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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
  • Bai Hao Oolong  
  • Bai Ji Guan  
  • Beidou No 1  
  • Da Hong Pao  (3 types)
  • Dan Cong  (3 types)
  • Dong Ding Oolong  
  • Gui Hua Oolong  
  • Huang Guan Yin  
  • Huang Jin Gui  
  • Jiu Long Pao  
  • Lan Gui Ren  
  • Nai Xiang Oolong  
  • Rou Gui  
  • Shui Xian  (2 types)
  • Tie Guan Yin  (3 types)
  • Tie Luo Han  
  • Wu Yi Yan Cha 90s  
  • Wu Yi Yan Cha Bing  
  • Yong Chun Fo Shou  
    Bai Ji Guan
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    Bai Ji Guan
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Bai Ji Guan
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    It was fine, but it didnīt stand out to me. Bai Ji Guan seems to be either revelatory or just ok.

    Brandt (9/11/2019)
    Was exactly as stated.Prompt and delivery,will be back

    JOHANNES (2/27/2017)
    A magnificent tea, truly a one-of-a-kind experience. No other tea is quite like Bai Ji Guan, even among Wuyi yancha. Each brew carries a pleasant sweetness and a very well-rounded body from initial sip to aftertaste. I like the second and third steeps the most. There are some phenomenal aspects about this tea. The balance of sweet and mineral notes is astonishing, and the progression of flavors is very complex as well.

    Nik (9/10/2015)
    This tea tastes refreshing and notably crisp with some flower tone - not as strong as Ti Quan Yin - the leaves unfolded into long ruggedly shaped "combs" of a white rooster - delightful tea! Second brew is as excellent as the first, the thirds one needed less water though to keep the taste.

    Marika (1/17/2015)
    I love the legend behind this tea and it really tastes fantastic too. The leaves are so beautiful when they unravel and it is one of the best oolongs that I have tasted. I am loving Teaspring teas!!!

    Lee (12/18/2014)
    A great tea, I found it to be quite sensitive to variations in the brewing time

    Neil (10/15/2013)
    One of my favorites. Initially, did not understand how to steep it and it tasted weak. Increased tea amount, increased temperature, and the flavor bursted out. Wonderful for many steeps. I keep this one for the special moments.

    Donald (11/21/2012)
    Not as good as the year before for some reason. The aroma not as strong anymore.

    Chang (11/6/2012)
    Very distinctive!! Unlike any oolong (or any tea at all) Iīve ever tried before. Delicious. I guess it kinda reminds me of genmaicha.... but far far superior.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    It smells and tastes like chocolate. Thatīs pretty much all I need to say about this one.

    Reed (3/29/2012)
    Wow, this is pretty amazing. Woodsy and floral, toasted yet with lighter notes more like a less oxidized oolong. Sweet, honeyed, floral, roasted, slightly fruity, nuanced.... delicious!

    Amanda (3/15/2012)
    For a moment, i taught the labels was switched and i had on my hands a leaf from the phoenix mountain. I observed 5-6 consistent brews. Alternatively, it is evident that much more enjoyment can be obtained. To fully appreciate this tea, some skill in preparation is required. I would have liked to taste it from the hands of a master and enjoy the cock strut through brews with others of similar passion. On certain observations, i reminiscent a fisted oolong from Mae Salong which i tasted earlier this year. Oh, Deja Vu.

    Alvin (12/10/2011)
    it a very good tea, excellent in afternoon. to take a good flower i use a litlle tea pot and just one minute or two with boiling water

    Daniel (5/24/2011)
    A very pleasant rock tea, with overtones of white tea. The leaves were darker than I expected, and the brew nice but perhaps not original enough in flavor to fully justify the high price.

    Jeff (2/25/2011)
    It was a very good Wu Yi, it needed a bit of experimenting to get it right. I do not know if this was the real thing, but it was a Rock tea, and it rocked.

    Nagy (2/12/2011)
    A rather unique tea; its color is reddish yellow. The leaves are huge, and the flavor is abundantly nutty and sweet.

    Philip (1/28/2011)
    I keep coming back to this tea, for its subtlety more than anything else. This one is my desert-island tea, one that Iīm thankful for being familiar with.

