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  Chinese Green Tea
Chinese Green tea is light and refreshing. Well known for its many health benefits, Chinese Green tea helps to prevent cancer, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, prevents cavities, reduces stress and regulates ageing.
  Chinese Green Tea
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    Yang Yan Gou Qing
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    Yang Yan Gou Qing
    (rating: 4.6 out of 5)
      Yang Yan Gou Qing
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    Refreshing and tasty green tea. The fresh taste and swet afetrtaste. Quality tea.

    Jizdan (5/12/2024)
    Wonderful green tea. Beautiful aroma stayed for 2 infusions and the next 3 had refreshing flavor.

    Jizdan (3/24/2024)
    Good green tea. clear taste. no bitterness. No vegetable taste. .

    Jizdan (11/5/2023)
    Very smooth and sweet taste. Is quite light in taste but good overall.

    Jizdan (7/27/2023)
    A really nice, fragrant tea. Somewhat delicate flavor but very good.

    Jizdan (7/2/2023)
    A long lasting brew. Water temperature needs to be lower than usual. This brings out the flavor.

    dennis west (11/15/2020)
    Fantastic, as usual. Excellent taste and freshness

    Joao (9/15/2020)
    Fantastic as usual. I keep ordering this tea and the quality is always excellent. A constancy that is to be praised.

    Joao (1/14/2019)
    highly aromatic tea with a smooth and delicately sweet taste.

    dennis west (12/27/2018)
    Strong, smooth flavor without any bitterness. A bit floral and slightly sweet.

    Jonathan (11/4/2018)
    Delicious, as usual. I keep ordering this tea and it always excels in quality

    Joao (8/16/2018)
    This tea I never grow tired of it. It is consistently good high quality tea. Of corse the first flush is best. But the other times it is equaly as good

    dennis west (7/27/2018)
    This is this very best crop of tea that I have tasted. It is exactly what I have always looked for in this tea. It has a slight hint of smokeyness but not overpowering.

    dennis west (5/20/2018)
    Fantastic, as usual. I will continue to order it since the quality is always excellent

    Joao (6/6/2017)
    This is a relatively new name to the venerable list of Chinese green tea but by far one of the best. Highly recommended.

    Yun (12/10/2015)
    Excellent, as usual. Became one of may absolute favourites.

    Joao (12/1/2015)
    This is an excellent green tea, that is so unusual tastewise, itīs even hard to describe. The aroma is still very fresh, even though Iīm tasting it in late October. Flavour seems deep and rich, somewhat īmilkyī, mildly sweet, Iīd say. Robust yet complex. The aftertaste is probably among the longest for green tea. Infused leaves are yellowy-green, with lots of very young buds. Liquor is fresh green. Lasts up to 5 steeps in a Gaiwan or in a tall glass.

    David (10/18/2015)
    An outstanding tea with unique characteristics and is highly aromatic tea with a smooth and delicately sweet taste.

    dennis west (6/6/2015)
    Absolutely outstanding, as usual. Strongly recommend it.

    Joao (4/26/2015)
    Absolutely outstanding, as usual. Strongly recommend it.

    Joao (4/26/2015)
    A great tea, and what seems to be a very good first flush this year! The aroma on the leaves is great.

    Neil (4/17/2015)
    Fantastic as usual. This a tea which I regularly order and the quality is unfailing

    Joao (12/27/2014)
    The craftsmanship on this tea is beautiful. Tiny tiny leaves all rolled into little hook shapes. The flavor is amazing and revitalizing. Would love to see how they roll this tea, so neat!

    Lee (12/18/2014)
    Excellent, as usual. Fantastic and consistent taste.

    Joao (10/3/2014)
    A great tea, and what seems to be a very good first flush this year!

    Neil (7/17/2014)
    A great tea, and what seems to be a very good first flush this year!

    Neil (7/17/2014)
    Yang Yan Gou Qing tea or Yang Yan Green Hook Tea is a green tea from Yang Yan Mountains, Lin Hai City, Zhejiang Province, China. Gou Qing is translated as "Green Hook" for the tea leaf resembles the hook

    dennis west (7/5/2014)
    Utterly delicious! Iīd even compare this one with An Ji Bai Cha. Sweet, delicate, subtle yet rich and deep. Have been brewing this by just adding tealeaves to a glassfull of warm (80c) water three infusions and drinking always only 2/3 of the glass. Only down side that I find with this tea is that the leaves wont sink easily. Will deafanaticly be ordering more of this in the future. full on 5 stars.

