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    Te Ji Pearl Jasmine
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    Te Ji Pearl Jasmine
    (rating: 4.7 out of 5)
      Te Ji Pearl Jasmine
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    Again, this PJ is wonderful, 2018 crop? I just had my first cup delivered yesterday and fragrance is just beautiful. I searched around but since 2013, I found this PJ is the best. IAfter trying many others, I came back. And I love it. 169F brewing. I was drinking left over 2014 PJ which was still good but this new one tells me why I always wanted buy fresh tea. Dancing Pearl is just awesome-just peaceful.

    Ju (7/3/2018)
    A lovely delicate and sweet tea. Very refreshing no matter if brewed as hot tea, ice tea, or cold brew.

    Jenni (4/7/2016)
    I have been purchasing tea from Teaspring for years, and have always been satisfied with the quality and service. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying great tea at a great price.

    George (2/3/2016)
    несколько лет покупаю этот чай на этом сайте и всегда отличное качество.

    Gennady (11/13/2015)
    I enjoy drinking Te Ji Pearl Jasmine tea a lot. It is made of high quality green tea leaves, and provide a very satisfying and complex tasting brew. This tea is not to be confused with ordinary jasmine flavored tea, it is obviously of a much higher grade.

    Andre (4/13/2015)
    Every item is consistently great, and the Customer Service is excellent, and every question has always been answered to my satisfaction

    George (1/4/2015)
    Good as usual. Nothing fancy to add. I buy this for daily normal tea drinking.

    Ionut (8/28/2014)
    good tea with a fresh taste. I will definitely buy it again.

    Yaqin (8/3/2014)
    Один из любимейших - абсолютно рекомендуется для почитателей чая с жасмином!

    Alena (5/13/2014)
    a little bit too light in taste .

    Christian (3/11/2014)
    Not as flavourful or interesting as it could be. Not as good as 2012īs crop. Iīm reviewing spring 2013 crop here.

    Matthew (2/28/2014)
    A fine tea. Last for multiple infusions. Better than what you can get in most shops.

    Chang (2/18/2014)
    This is my absolute favorite. I have shared this with friends, and now they are ordering it too. That tells you how good it is.

    Shauna (1/24/2014)
    Great tea, canīt get enough of that jasmine smell...

    Matej (11/27/2013)
    I have always enjoyed a pot or a few of good Jasmine Pear tea. I will say it is good as opposed to excellent if only because I am spoiled with the quality of the most excellent Jasmine Snowflake tea.....

    Robin (11/25/2013)
    Itīs tea that I drink everyday from a long time. Every order from here I buy this tea.

    piotr (6/25/2013)
    This tea has a mild consistent flavor. Neither the jasmine nor the tea seems to overpower the other; seems to be good for up to five infusions. I use 170F/77C water to brew and have had consistently good results. I just purchased my second batch. Recommended.

    Brandon (6/20/2013)
    Once opened after steeping one can see the tender buds used. Just wonder how they can be rolled so small. Jasmine flavor can stay for several years without diminishing.

    Peter (4/24/2013)
    Ярко выраженный жасминовый ивкус и аромат - выше всяких похвал!

    Alena (2/21/2013)
    Very lovely smell, and very pronounced jasmine taste. Usually jasmine pearls do not produce much flavour, but these really do. I only used 5 teaspoons for a 1.2L pot and brewed for 1 minute at 75 degrees and got a wonderful tea.

    Matthew (2/8/2013)
    As usual. Best tea here. Will buy again and again.

    piotr (2/5/2013)
    Having been tempted to buy this product from another company, I wish I hadnīt. As soon as I could Iīve come back to TeaSpring.com A much more superior tea where the jasmine fragrance and taste of the Te Ji Pearl is so fresh.

