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Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Xu Fu Long Ya
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    Xu Fu Long Ya
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Xu Fu Long Ya
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    Per me č stata una scoperta. Un tea eccellente indubiamente caro, lo consiglierei a palati fini giā abituati agli aromi complessi e delicati di questa qualitā.

    Tommaso (6/14/2018)
    This yearīs crop can be described as average. I have been drinking this spring tea for many years. I describe it as satisfactory compared to other yeas

    dennis west (5/20/2018)
    Very light green-yellow colored liquor. The aroma was sweet and vegetal with a slight spiciness. The taste was very mellow and sweet in the back of my throat. This reminded me a little of a yellow tea I had before. There is a slight astringency. This is either a very fickle tea or the astringency is just unavoidable.

    dennis west (6/4/2017)
    This tea is a dream. Sweet and complex taste. One of the best greens I ever tried. Perfect for multiple infusions.

    Pawel (2/6/2015)
    I have drunk a lot of green tea over the last few years and tried most of the varieties that are found online and also a lot of other types during travel to China. Xu Fu Long Ya is since last year my favorite and it keeps getting better as I try other varieties. It is not a forgiving green as some others, like Mao Feng and Longjing - if you use slightly too hot water or keep the leaves in there for a few seconds too much will yield unpleasantness. However, correctly brewed it will return to you what I think is the peak of green tea - and you will know when you get it right. The taste is very complex and even after a hundred cups it sill amazes me. If you are a beginner, perhaps you should try the other two that I mentioned. If you are truly searching for something excellent and are willing to put down a bit of effort, I can recommend Long Ya. Good luck!

    Jonas (12/7/2014)
    not as good as in past years but still a very good tea.

    Shehzad (6/27/2014)
    Once the timing and temperature is perfected this is a fantastic smelling and tasting brew

    Neil (6/6/2014)
    I enjoyed this tea - crisp, refreshing and a nice afterglow. I want to order more!

    Damien (5/26/2014)
    very nice tea, a light flavor 5 rebrews and still going, sweet better than avg green tea

    mark (5/10/2014)
    Canīt say anything bad about this one, but a bit disappointed by the flavor. The aroma is very nice, but the flavor is not rich to my taste - bit dull.

    Marina (4/20/2014)
    Have not yet received this tea, although it was shipped 20 days ago. Sent email to Daniel to see if he can locate the shipment

    dennis west (3/29/2014)
    I think this Xufu Longya is the best Iīve had. On previous years this tea has been often quite sour, unpleasantly so. This year it is only pleasantly fresh, vegetal with a hint of peas. Not very original tea, but quite a good start for the tea spring!

    Jesse (3/14/2014)
    Probably one of the most unique teas out there. It has a sharp and strong flavor so you donīt need to use a lot or steep for a long time.

    Shehzad (3/1/2014)
    Excellent as always. The grassiest freshest tea China has ever shown me. Spring 2014 crop.

    Matthew (2/28/2014)
    An amazing tea! Great aroma, beautiful leaves, and tasty brew

    Neil (1/29/2014)
    Great quality! Nice and fresh, very good flavor.. Iīm going to re-order!

    Damien (12/6/2013)
    One of my favorites. It is rather strong so you donīt need too many leaves, and steeping time seems shorter than most

    Shehzad (9/20/2013)
    Iīm trying to change my drinking from coffee to green tea and asked to my friend for recommendation. This is my friends favorite. I showed it to many of my chinese friends. They all said this is good quality. It smells really good. I brewed right away and fell in love with its taste.

    June-Goo (8/2/2013)
    stupendo ed č vero che ne basta una quantitā picolissima per ottenere un ottimo infuso. līunico difetto č il prezzo che č altino. ma non ci si pente.

    Tommaso (7/30/2013)
    A very good green tea ! Nice and fresh ! One of my favorites.

    Breilloux (6/1/2013)
    Xu Fu Long Ya This 2013 First flush Not too great, but is just okay. Glad I did not order very much of this. Maybe the weather was not so good.

    dennis west (5/26/2013)
    Lovely, this is one of my favourite teas. But this time (2013 crop) it packs much less flavour than 2012 or 2011, which were so fresh, grassy and delicious. Still perfectly nice, but this time possibly not worth the price tag.

