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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Traditional Da Hong Pao
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    Traditional Da Hong Pao
    (rating: 4.2 out of 5)
      Traditional Da Hong Pao
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    My all time favored Wu Yi oolong. For several years drinking this tea there is no let-up in enjoyment.

    Peter (8/28/2015)
    I love Teasprings teas but was a bit disappointed in this tradional DHP. It seemed to lack the rich aroma and taste of this cultivar

    Kenneth (7/4/2015)
    Tastes better when using a decent amount of tea for infusing. Great oolong tea.

    William (10/24/2014)
    Nice dark oolong that reminds my of coffee. Very long lasting with gongfu brew method.

    Thomas (5/25/2014)
    very interesting tea. The bad: The tea leaves are mixed with stem and other bigger, less oxidized leaves. Im not sure these are introduced during the tea processing or mixed later. And most tea leaves are broken. The Good: The taste is wonderful, fermented and smokey, has the trait of aged tea. i give it five star for its value.

    Tao (5/2/2014)
    One of my standard teas for many years and I just found it is very good as well for cold brewing.

    Peter (5/1/2014)
    Great tea at a really nice price! Refreshing and tasteful!

    Martin (11/20/2013)
    tea has a distinctive taste and aroma., I think in the world there are many fans of this kind of tea ... I just bought a try.

    Boris (3/18/2013)
    I have drunk this tea now for a few years and there is no let-up in my liking for this tea.

    Peter (12/3/2012)
    Обычно я не пью темный чай, но этот пить можно, главное - не долго заваривать.

    Olga (12/11/2011)
    I usually dont drink black tea, so this - or some other oolong rock tea - has become a morning staple. Good tea, just finished my tea session and now i got more energy to do my work. After 5 infusion it has very good taste.

    Aleksandr (7/6/2011)
    This Dahongpao is super smoky...some people love it..but not me....

    Chee Meng (3/23/2011)
    This is STRONG! Dont brew for more than 5 seconds or youll be drinking ash water! Anyway, after drinking it a few times, youll start appreciating its special character. But, at first, I have to admit, I felt like I was being ripped off.

    Patrick (2/4/2011)
    May enjoyment drinking this tea never fails. Aroma and flavor are just captivating.

    Peter (11/17/2010)
    Good stuff for a dark oolong. I usually dont drink black tea, so this - or some other oolong rock tea - has become a morning staple. Id definitely recommend the traditional Da Hong Pao, though there are some other dark oolongs that I prefer to it.

    James (9/12/2010)
    Very nice red tea. Very thirst quenching and attached forces.

    Ilya (7/4/2010)
    I brought this tea to my tea buddy, the person who originally introduced me to the pleasures of drinking Chinese tea the Chinese way. Himself a Chinese and the owner of a porcelain shop. After the first sip he became really excited about the aroma and flavor and we made infusion after infusion. I lost count after the 10th and I could not take any more, however, my friend kept on insisting there is still more flavor left and might have had 14 infusions. That was out of about 10 grams of tea. Yes this is a great tea.

    Peter (6/20/2010)
    I just finished my tea session and can only say: what a wonderful tea.

    Peter (7/30/2009)
    After quickly rising the leaves and discarding this brew, I then make the first and subsequent infusions. i find the tea very smooth with mainly roasted notes and hints of sweetness, without any bitterness at all. DHPs are made from special tea leaves that are usually 80 percent oxidized. DHPs should be dark, brooding, smooth, and mysterious teas. For the price, I recommend this tea if you would like to be introduced to DHPs. I find this is a great tea to make iced and bring in a water bottle to the gym or drink when on the go. Oolong tea is renowned for weight-loss, so this is also a great work-out tea. Next time, I will probably splurge and purchase the higher grade DHP, since I liked my first introduction to this interesting tea.

    Kei (4/21/2009)
    Yes it lasted a lot of solid infusions, good sign. Completely burned the fun off these leaves though. The picture shown did not look anything like the actual tea leaves Ive received, charcoal dark, nothing more. It gave off an aftertaste that Im not familiar with.

    Daniel (4/9/2009)
    excellent wuyi yan cha, very unique, with strong chocolate notes and far more roasted than the average wuyi tea, highly recomended

    Sergio (3/16/2009)
    I really tried very hard to like this tea but I believe the roasting is way overdone... This tea is burnt and all I got was the burnt taste of the roast and nothing else. There are other much better choices for "traditional" DHP and Ive tried a lot of them. This is not for me....

    Gregory (3/8/2009)
    What a flavor. Again totaliter aliter. I changed the brewing recommendation to 30, 30 seconds and then gradually increasing which was just right for my taste, was still strong and I got a good 7 infusions. Much impressed. Hope some stock left for next order.

    Peter (1/15/2009)
    Its got a characteristic "side-taste" which I dont like so much; prefer the other Da Hong Paos ...

    Martin (1/2/2009)
    very good da hon pao with excellent quality for its price, very rocomendable

    Sergio (12/6/2008)
    This tea is excellent. I have bought it more than once and am always please.

    Robert (11/20/2008)
    I love this tea! It comes, of course to its full right only if you make it kung fu-style, but its a great tea anyway you make it. Deep and broad taste, cocoa and coffee...

