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  Chinese Black Tea
Tastes thick and robust. Tea connoisseurs appreciate Chinese Black tea as a beverage with various purifying qualities. Chinese Black tea blends easily with other flavors to create a rich and exquisite taste. Regular consumption of Chinese Black tea can reduce risk of stroke.
  Chinese Black Tea
  • 1979 Series Keemun Black Tea   
  • Bai Lin Jin Zhen  
  • Bi Luo Chun Hong Cha  
  • Keemun  
  • Keemun Hao Ya A  
  • Keemun Mao Feng  
  • Keemun Xian Zhen  
  • Lapsang Souchong  (3 types)
  • Rose Keemun  
  • Sichuan Gongfu  
  • Tan Yang Jing Zhi  
  • Tan Yang Te Ji  
  • Yi Hong Jing Pin A  
  • Ying De Hong  
  • Yunnan Gold  
  • Yunnan Pure Gold  
  • Zhu Hai Jin Ming  
    Tan Yang Te Ji
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    Tan Yang Te Ji
    (rating: 4.4 out of 5)
      Tan Yang Te Ji
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    Itīs the first time I have tried this tea and am enchanted, will surely order it again. nice packaging and great customersī service.

    woolloo flavia (9/26/2018)
    The tea had an ok body. It did not have any really distinct flavors.

    Blake (1/27/2015)
    This tea has a slightly medicinal quality, though there is something a bit chocolatey about the dry leaves.

    Keith (3/31/2014)
    Trying several times I just canīt get the nag for this tea and I think there are better black teas to be given as a gift to VIPsī, may be then on another Olympic.

    Peter (3/13/2013)
    I was a little disappointed by the 2012 tan yang te ji tea. I remember it tasting much better back in 2010, and was expecting the same. TeaSpring may even have raised the price this year, if I recall. I guess teas change year to year, and judging from TeaSpring customer reviews also. This tea is good if you like a slightly smoky, dark taste.

    Ronald (12/4/2012)
    Amazing. Very well priced. Deep aroma and lasting taste, very smooth. Highly recommended.

    Igor (11/19/2012)
    I once bought this tea in Holland but it is no longer available. That is how I found teaspring on internet! The tea tastes a little bit different from the tea in Holland, maybe it was from another year. But I am delighted I found this wonderful tea at teaspring company, most enjoyable. Also my wife Simone liked it very much. And many thanks for your excellent service and friendliness

    Joost (10/18/2012)
    A very good black tea, and well worth its price. Certainly recommended.

    Matthew (4/3/2012)
    Nice black tea. Good to drink with milk. Good quality for the price

    Andrei (3/12/2012)
    A nice black tea. Reminded me of Darjeeling teas (specially second flush). Recommended.

    Tim (2/21/2012)
    The quality of the leaf in relation to the price speaks for itself.

    Alvin (2/10/2012)
    Reunited with this at last. I have yet to meet a tea out there that I would say is better than this.

    anon (12/9/2011)
    Smooth and very clean. The slight plum notes are apparent. I do not find the tea particularly strong or bold, but light and mild. Lovely medium red color. The quality is very good because it can be infused many times. At first I thought I had not used enough leaves, but I determined that this is the character of this tea. Although the notes are light and mild, I found the tea satisfying and refreshing.

    Kei (10/18/2011)
    хороший чай

    Sergey (4/19/2011)
    č un ottimo tea forte līho gradito molto con colazioni salate.

    Tommaso (2/2/2011)
    Exceptionally sweet syrupy tea. In many was it has actually quite a neutral indefinable taste. Co Not at all like te other tan yang teaspring sell. Overall I do recommend this. Especially for people who love sweet tea

    Dorian (1/14/2011)
    An excellent tea with floral, vanilla tones. I recommend this black tea which tastes good.

    Ronald (12/10/2010)
    For best results, use the recommended brewing specs for a smoky brew with a nice chocolate texture. Brewing it the western way will cause it to lose a lot of its nuances, ending up as a pretty average black tea.

    Piradej (11/18/2010)
    Wow! Western brewing produces a nice flavor, but brewing it 1 tsp/5 oz at 1:00 with multiple infusions produces a strong chocolate flavor and aftertaste that is amazing!

    David (11/2/2010)
    A very good black tea, with complex interesting taste.

    Terje (10/18/2010)
    This is an absolutely gorgeous one! I love the notes of cocoa in the flavour and the way it turns smoky especially on the second steep. I wasnīt sure what to make of it the first time I had it but it grew on me and is now one of my absolute favourites that I MUST have in my cupboard at all times.

    anon (9/26/2010)
    very good tea has alot of port wine and steak qualities also has alot of cherry in the front palet good for breakfast and at night would go good with a nice fat juicy steak will hold up to rich foods but also will go well with lighter fare

    david (12/15/2009)
    Lovely tea and I recommend it. I brewed western style and then again with less water and it was fine.

    Christopher (11/15/2009)
    Product arrived as pictured in Summer of 2009: The dried leaves appear as typical Chinese black tea with slight twists and have some gold accent leaves intermixed. Very heady scent of cacao prior to brewing. Clear, reddish/brown liquor and the bold flavor takes on some peppery notes and finishes smoothly. The spice lasts for a while, which is fun. Brewed Western style (1tsp dry for 6-8oz of water), I found three minutes a little thin for my taste and therefore recommend four minutes. I agree with Catherine, you can stretch this one a bit for a second brewing (even with the Western method :), though I steep it 25% longer rather than turning up the heat. This tea is much like Yunnan province teas I love, but ultimately, I still slightly prefer the Yunnan Pure Gold.

    Tim (8/28/2009)
    This is an outstanding black tea. At first itīs strong and smooth, but there are lighter spicy notes mingled in. Itīs good for more than one steeping if you use slightly hotter water the second time.

    Catherine (2/28/2009)

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