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  Chinese Oolong Tea
Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea never loses its appeal no matter how often you drink it. Chinese Oolong tea increases your body energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
  Chinese Oolong Tea
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    Gui Hua Oolong
    Gui Hua Oolong
    (rating: 4.1 out of 5)
      Gui Hua Oolong
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    The fragrance of this tea is surprising, unique and delicious. Really liked its flavour and even more the experience of smelling it before drinking it.

    Horacio (10/26/2018)
    This tea is a great tasting Osmanthus Oolong. The combination using osmanthus petals are not quite as perfumed as your regular jasmine teas. This brings forth the great taste of the Oolong.

    Alice (9/28/2018)
    Плностью оравдывает ожидания, заказываю часто.

    Alena (5/13/2014)
    Замечательный легкий чай с цветами османтуса.

    Alena (10/31/2013)
    Прекрасный улун, богатый яркий вкус.

    Alena (2/21/2013)
    purchased for all my family members! excellent tea aroma! enjoyed it every day! better to taste than to speak about it =))

    Dmitry (9/18/2012)
    Улун с цветами османтуса - один из любимых. Сладковатый легкий вкус. Желтые цветы добавляют визуальной привлекательности - красиво наблюдать за "танцем" листьев и цветов в прозрачном чайнике.

    Alena (1/1/2012)
    the tea leaves release not strong as i think of the lovely sweet and pleasant aroma of Osmanthus flower

    Triawan (12/29/2011)
    I like this tea. However, the gui hua (osmathus flowers) tend to be a little overpowering so I tend to drink this by the mug rather than in the smaller pots (lau ren) style.

    Scott (11/21/2008)
    If I infused the tea for a very long time, I taste the fragrance from the blossom. Not my favourite tea, but it is a good tea.

    Beady (11/20/2008)
    Full of the wonderful fragrance from Osmanthus. Have bought many from other retailers in the past but most of them do not come with the flowers with the tealeaves. Teaspring does !! Excellent.

    Chang (7/23/2008)
    While I did pick up on the osmanthus in this one, it just tasted too much like a milk oolong to differentiate itself - to me, at least. Still, not bad though.

    Michael (3/8/2008)
    Beautiful light Oolong made special by the addition of these little yellow flowers. A very good quality tea.

    Eveanne (2/19/2008)
    This tea is a good quality with alot of infusions , not the Osmanthus flovor that Iím seeking but still a good tea , i enloyed it .

    Lance (12/18/2007)
    Iíve had better. Not expensive. I would rather see a better quality tea infused.

    mark (8/14/2007)
    smooth, relaxing

    Howard (2/4/2007)
    Tasty. Complex. Good enough that Iíve ordered more next time around.

    Alexis (10/7/2006)
    The taste of osmanthus oolong is really fruity.

    Hien (8/5/2006)
    I love Oolong teas, and this one was wonderful.

    Rebecca (7/11/2006)
    perfect combination of tea and petals

    Michael (7/9/2006)
    Not the best Oolong but a good occasion to taste Osmanthus flower.

    Paolo (6/11/2006)
    This is an excellent tea! The taste of Osmanthus is well balanced, so it doesnít overtaste the superb Oolong tea. Very refreshing.

    Marco (1/18/2006)
    This tea is a delightful specimen. A great tasting Osmanthus Oolong. At the same time exquisite and complex. The combination using osmanthus petals are not quite as perfumed as your regular jasmine teas. This brings forth the great taste of the Oolong.

    Erik (11/8/2005)

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