    Lauri (6/20/2014)
    A great green tea which can give up to 5 good infusions not common with greens. My second order and surely not the last.

    Peter (6/14/2014)
    Wonderful green tea. Beautiful aroma stayed for 2 infusions and the next 3 had refreshing flavor. The brewed leaves retained a bright green as if newly picked inviting to chew on them which I did. Not a bit bitter.

    Peter (10/24/2013)
    This 2013 crop is probably the best tasting tea I have had in quite a while. It has a unique taste that only comes around ever so often. I canīt describe it, but know it when I taste it.

    dennis west (9/29/2013)
    A fantastic tea, I will most likely purchase this tea again

    Neil (7/13/2013)
    Wow. Fresh, lively, long on flavour, just a refreshing and tasty green.

    Robert (6/8/2013)
    Un ottimo tč dalle belle foglie arrotolate . Gusto decisoe infuso dal bel colore giallo-verde chiaro e profumato. Persistente, dolce e veramente lungo in bocca.

    Andrea (5/28/2013)
    Yang Yan Gou Qing This 2013 first flush is excellent, it has that top quality with a hidden taste that fits my palate just right. Will be ordering this again.

    dennis west (5/26/2013)
    Very unique tea with authentic taste & aroma... it tasted a little bit creamy like soya milk... still strong until 5th brewed

    Susany (5/19/2013)
    Very smoot and sweet taste. Is quite light in taste but good overall.

    Ionut (4/6/2013)
    A really nice, fragrant tea. Somewhat delicate flavor but very good.

    Shehzad (2/2/2013)
    Still excited with the tasted. Fresh, but this year harvest a little bitter.

    Susany (11/27/2012)
    Good aroma and brews well in high or low temp water. It is a better tea from the region of Zhejiang for the price. On a scale of 1-10 I rate it about a 7.

    dennis west (8/25/2012)
    This is a really light and refreshing sweet tea. It reminds me of a tea I recently tried from China called Misty Realm. The first pot is the best but sadly it quickly loses its flavour so you have to steep for maybe 30 seconds and next time 60 seconds. After that itīs gone. But it is delightful and refreshing and I will definitely buy this tea again.

    Robin (8/6/2012)
    My favourite green tea. The fresh taste and swet afetrtaste. Quality tea. Recommended.

    Jizdan (6/30/2012)
    My favourite green tea! even greater this year. Canīt go wrong with this one.

    Max (6/18/2012)
    Very fragrant and delicious, and very similar in look, feel and taste to dong ting bi luo chun.

    Matthew (5/4/2012)
    First time for me, but kind of resembles to Lu An Gua Pian, but freshier softer and less bitter. Nice aroma. Primera vez que lo pruebo, me recuerda al Lu An Gua Pian pero mucho más fresco, suave y menos amargo (aunque depende de la infusión). Muy recomendable aunque llevo apenas unos 3 verdes de este sitio, pero sin duda seguiré probando.

    Abdul (5/4/2012)
    A profound sweetens and refreshing. Also very high quality leaves (buds in this case), as i expect form TeaSpring. 5 stars.

    Tim (5/4/2012)
    Wonderful tea. Starting a new day with a cup of this tea is a real must. Very specific taste, I loved it. I definitely keep buying this one.

    Radenko (11/16/2011)
    very good green tea. clear taste. no bitterness. No vegetable taste. .

    Christian (9/29/2011)
    As always a real good tea, but I think that this year it had lost some of his incredible freshness.

    manuel (9/7/2011)
    First time when I buy this tea. I cannot compare with previous recolts but I like it very much. Itīs aromatic and sweet. Nice feeling after taste. Price seems quite expensive.

    Ionut (8/28/2011)
    i ever bought this tea, but only 100grams (last year). Reasonable price with great taste. this year, i bought 200grams, but not as good as last year. but still recommended...