    Sue (12/26/2012)
    Good quality and taste as usual. Not a super exquisite tea but is very good for itīs level. I recommend it

    Ionut (12/5/2012)
    Pleasant, refreshing and good quality, but I would prefer a bit stronger jasmin taste

    Elena (11/6/2012)
    My fav. everyday tea. Excellent quallity. Canīt even compare with this poor quality tea from stores in my country. I will def. by again.

    piotr (10/23/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    Another favourite, Te Ji Pearl Jasmine is hard to fault. I have been brewing four pots a time from this tea and always like to watch the pearls unfurl. I actually prefer the Snow Jade Jasmine Tea, but this is in the top three. Definitely best not steeped for too long and with water at about 70 degrees. I will definitely buy this tea again.

    Robin (8/6/2012)
    I had to re-order this Pearl Jasmine. Itīs a great green tea with very strong jasmine flavor... My wife is particularly fond of this.

    Erikson (7/17/2012)
    Good as usual. One of my favourite pearl Jasmine in the market.

    Chang (6/21/2012)
    One can taste the tea underneath the jasmine which is good.

    Max (6/18/2012)
    This was well-scented. However, I wish it was stronger in Jasmine scent. The tea base is of high quality though!

    Patrick (5/29/2012)
    Good tea. Nice taste and aroma. I think I will buy it again.

    Ionut (5/8/2012)
    Жасминовые жемчужины как всегда на высоте, этот чай изменил мое отношение к жасмину в лучшую сторону. Красивый, вкусный, долгоиграющий чай. Спасибо. Thank you.

    Olga (3/28/2012)
    Thank you, nice tee. The best what i drink last year.

    Mikhail (3/16/2012)
    Нежный аромат и вкус. Буквально пару "жемчужинок" достаточно на чашку чая. рекомендую!

    Andriy (3/3/2012)
    Buying some more RIGHT NOW! This tea was fantastic!

    Patrick (2/29/2012)
    Special grade of Dragon Pearl (Long Chu). Strong jasmine fragrant, but not bitter. I brewed 5grams in a small gaiwan, and the tasted still good until 5th brewed.

    Susany (2/21/2012)
    Really special grade of pearl green tea with strong jasmine aroma.

    Susany (2/15/2012)
    Forth time buy. Great for multiple infusions. The box arrived in poor shape but the tea inside was not damaged.

    Robert (2/15/2012)
    A lovely and sweet tea. Very refreshing, especially on a hot day.

    Jenni (2/13/2012)
    A more subtle jasmine flavour, but definitely a good tea

    Alex (1/23/2012)
    Simply the best. It is great for multiple infusions and is one of my favorites. This is my third purchase.

    Robert (1/20/2012)
    This is by far in my view one of the best jasmine teas I have tried! It is quite fragnant and refreshing just like the one I used to buy in Beijing! Definitely recommended!

    Joanna (1/15/2012)
    Не любила чай с жасмином никогда. Но этот меня покорил, 4 заваривания, сбалансированный вкус чая и жасмина, заказывала этот чай летом и он оказался очень хорош, закажу еще.

    Olga (12/11/2011)
    Good Jasmine tea, I had what I paid for. If TeaSpring has other Jasmine tea, a better grade please introduce. So far I can drink this tea when I need something difference. Delivery/services was great.

    Tina (11/16/2011)
    Superb - makes ordinary jasmine tea very ordinary!

    william (6/16/2011)
    A lovely and sweet tea. Very refreshing, especially on a hot day.

    Jenni (5/17/2011)
    I love this tea. I can brew it 7-8 times. It makes me feel great. It has a clean, fresh taste and keeps me energized. if you like a flowery tasting tea, I recommend this one.

    Sara (4/5/2011)
    A wonderfully scented jasmine tea. Perfect in my small clay teapot.

    Ray (11/18/2010)
    I bought this for my father. I personally canīt stand jasmine but he says jasmine pearls are excellent so there it is! lol

    Dorian (11/12/2010)
    Delicious green tea, I have not been able to buy the same quality.

    Dmitry (11/1/2010)
    This was a decent jasmine tea. I have had one that was a bit better, but this is still good and the price isnīt bad. Good for an everyday tea for jasmine lovers or when you just are craving something a bit flowery.

