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  Teaware (Others)
For centuries, Chinese tea has been brewed in small Yixing teapots or in bowl-shaped cups called Gaiwan. Some tea connoisseurs reputedly use different pots for different types of tea as this is said to draw out the best flavor of the tea. Heighten your experience with these teaware.
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  Teaware (Others)
  • Bamboo Tea Scoop Set  
  • Cha Jing Pewter Canister  
  • Dragon Crystal Mug  
  • Dragon Head Tea Scoop  
  • Elegant Yixing Tea Cup  
  • Glass Pitcher  
  • Glass Pitcher II  
  • He Hua Brocade Coasters  
  • He Zhi Dao Tea Cup Set  
  • Jiu Qu Long Wen Pewter Canister  
  • Long Mai Xiang Chuan Pewter Canister  
  • Ru Kiln Da Du Tea Cup  
  • Ru Kiln Ding Li Tea Cup  
  • Ru Kiln Zi Zai Tea Cup  
  • Shi Yixing Cup  
  • Xiang Long Tu Pewter Canister  
  • Zen Yixing Tea Cup  
    Bamboo Tea Scoop Set
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    Bamboo Tea Scoop Set
    (rating: 4.8 out of 5)
    Bamboo Tea Scoop Set
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    Very nice wooden set in a fabric holder - it contains three very nicely crafted utensils, a spoon and two other specialized tweezers to remove particularly delicate leaves intact. Much nicer than I expected and my expectations are already very high when it comes to Tea Spring. I have dealt with many, many online tea merchants over the years: Tea Spring is far and away the best. The customer service is phenomenal, their wares are truly of very superior quality, and their teas are tremendous - the shipping is fast, cost effective, and I´m not the type of person to gush about a company. This is a exception.

    Noah (4/30/2013)
    I use this frequently at work. I don´t use the pick much, but the scoop and the tongs come in handy. I also keep a couple of measuring spoons in the same section of the pouch as the scoop. it doesn´t seem to add much bulk. Great little set that takes up very little space.

    Kimberley (3/27/2013)
    Very nice set! You also get a simple yet useful pouch to keep it, look at the photos. In fact, the items are larger than I thought. I was very satisfied.

    Abdul (5/2/2012)
    This scoop set is great. Simple yet elegant; practical, easy to use, and of great quality. Scoop size and shape are especially helpful with measuring. The roll the set comes in is also quite fitting. Defiantly a good buy!

    Christopher (7/31/2011)

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