ! , - !

    Alena (6/7/2012)
    朋友的茶 - 滿足

    Alvin (5/11/2012)
    When people inquire about tea, this is the one that I usually use to initiate them into the experience. Such a wonderful flavor!

    James (4/26/2012)
    I was expecting a lot from this tea, based on the overwhelmingly lush lychee fragrance. But there were also hints of what smelled like stale ashtray mixed in, which suggested to me whatever it may have been roasted over left a bad impression on it. When I brewed it, there was very little taste. I tried different water sources and brew times, but I could not get even a hint of the lychee scent as a drinkable flavour. Very disappointed.

    Reed (4/20/2012)
    I observed 3 consistent and fruity brews. It was a satisfactory and memorable experience thereafter.

    Alvin (12/10/2011)
    A wonderful light bodied Song Zhong. I enjoy multiple infusions brewed for 30 seconds with moderately hot water. One of my favorite teas.

    Katherine (8/22/2011)
    Very good taste and mouthfeel, a bit lacking in aroma. Very fruity.

    Max (6/9/2011)
    Very nice Dan Cong, aromatic and fruity. Watch the time as it can get astringent if overbrewed.

    Terje (5/19/2011)
    I could see this easily becoming one of my favorite teas. It has a delicious fruit flavor to it that lasts through at least four steepings. I would definitely recommend this oolong.

    James (4/13/2011)
    Not bad, but wish it were more fragrant and last more infusions.

    Patrick (2/4/2011)
    I continue to be amazed at this tea phenomenal aroma and disappointed with its lack of body. A marvel at this price indeed!

    Vuong (1/11/2010)
    Once I brewed correctly, I enjoyed this tea. But it is perhaps not my favorite.

    Christopher (11/21/2009)
    Another nice dan cong with a flowery flavor, however, not much aroma unlike my favorite dan cong Mi Lan. Steeping has to be kept short, 30 sec, otherwise astringency sets in.

    Peter (11/17/2009)
    Very aromatic. The smell of orchid is apparent from the moment you open the package. Become more intense once you pour the hot water in. One refreshing tea indeed.

    Chang (11/8/2009)
    Nice dan cong tea but if you willing, there another dan cong that more nice than song zhong

    tony (10/5/2009)
    as good as always, this is an excellent oolong with prominent fruity notes reminescent of peach, really recomendable

    Sergio (8/14/2009)
    I really enjoyed this tea. The dry leaves look beautiful: long, and elegantly twisted with a slight purplish hue. The brew has a strong fruity aroma with with hints of lichee and honey. I was impressed with its staying power, easily lasting 5-6 infusions (gongfu style) using very short steeps to start. I was tempted to give this tea 5 but as this is the first Song Zhong Ive tried, I didnt have anything to compare it to.

    Patrick (8/5/2009)
    This is my second review for this tea, so obviously I like it enough to have bought it again. However, one must be mindful not to overbrew this tea -- although a darker oolong in color, it should be steeped in water suitable for a white tea. If you discover that the tea has turned a deep yellow, or worse, bordering on red, then youve overbrewed it and all the fruitiness is gone. (Alas, I keep discovering this the hard way.)

    Vuong (5/28/2009)
    Orchids and peaches, smooth as silk. Leaves you feeling really nice. I order this more than anything else.

    derek (3/31/2009)
    I had this tea and its cousin, the Feng Huang Dan Cong, in close succession, so Ill compare the two. Song Zhong Dan Chong is darker in its dried leaves appearance, lacking the multi-hue of the Feng Huang. However, it makes up for its dull appearance with an incredible aroma. The dry leaves, the stepped leaves, and the liquor all smell deliciously fruity. This tea also seems less finicky than the Feng Huang and can stand hotter water. The only draw back that I noticed is that the tea is that it is rather lacking in body.

    Vuong (3/22/2009)
    Recently I become a big fans of Dan Chong tea, and this Song Zhong Dan Chong tea is my favorate among all the Dan Chong teas I have tried. This tea has excellent taste and aroma, and without the bitterness from other Dan Chong tea. I am happy that I can try such a high-graded Dan Chong tea with an affordable price.