    Trevor (10/20/2010)
    Jasmine and green tea are a natural combination, something this particular tea proves.

    James (9/12/2010)
    product came in a timely manner. Package was in good shape. Tea is exellent quality.

    Frank (8/23/2010)
    Great jasmine tea that is beautiful to watch while brewing.

    David (8/11/2010)
    A great classic jasmine green tea! I donīt usually drink jasmine teas, but I enjoy this when I drink it.

    Daniel (6/28/2010)
    tea is good i enjoy the taste and aroma of this tea.

    rajesh (4/18/2010)
    Very good tea and very good service. Thank you very much.

    Alexander (1/29/2010)
    Very smooth, delicate aroma, subtle aroma... Itīs a great pleasure to drink this tea. Not so strong as the common Pearl Jasmine, but this makes Te Ji more interesting, mystical...Good, enjoyable tea.

    Paweł (10/14/2009)
    I generally donīt like flavoured green teas, but for this I make an exception. I love how the balls unfurl into a fragrant jasmine tea!

    David (10/4/2009)
    Good balance between the taste of green tea and the jasmine fragrance. I used a glass gaiwan and the lovely leaves slowly unfurled for over 5 good infusions. The downy leaves brew up a frothy bubbly liquid, which is a sign of freshness and high quality. The scenting is superb, strong but not strident or overpowering. Highly recommended! Excellent product!!!

    Kei (9/10/2009)

    zaher (9/5/2009)
    The pearls are the best tea around... my favorite tea!

    Wayne (9/4/2009)
    Probably the best jasmine pearls Iīve ever had. Not too strong, and watching the pearls open is just delightful.

    Jonas (7/31/2009)
    Love the scent, worth the extra cost for getting this instead of regular pearl jasmine

    Yun (7/27/2009)
    Great product and service. I never get my tea anywhere else!!

    George (7/7/2009)
    Outstanding tea!!! Superb customer service for every order.

    George (4/7/2009)
    Вау! И запах и вкус жасмина!. А внешний вид! Всё прекрасно.

    Sergey (4/6/2009)
    The tea is always fresh, and the service is superior. I would gladly recommend teaspring to anyone.

    George (2/4/2009)
    Not much of a jasmine fan, but this wonīt disappoint you.

    Daniel (1/1/2009)
    The tea is always fresh, and the service is always excellent. I highly recommend Teaspring!!

    George (12/24/2008)
    Excellent quality tealeaves, very big pearls. Delicious.

    Annemarie (10/19/2008)
    still good tea but i like the lesser value pearl more

    Seng (10/15/2008)
    This tea was excellent, and the customer service was excellent, as always. I highly recommend it.

    George (9/5/2008)
    The tea is always fresh, andthe customer service is consistently excellent. I recommend Teaspring to everything.

    George (8/8/2008)
    Much smoother taste than regular jasmine pearls and a great jasmine tea.

    Robert (7/23/2008)
    My third time with this tea, I just canīt get enough of it

    Yu Bo (7/7/2008)
    The tea came packaged seperately, based on the recommendation. The order was filled promptly, and edlivered on time-great service!!

    George (6/22/2008)
    Delicious tea, very tastfull. Very rich taste. You can drink this tea the entire day.

    Annemarie (5/21/2008)
    Teaspring has become a part of our lives. I highlt recommend these great teas as well as this great company.

    George (5/17/2008)
    The tea is excellent, and the service is even better. I highly recommend Teaspring.

    George (5/17/2008)
    I went for a few weeks without the tea, and Teaspring responded. Great tea and service.

    George (5/17/2008)
    The perfect way to invite spring in is this tea. I donīt like over powering jasmine teas... This one has enough of a green base that it balances out the jasmine nicely.

    John (5/3/2008)
    Absolutely fantastic! Lingering, fragrant after-taste.

    Dr Paul (1/18/2008)
    The pearls are smaller compared to other Pearl Jasmine’s I’ve had but still big in flavor. They tend to unfurl pretty fast.