    James (1/18/2011)
    Most of my original thought on this tea remain. It is expensive. It doesnīt infuse as ling as some oolong (CW da hong pao) for instance. However to my tongue it is one of the nicest teas I have ever had so I cannot rate it any less than 5.

    Dorian (1/14/2011)
    For the price, this tea needs to have more to convince me to buy it again. Yes, the tea leaves are quite unique and the taste is unique in that itīs a Wuyi Rock Oolong that has a very light, almost strong white tea taste. However, this taste is nowhere near as pleasing as Da Hong Pao or Shui Jin Gui or Shui Xian. Not buying it again.

    Patrick (12/9/2010)
    Yum! Far and away my favorite oolong. This is such a wonderful tea. The only thing that could be improved upon is the price!

    James (11/17/2010)
    A strange oolong, the leaf colour is actually quite beautiful to behold. The quality of the leaf itself is again very fine, the aroma of the dry leaves is slightly sweet, slightly nutty like a long jing though not as strong. The flavour in my opinion is exceptionally delicate, compared to oolongs such as a da hong pao or Dan cong. There is a strange back taste to the tea i canīt put my finger on, not unpleasant just impossible to describe. IMO this is best left to the oolong specialist as there are cheaper and frankly "better" oolongs from teaspring.

    Dorian (9/23/2010)
    I was very surprised by the color of these leaves. Most amazing colors of dark orange, yellows, and deep reds, with a great aroma. However, when brewed I couldnīt seem to get much flavor out of it. I even tried different ways and water temps. It could be that I am used to a more stronger varietal of this tea, but it is a nice tea over all.

    Ben (5/3/2010)
    A delicious and unusual twisted-leaf oolong, most definitely recommended by this tea-drinker.

    James (2/1/2010)
    A very unique oolong. Actually, more similar to green tea. Floral, fruity flavour. Suprisingly, it could last a lot of infusion. Way above my expectations.

    Chang (11/9/2009)
    Loved this one, it was very complex and unique kind of yencha, less woody, and more sweet. It was just great, try it!

    Daniel (10/26/2009)
    This tea is unique and interesting because it starts off with a deceptively mild medium golden honeyed aroma, color, and taste and finishes with a strong astringent Wu Yi rock oolong taste.

    Kei (9/11/2009)
    one of my favorites oolongs. this year spring harvest is excellent, with its classic floral, honeyed taste. really recomendable but dont confuse it with a regular yan cha

    Sergio (8/14/2009)
    A very excellent tea. soft and round. the flavour is very particular and complex <br> I love it

    Ricardo (7/31/2009)
    Lovely tea with a very distinct aroma. I highly reccomend this tea but suggest that you experiment with the amount of leaves.

    Thomas (4/5/2009)
    Definitely different from your average Yen Cha, but worth a try simply because it tastes different from any other oolong out there. An interesting detour but not one I can see myself wanting over and over.

    Elliot (2/26/2009)
    one of my favorite oolongs, with a soft, butery honey taste, thats make it truly unique among teas, very exotic and recomendable for people looking for something different

    Sergio (12/19/2008)
    A very unique oolong. Actually, more similar to green tea. Floral, fruity flavour. Suprisingly, it could last a lot of infusion. Way above my expectations.

    Chang (7/14/2008)
    what an amazing tea, truly unique. floral, frutty, with a honey taste and some acidic excellent notes. very recomendable for people looking for a completely new tea tasting experience

    Sergio (7/3/2008)
    Unique among the Wuyi Shan oolongs Iīve tried. Less oxidized and lighter in color than others from this region. It is lighter, more delicate and quite complex. Less of the woody, meaty, smokey characteristics and more subtleties. Wonderful cup !

    Kim (6/8/2008)
    Warm and round, fragrant and sweet - this is a complex tea that changes slightly with every infusion. Not my favourite Wuyi, but a wonderfully aromatic and refreshing treat. Shen

    Jeanna (Shen) (2/26/2008)
    This is a much greener oolong than other Wuyi oolongs Iíve had. The steeped leaves are pale green mixed with yellow in color. The tea is indeed somewhat sweet and possesses a distinct aroma. Unfortunately, Iím not able to detect and appreciate the full complexity of this tea and would prefer a dark oolong such as Da Hong Pao over it.