    Matthew (5/3/2013)
    Bright, fresh, and grassy. Really nice. A little goes a long way, as it can brew rather strong if you leave it too long.

    Shehzad (3/16/2013)
    Fairly sour, thick, soupy, vegetal. Less fresh and sweet than last years crop, if I recall correctly. Lacked balance, would need more sweetness and freshness. Those were present in the scent of wet leaves, but not in the brew. Brewed in 75 Celsius for about 90secs. Tried higher temperature, got same flavour profile. Could work better in few weeks, sometimes sweetness takes time to develop.

    Jesse (3/4/2013)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    This is a review for the 2012 crop. Just like last yearīs crop, it was absolutely outstanding. Extremely grassy and fresh.

    Matthew (8/21/2012)
    Bit more of a sour note than when i last reviewed it in 2010. Still has that unmistakeable XFLY taste though; almost like a cross between peas and sweetcorn. It releases its flavour very quickly for a bud tea, IMO not as suitable for glass brewing method as others; Tai Ping Hou Kui for instance. Still good quality and unique tasting tea.

    Dorian (8/11/2012)
    The dry tea leaves are flat, small and emerald green. They use to float and stand up in the water. Nice looking! The taste is sweet and gentle with a grassy vegetable note. A bit like green peas. Recommended!

    Alexander (7/5/2012)
    This is a very light tea. If you like to long jing, then drinking this tea likes drinking water.

    Alan (4/9/2012)
    ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING. By smell and taste, the single best green tea I have ever tasted. Incredibly incredibly... fresh taste. Hard to describe. But wonderful, absolutely wonderful. (2011 crop).

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    First time buying this tea. I personally do like it. First infusions very sweet; sweeter than most green teas Iīve tried. The second and third infusion sharpen a nice spicy flavor. Around forth flavor diminishes. Great tea; at that!

    Christopher (3/30/2012)
    I liked this tea. It wasnīt among my favourites of the season last year, and probably wonīt be this year either, but Xu Fu Long Ya is a good start for the spring, fresh, vegetal and tasty. This years crop seems to be notably sweet. Overall quality seems to be similar to last year, if youīve liked Xu Fu Long Ya before, I see no reason why you wouldnīt like it this year.

    Jesse (3/13/2012)
    The 2012 version of this is simply delicious. Many thanks!

    Gerald (3/13/2012)
    First time Teaspring customer. Picked this tea up because it was the first of the season. Opening up the bag, I was greeted with a powerful fresh floral scent with a definite īspicyī sharpness, which reminded me of black pepper. I did not like the first brew, following the brewing guidelines of 4g for 300ml of water (Volvic) for 1 minute at 70 C. It was so weak I could barely taste it. The next brew I upped it to 5g for 300ml of Volvic, for 1 minute at 80 C. The taste was excellent, tasting like a sharper Long Jing, but not quite as rich. I will be purchasing from Teaspring again.

    Reed (3/8/2012)
    this yearīs xu fu long ya deliverd the same high quality.exellent!

    Thomas (1/14/2012)
    Great quality form TeaSpring as always. A refreshing tea, but on the light side. If you like gentle greens this is a nice aromatic lite tea with quite a unique taste. Recommended.

    Tim (11/4/2011)
    Один из моих любимых чаев! Рекомендую! Очень сладкий вкус, насыщенный аромат.

    Anton (10/26/2011)
    Really nice, aromatic green. A bit light on multiple infusions, so it probably isnīt the most economical. But itīs really wonderful and fresh.

    Shehzad (8/16/2011)
    great tea, fresh & aromatic tea, but only until third infusion... not as good as it price... i prefer yang yan gou qing & cha wang tai ping hou kui

    Susany (8/8/2011)
    Good flavor, but have been able to only get one to two infusions per time. I experimented with the temperature and the amount, but it did not seem to make any difference.

    dennis west (5/29/2011)
    I personally found this a little blunt tea. It had an interesting sting, and lotīs of green vegetality, but thatīs about it for me. It was a good starter for a green tea season, but now that other teas are here as well I have no desire for Xu Fu Long Ya.