    JT (11/19/2007)
    I was very pleased with this tea. I drink it daily, and will buy it again. Thanks for such great tea!

    heidi (10/1/2007)
    This is my all time favorite, what more can I say?

    Wayne (9/24/2007)
    This tea is consistently great. I now use it at home and at work, and the teaspring customer service is excellent.

    George (7/16/2007)
    I get this tea all the time-it is excellent!! The flavor is great, and the service is as well.

    George (7/16/2007)
    Freshly green, kind of fizzy. Very delicate jasminetone.

    Mathias (7/10/2007)
    Still my favorite Jasmine tea after trying out the other highgrade jasmine tea teaspring.com had to offer, simply excellent.

    Yu Bo (6/27/2007)
    Lingering scent, taste and after taste! Big tea bud, and less stem portion! You can find more light green leaf color (younger) than other’s after steeped. Very good quality!

    CHONGCHEN (6/13/2007)
    Attractive shape, lingering scent, lasting sweet taste/aftertaste~~ Anyway, good quality!!!

    CHONGCHEN (6/13/2007)
    Te Ji Pearl Jasmine is the best tea I have ever tried

    olga (6/6/2007)
    This is my favourite jasmine tea having tried several varieties over the years. It is worth the extra price as the intensity of flavour lasts for several infusions without becoming bitter or disintegrated.

    Sue (5/22/2007)
    One of the best Pearl Jasmine, in my opinion. Strong wonderful fragrance that could easily fill up the room. Taste lasts for multiple infusion without loss in flavour.

    Chang (5/14/2007)
    One of the best teas I have ever tasted in my life. I have recently become addicted to this tea.

    Thomas (4/20/2007)
    This tea is a higher quality than the normal jasmine tea, and I definately recommend it for the small difference in price.

    George (4/14/2007)
    Very good Jasmine Tea, the jasmine smell is very strong and pleasant also the quality seems to be one of the best! very recommanded for jasmine lovers! simply Excellent!

    Yu Bo (4/10/2007)
    I got a chance to try out this tea myself, the taste was smooth and rich, not to mention, the strong fragrance of jasmine was very lovely. I bought 500 grams of it, I would recommend it.

    Kenny (4/6/2007)
    A good tea starting from its visual appearance: the leaves rolled into small pearls make it very attractive to the eye before and during brewing, when they slowly unfold and release their aroma, which is very subtle and complex. The liquor has a light yellow colour and the taste is delicately floral (jasmine). The leaves can be used for a few brewings (3-4) without the tea losing too much of its character.

    Ermanno (3/24/2007)
    really a very tastfull tea.....recommended!!!

    bertie (3/7/2007)
    the most exquisite jasmine tea I have ever sipped, the aroma is intense the flavor smooth and rich

    Howard (2/4/2007)
    wonderful fragrance and creamy taste, will reorder

    John (1/19/2007)
    This is an excellent tea that I have reordered... and will reorder again!

    Wayne (12/11/2006)
    This is a wonderful tea that I believe is under rated. If you like a Jasmine tea, you just have to try it!

    Wayne (12/11/2006)
    A very nice Jasmine tea. The aroma was not as pungent as expected. Nice silky mouth feel rounded by a good flavor.

    Dave (12/6/2006)
    Great tasting tea.

    frank (11/12/2006)
    Very relaxing

    olga (8/1/2006)
    Great tea. Love it.

    olga (8/1/2006)
    This is a very good tea, however, the aroma is a little faint. Was hoping for much stronger scent.

    sarah (7/21/2006)
    excellent alone, perfect addition to any other tea

    Michael (7/9/2006)
    Excellent. A wonderful tea that unfolds in your cup.

    Lloyd (7/3/2006)
    I’m a big fan of Jasmine tea. Great taste. Excellent service. Fast delivery. A+

    Alla (4/11/2006)
    My favorite tea. I love green tea and jasmine and you get both with this tea. It’s a light and floral tea that has low caffiene and all the health benefits of a green tea.

    James (12/17/2005)
    Great taste

    Ed (12/4/2005)

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