    Wei (12/29/2008)
    Really lives up to expectations. Aromas complex and subtle enough to defy description. Lighter smoky notes that some, and with unusual earthy notes. Liqueur color is lovely. The aroma fills the room and the finish is gentle but lasting.

    Rolf (12/17/2008)
    as good as ever, this year song Zhong Dan chong is excellent. The fruty tones are very present and its lovely sweetness is still here... one of the very best teas that I have ever tasted

    Sergio (12/6/2008)
    This is, perhaps, the most wonderful oolong Ive ever had. The leaves appear dark, but the there is a core of greenness to them and they unfurl beautifully in the cup. The taste is simply outstanding, with a very strong melon component to it. Peach might be correct as well. Four infusions and it is still going strong. I use 4g per 8 oz. cup.

    Christopher (11/22/2008)
    This is the first Dan Chong ive tried. One of my new favorites. Love the smell and its peachy flavor. Good quality for at least 4 steeps. This tea will get its place as one of my regulars.

    Thomas (10/17/2008)
    I was very pleasantly surprised by the wonderful taste of this tea -- I normally like only green oolongs. In my opinion, this is one of the best value/cost teas available!

    Carl (8/6/2008)
    Ive had plenty of Oolongs but never Dan Congs for some reason. The first taste of this stuff blew my socks off. I wasnt expecting such a wonderful flavour. I love this stuff now. When my brain is jaded, this tea is the one I reach for to re-fresh my head. Its like having a shower for the mind. I get lots of brews and its forgiving when I forget to use a timer. 1st brew in my 150ml yixing only needs about 45s. I use about 4g of tea. Thats the way I like it. I shall be buying more.

    Thomas (7/13/2008)
    Delicious! I get really nice apricot flavor for the first few steeps. I will probably order more. I agree with the previous reviewer: gongfu it or it wont be the same.

    Dave (5/23/2008)
    Great Dan Chong. Prepare Gong fu style, otherwise you wont get the same results. Good tea for this price.

    Joachim (4/20/2008)
    Overall, this is quite good, and for the price, excellent. The flavor band is full and the bouquet is sweet and alluring.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    Ive enjoyed the odd good oolong for years, but never tried a Dan Cong - the whole flowers-and-fruit thing just didnt interest me. Now I have to ask: "How long has this been going on?"

    Robert (4/10/2008)
    This Song Zhong Dan Chong is peaches and cream. Tea Spring customer service is excellent.

    Michael (3/8/2008)
    this is my favorite dan cong, beautiful leaves that are extremely aromatic. very fruty taste, highly recomended

    Sergio (3/4/2008)
    A great Dan Chong - soft, peachy, warm and slightly sweet - not unlike the first days of summer in a cup!

    Jeanna (Shen) (1/8/2008)
    A very fine Dan Cong for the money, thankfully as good as I remember from my last batch. This is a tea will try to keep a constant supply of, despite friends trying to scrounge it and encourage me to drink it.

    Gary (11/22/2007)
    i love this oolong i drink it all the time it is the secont time i have orderd it. fore the price you cant beat it for an every day tea. its verry cooling and refreshing.

    ryan (11/19/2007)
    this is one of the finest oolongs I have ever tasted and the best dan cong for me. extremely fruty taste. recomendable to any oolong tea drinker.

    Sergio (11/15/2007)
    This tea has one of the most peculiar tastes I have tasted. But after getting used to it, I love it.

    Simon (10/16/2007)
    i love this tea it is so well rounded fruty complex flowers and stone frute. the end is slightly slightly tanic. i highly recomend this tea if you want your mouth to tast like flowers for an hour after you drinkit.

    ryan (10/3/2007)
    One of the finest dan cong teas I have had the pleasure of tasting, on my second tasting I went online and ordered another pack. Sweetness, lychees, durability and a wonderful caramelised aroma

    Gary (9/21/2007)
    Goor Dan Cong wulong tea. Similare to the the tea I know which name is "Bai Ye", more fermented than that tea

    GAVRIN (6/6/2007)
    This is a great oolong. It has a toasty mix of oolong and green tea. At first I didnt think I would like it-now its one of my favorites

    dana (12/10/2006)
    this is one of the best dan chong we ever had, reminded us the one we had in China few years ago.

    Linda (11/15/2006)

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