    Jesse (5/20/2011)
    Green bean flavour; fresh and pungent; bright green leaves. Just plucked teas have something extraordinary in their whole!

    Alessandro (4/19/2011)
    Exceptional freshness. The wet buds can even be eaten without any unpleasant bitterness, wich is a sign of a very first flush and great quality for green tea.

    Étienne (4/11/2011)
    This tea has the aroma of a fresh green pea. Not too suitable for me though..

    Chee Meng (3/23/2011)
    amazing tea, could become one of my favorites. the fresh taste of spring beans is just incredible. you should keep the watertemp lower to extract the best of the leaves.

    Thomas (11/1/2010)
    I probably brewed this session with more leaf than I should due to slight bitterness, but I was able to get a large number of infusions from this, perhaps 6-8. That is very unusual for a green tea. I love the very long and lingering aftertaste.

    David (10/29/2010)
    It is one of the best green teas I have had, these are small buds, with a leaf systme locked inside the bud, there is air trapped inside, so they sink hard, it is best used with a small teapot, preferably glass and use low temperature water, it is a strong tea and very flavourful.

    Nagy (10/25/2010)
    This could become one of my favorite greens! It has the brisk fresh character of something like an anjibai cha only much stronger in taste. It also has the delicious fresh sweetness one would expect from a yin zhen. Wonderfully fragrant, tasty and original green tea. Highly recommended

    Dorian (8/31/2010)
    Guess it was a good typical light tasting green tea, rather costly though.

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    Great Tea. Excellent flavor, slightly sweet, fresh flavor.

    Anton (5/5/2010)
    Absolutely amazing tea. Fresh, sweet, wonderful aroma, would diffidently recommend!

    Ben (5/3/2010)
    I EXPECTED THE NEW 2010 tea but it seems the tea I received was of 2009 excedent .itīs faded . I HAVE TASTED other times xufu longya and was so good... it was very very expensive

    julio (4/2/2010)
    An expensive green with an interesting (though for me not too desirable) taste. If youīre a green aficionado, you should probably try this. Sorry for the pun, but this isnīt my cup of tea.

    James (3/1/2010)
    Probably one of the best green teas here on TeaSpring. Perfect beautiful fresh green leaves that float and stand up like a bamboo forest in a glass gaiwan. The aroma is pleasant and subdued, but the taste is outstanding, a little creamy, nutty, and sweet. The taste has an underlying fruity or vegetal sweetness that is very satisfying. No harsh or smoky edges. The best thing about XFLY is how it can withstand multiple infusions. Even After five infusions, the underlying sweet taste was still apparent! Expensive but worth it. Excellent product!

    Kei (9/18/2009)
    Very nice fresh tea. I like it especially on hot days

    Thomas (7/14/2009)
    Unusually bright, crisp aroma is noticeable even before brewing. Leaves have intense, deep color. Brew is light green, bright, grassy in aroma with gentle floral notes. Very fresh on a short first brew. Flavor holds well following brewings.

    Rolf (4/29/2009)
    Excellent fresh tea. Grassy by nature with a slight fruitiness. A little expensife though.

    Étienne (4/14/2009)
    Guess it was a good typical light tasting green tea, rather costly though.

    Daniel (4/9/2009)
    The term dragon in many cases has been used to reprsent power in this tea its the case to the tea is superior...

    Robert (2/22/2009)
    Very fresh with herbal notes on the nose. Flavors confirm nose. Bright, light and lovely.

    Kim (6/8/2008)
    This is fine tea to look at and smell but the taste is a bit too vegetal for those who prefer the roasted, woody or more complex tastes. The taste can sometimes come very close to "asparagus like". The infusions stay strong however until about the third time around.

    John (5/12/2008)
    Excellent fresh tea which is worth of buying and drinking, of course! Jiri Holoubek, Vsetaty, The Czech Republic

    Jiri (5/3/2008)
    This tea didnīt impress me as much as the other greens I have tried. On its own it is good, but when compared to others, it was kind of forgettable. It may be due to my impatient water heating.

