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  Chinese Black Tea
Tastes thick and robust. Tea connoisseurs appreciate Chinese Black tea as a beverage with various purifying qualities. Chinese Black tea blends easily with other flavors to create a rich and exquisite taste. Regular consumption of Chinese Black tea can reduce risk of stroke.
  Chinese Black Tea
  • 1979 Series Keemun Black Tea   
  • Bai Lin Jin Zhen  
  • Bai Lin Ju Hong  
  • Bi Luo Chun Hong Cha  
  • Keemun  
  • Keemun Hao Ya A  
  • Keemun Mao Feng  
  • Keemun Xian Zhen  
  • Lapsang Souchong  (3 types)
  • Rose Keemun  
  • Sichuan Gongfu  
  • Tan Yang Jing Zhi  
  • Tan Yang Te Ji  
  • Yi Hong Jing Pin A  
  • Ying De Hong  
  • Yunnan Gold  
  • Yunnan Pure Gold  
  • Zhu Hai Jin Ming  
    Sichuan Gongfu
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    Sichuan Gongfu
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      Sichuan Gongfu
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    Sichuan Gongfu is, with Keemun and Yunnan Gold, one of the three most famous Gongfu black tea in China. This tea is truly special as it is produced from very fine downy tea buds, a rarity in black teas where usually only the tea leaves (and no buds at all) are used for production of the tea.

    Other names:
    Chuan Hong

    Not only is it smooth but rich and malty as well. The finish carries a hint of chocolate-note. Sichuan Gongfu blends very well with sweeten milk to create a beverage that taste like chocolate milk.

    Dark and slightly gold tea buds. Yields cups of amber color liquor.

    Yi Bin City, Sichuan Province

    Harvest Period:
    Spring 2021

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