    Oskar (11/19/2008)
    This tea is jet black and has a highly roasted quality - almost sooty. I think this is where the coffee references come from. Having said that the taste is still very smooth and rounded. Its a rich Oolong for sure. The flavours are very well balanced. All DHPs will taste different of course but I suspect this one would be described as "different" owing to its dark roasted character. Perhaps this is the "traditional" aspect (?). It really does taste good though and I cant see anyone being disappointed with this tea. I love it and will brew it when trying to convert friends to the "Oolong way". This is the 4th type of DHP I have tried and I think its my favourite - especially given the price!

    Thomas (9/16/2008)
    One of the most impresive oolongs I have ever tried. Every cup is so different, the taste and smell of one reminded me of something old, wooden, another cup of burned coffee and then another of chocolate and much more, much more... Highly recomend.

    Olga (9/10/2008)
    nice, this was one of my first da hong paos and enjoy it often... decent pricing, flavor, and looking forward to trying some others... would buy again

    Robert (8/16/2008)
    This tea was great! I only have standard Shui Xian to compare with in this oolong class, but the difference is huge. Much deeper and fuller taste, with cocoa and a hint of coffee. I really recommend it.

    Oskar (7/11/2008)
    This is exactly what it says. Earthy, malty chocolaty, coffee goodness. I cant give it 5 considering the other Da Hong Pao they have, but this is a great value.

    derek (6/19/2008)
    One of the most excellent and memorable cups Ive had in a while, very smokey

    Alex (6/14/2008)
    Very nice da hong pao with a strong yet smooth taste and lingering sweetness.

    William (6/12/2008)
    (disclaimer: oolong newbie here.) Brewed gongfu style, this is a decent tea. I can definitely taste the acidic coffee flavors, and earthy chocolate flavors. There is also a hint of fruit in the wet leaves aroma, but in the brew it is all but covered up by the heavier flavors -- unfortunately, IMHO -- but of course it depends what you like. For the price, I prefer Dan Cong.

    Dave (5/29/2008)
    This is the tea that made me fall in love with oolong. Wonderful dark chocolate taste with a hint of smokiness.

    Daniel (4/10/2008)
    This is a something of a guilty pleasure. When water first hits these leaves, it smells like you have made a pot of split pea and ham soup. Bacon in a Xiying. In the cup, the aroma is more complex, with smoke, herbs and a faint gamey smell that reminds me of something in the wind at the zoo. The taste is complex, but, again, mostly herbs and smoke, but with a sweet finish that reminds you about the fruit under the smoke. Later infusions (3+) taste more like fine tobacco to me, with a nice lift as well. Come to think of it, there is tobacco pleasure here without the guilt. Not bad at all.

    Claud (4/9/2008)
    The initial fragrance of a good cup of mocha java had me from the start. Im crazy for Da Hong Pao in general and this one is no exception. Its moody, dark, mysterious. Full of earthy, woodsy and smoked overtones. A real robust brew and a great morning cup!

    Jeanna (Shen) (2/26/2008)
    Beautiful earthy tea with no bitterness. Very grounding.

    Eveanne (2/19/2008)
    A good smokey rough wulong tea. .

    Simon (10/16/2007)
    Good tea. I tend to like the heavily roasted stuff. Does not have quite as much flavor as I hoped, but is very pleasant. If you are willing to pay about 25% more than this for a Wuyi, you can find some that will change your life.

    JOHN (4/13/2007)
    Great stuff! Flavor is hard to describe, but it is complex and unique. And I can totally taste the minerals. Very refreshing. This is my favorite type of oolong, and affordable enough to drink daily.

    Brian (12/29/2006)
    A great tea for the price. Excellent chocolate aroma (dry), hint of smokiness and malty (wet) Color nice and bright with sunset hue. Nice finish not lasting however. Brewing Parameters used Method-Gong fu Yixing 150 ml Spring water tea-5gm 5 infusions

    Bill (12/19/2006)
    I have to admit that my experiences with sophistacated type teas is very minimal and that is why I started buying the elite type teas. My experience with the Traditional Da Hong Pao has been better than satisfactory but since I have no past comparisons on quality tea I have given a rating of "good" instead of excellent. I am hoping that soon I will be a discerning critic and rise up to the task of being a competent critic. The taste of the Da Hong Pao is very appealing and the service provided by Mr. Daniel was top of the line. So for now, enjoy your tea (s) and let me move up the ladder of experience and pretty soon I will be an educated and resourceful tea taster. is excellent at customer service and that means a lot when buying over the internet! Ciau Bambinos!

    Luis (8/6/2006)

    GIOVANNI (12/25/2005)
    This is a very heavy tea, almost all the leaves have a dark color. Though it may be branded as traditional, it has a burnt aroma which spoils the taste of the tea. There are better teas of this kind on the market, some priced lower, where you can actually taste the tea. Not impressed.

    Alexander (10/8/2005)
    This tea is a great value for its price. A very good WuLong for every day. Obviously it is not as classy as the more expensive Da Hong Pao, the taste is more smoky and not as smooth and complex, but still very pleasant. Anton

    Anton (10/4/2005)
    I mostly agree with Darrens description. To me, the dry leaf had an aroma of chocolate and coffee. As brewed, it is only mildly smokey, but I dont prefer smokey teas, so thats why I give it a 3.

    Candace (10/3/2005)
    It has a very powerful aroma, slightly smoky, woody and with a hint of black coffee (as described). The taste is strong, with hints of smoky black coffee and dark chocolate, but a very pleasant aftertaste, with a fruity note. Unusual and definitely worth trying out, especially if you like a stronger full-bodied tea experience.

    Darren (9/2/2005)

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