    John (5/3/2008)
    This is just not my cup of tea, in reference to flavor. Iīm sure itīs great quality, but found additional infusions slightly bitter. I will enjoy the rest of my supply of this tea, but will try another type.

    Andreas (4/25/2008)
    extremely fresh and very good quality! taste very refreshing and a bit pea-like.

    Tobias (4/16/2008)
    I love the aroma and aftertaste of this this tea. Enticing. Best brewed cooler than usual. This tea is good for those who appreciate a delicate flavor.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    Yep, another excellent batch, this time the first flush 2008! For some reason, this one is MUCH cheaper this year (around $40 cheaper per 50 g, if I remember correctly). Not sure why--maybe because Xu Fu Long Ya wasnīt the very first tea harvested this year? Excellent signature flavor--less of a smokiness than last yearīs 2nd flush, with smaller, more tender buds. Great value (this year) too!

    Elliot (4/1/2008)
    Exceptionally light and refreshing. The small, spear-like tips brew to a pale, dull yellow liquor with a brothy, vegetal, slightly marine aroma, followed by clean grassy notes in the mouth. One of the first teas this spring, it tastes like spring in the mountains.

    Salsero (3/27/2008)
    Fantastic! This was one of the best teas (2nd flush) of 2007, so hopefully this yearīs batch is just as good! A light vegetal flavor that differs from most green teas Iīve ever tried. So fresh and lively on the tongue, and if you keep the water temperature low, itīll go tons of brews with little to no astringency.

    Elliot (3/20/2008)
    This is a very delicate tea though it is sensitive to being made with hot water at the right temperature i.e. not too hot. If correctly made, the resultant brew is very refreshing. Subsequent brewings are delicious and are equally nice if left to cool. Not sure I would repeat buy due to its price.

    Sue (5/22/2007)
    The first infusion is a little touchy--careful with the temp. and time or it might be pretty bitter. Every ensuing infusion was delicately sweet, with a great, smooth feel. Beautiful, bright green needle leaves. Highly recommended.

    Elliot (5/6/2007)
    they is very fresh very good vintage to taste absolutely

    SYLVIE (5/1/2007)
    A good green tea, but actually not my taste. Liebe Grüße from Germany

    Christian (4/30/2007)
    For a needle leaf green, this has a relatively robust yet very refined character. Somewhat vegetal with certainly a little sweet floral fruitiness hidden in the background.

    Chip (4/19/2007)
    Fresh. A forward green tea. This is the variety of tea that is nearly unavailable in the USA except through Teaspring.

    Arthur (4/3/2007)
    very fresh spring tea but requires careful brewing because it is temperamental. the first time i added water that was too hot but would have been appropriate for other greens; it killed the delicate leaf. can be bitter. even when brewed correctly, i still detect a tinge of bitterness which offsets the most sweetness just a bit. water temperature should be similar to that of a white tea but i would only let it steep for a minute, maybe longer with each successive brew. didn’t knock my socks off but i liked it.

    moon (3/26/2007)
    Xu Fu Long Ya - most excellent very fresh spring tea. Needs cool water at 66-70C. Even the weaker infusions after 8th time still taste so good! (at 5 grams/250 ml, thin glass teapot). Be sure to nibble some of the leaves after the tea flavor is mostly gone. We even put the used leaves in with the cold drinking water to to give sublte flavor. Use a glass teapot because so nice to show the tea (they will stay very green in color with the 66-70C water). Hot water over 85C will not give the same nice brew for this delicate tea. The tea can be also described as an early spring version of high quality dragon well. Pairs well with slightly sweet stir fry using fenugreek, light ginger or mint. :)

    Greg (3/25/2007)
    The most amazing scent. I haven’t identified the type of floral aroma so lets just call it orchid for now. Beautiful leaf shape. Nice green bean like flavor with nutty butteriness. Buy it while its fresh, i think this is the most important for this one. great tea!

    Daniel (3/16/2007)
    great tea a little pricey but well worth it very fresh a slight hint of sweetness with a lingering veggie aftertaste a must try for people who have been drinking tea for awhile who have not tried this tea

    william (3/8/2007)

    Johnna (3/3/2007)

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