    Vuong (1/12/2008)
    i like this tea the aged has a verry pronounced honny smell. the tast is slightly more refined then the younger one. i cant waite to age it a nouther year or two.

    ryan (10/24/2007)
    The most beautiful tea in a tea glass, although the taste is not more than average. No value for the money if brewed in teapot...

    Simon (10/16/2007)
    this tea is elagent and big. i respect it for what it is but its not the tea for me right now how ever it might be intresting to age. i recomend geting i but git it in the 25gr size

    ryan (10/3/2007)
    a very good tea, it has a slightly sweet note to it which I like very much

    Yu Bo (6/27/2007)
    This really is quite good. I was having a hard time with it until I broke out a scale and measured out a full 3 grams, which was approximately 3 good tsp. It has a great full sweet taste that is thick with a light honeysuckle, slightly fruity, with smoky notes and a woody texture. The aftertaste is very nice and lasting, and I even find a bit of a melon taste long after itís gone. The astringency is very very light, and actually more refreshing. With that said, however, I donít know that I consider this a particularly complex tea. It is definitely multi-dimensional, and the taste morphs a few times before finishing, but Iíve found more complexity in some of the other Wuyi wu longs and baozhongs. I really do love this tea, and would drink it much more regularly if it were less expensive. I just think that the price is a bit unbalanced.

    Adrian (6/19/2007)
    too weak to really get a taste of. Probably better slightly chilled

    mark (5/25/2007)
    this tea is very good and will buy alot more again

    shane (4/18/2007)
    This is the first time for me ever trying this tea, and I was impressed and shocked at the same time. It truely does have its unique complexity, and definitely has a taste like no other. Highly reccomended but it is suggested that you experiment with your amount of leaves when making it. Iíd say it takes more that what usually looks like enough because of the size of the leaf.

    Drew (2/2/2007)
    This tea was a big disappointment. I brewed it with purple clay tea-ware as suggested. It was either tasteless or bitter. No subtleties present at all. This might be due to my inexperience with the tea. None-the-less, it is not worth the extra money.

    fredrick a jenet (1/21/2007)
    Just as delightful as last time.

    Bradley (12/27/2006)
    The subtle, complex taste and scnet of this tea is difficult to describe but remarkable. I wish I hadnít bought so little, as I agree with Chung that many leaves are required (hence the "good" rating). I may in fact be brewing incorrectly -- still, a delicious mistake on my part! The scent alone could be a prized incense. This tea is very enjoyable, and I will definitely buy again, though possibly for special occasions.

    Bradley (11/28/2006)
    The tea has a pleasant, appealing taste, flower-y somehow. Even though itís expensive it doesnít weigh much, so you get a lot of delicious pots from a small package. The color of the big, whole leaves is beautiful, like autumn foliage. Glad I tried this affordable luxury.

    Laila (11/18/2006)
    The smell of this tea is wonderful. A very relaxing and enjoyable tea to drink.

    Philip (8/28/2006)
    The tea is very refreshing, aromatic and most importantly it truely induces very positive physical stimulations. My friends and relatives keep telling me that I look very fresh although nothing has changed in my diet except for the comsumption of the Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea. I am very pleased and satisfied with your excellent product. All the Best, Herbert Caceres Berlin, Germany

    herbert (8/26/2006)
    Really a classic and superb Oolong.

    Paolo (6/11/2006)
    A light tea, need more tea for brewing. At this point enjoy using Gaiwan to brew a cup of tea. Very refreshing.

    Chung (4/6/2006)
    This tea is more difficult to approach then other oolong, so beginners shouldnít try it first because they didnít developped the taste for complexe tea and will think it taste like an ordinary tea.

    Nicholas (2/7/2006)
    This tea is very complex. At first it seems like a regular, albeit great tasting Oolong. That is, until you experience the mysterious, smoky, almost earthy aftertaste. That is when you realise why this tea is considered to be one of the best Oolongs. A tea with multiple dimensions and layers of complexity. Although itís rarity makes it a bit expensive, itís definately worth the try.

    Erik (11/8/2005)
    Must a try for all Oolong lovers. This tea is worth the money.

    Armandas (9/1/2005)

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