    Susany (8/8/2011)
    A really nice tea. Very smooth and full flavor. Iīve really been enjoying it. Donīt brew too hot -- as I did the first time.

    Shehzad (7/31/2011)
    Muy buen te, suave, aromático y un poquito dulce, recomendado!!

    FRANCISCO (7/15/2011)
    Intense and very smooth, a bit sweet. Spring in a cup.

    Max (6/9/2011)
    This is one of the better spring tea crops for this tea. Was able to get two infusions per time. The water for this tea does not seem to be as a critical element as it does for other teas.

    dennis west (5/29/2011)
    A slightly flowery aroma with a hint of honey. Bright and broad but soft taste.

    Tapio (5/25/2011)
    My long-time favorite, and this yearīs TeaSpring offering is a wonderful batch.

    Gerald (5/12/2011)
    I did not like the taste of this tea. It has a strong grassy taste. I havenīt tried the rest yet (bought two more kinds of grean tea). I will let you know. If you know a green tea that has a nice, non-grassy, taste that you recommend, please email me with that info. Thank you, Khaula

    khaula (5/9/2011)
    The dry leaves have a very nice almost fruity aroma, and the taste of the tea is very good, sweet and aromatic.

    Terje (4/26/2011)
    New harvest for 2011 is great! High quality, mildly vegetal, wonderful spicy aroma.

    Mark (4/15/2011)
    This tea has a promising strong sweet odor. The taste is fresh with a hint of sweetness. Amazing how many times this tea can be brewed and it still keeps it taste.

    Philipp (4/9/2011)
    very good green tea. Donīt brew it too hot .

    Christian (2/21/2011)
    One of my favourite tea. Absolutely wonderful, seem to me that his taste improve every year!

    manuel (2/15/2011)
    Eccellente. Č stata una vera scoperta. Il prezzo un po’ pių alto della media č assolutamente giustificato. L’aroma č complesso e deciso il gusto č inebriante morbido e dolcissimo. Le sue note aromatiche lo rendono piacevole anche ai meno esperti.

    Tommaso (1/16/2011)
    An affordable and unique everyday green which yields good strong flavour and excellent resteep potential. I heat i litre of wate to 65 celsius, add 2.5g to my 250ml glass and keep topping up whilst drinking through a straw! Cant recommend this superb tea enough, what it lacks in delicacy and refinement it does make up for in its reasonable price and strong punchy flavour.

    Dorian (12/15/2010)
    This really is a marmite green, love or hate affair. The flavour is incredibly distinctive, it has a kind of grassy sappiness of a harsh long jing, the sweetness of say some light Taiwan oolong, or maybe a Mao jian, and a strange sourness all of its own. It is literally not my cup of tea, itīs about as subtle as a kick in the head, but it does have character ill give it that. I brewed 2.5g at 60celsius for 1 min and im finding this brew too strong lol, it is a very very very strong green tea, but as i say the flavour is somewhat distinctive and this tea will have itīs fans im sure.

    Dorian (10/19/2010)
    pretty color and nice aroma. another excellent selection offered by teaspring.

    Cory (9/12/2010)
    Very good tea with strong flavour and specific, but sweet and interesting taste.

    Paweł (9/6/2010)
    The fresh taste, sweet aftertaste. Quality tea. Recommend.

    Anton (7/26/2010)
    As always, Iīm quite pleased with this tea. Great flavor and aroma.

    Daniel (6/28/2010)
    While not my absolute favorite tea, this is by far the tea I drink most often. Itīs always a pleasure!

    Daniel (6/28/2010)
    This was an enjoyable tea, but no where in comparison with Lin Hai Pan Hao.

    Daniel (6/18/2010)
    This is a decent green tea. It doesnīt have the "bite" of a Long Jing, and doesnīt have the delicacy of Sparrowīs Tongue. It does have good endurance.

    Hiep (6/10/2010)
    Very fresh taste and aroma. When its brewing look so nice. Taste of that tea is similar to Vietnam tea "Che Tai Nguyen" and have something from Japanes teas

    Lukasz (5/18/2010)
    A very good flowery taste. Fresh and soft. A global world in a cup of tea!

    Ricardo (5/11/2010)
    A sweet smelling tea with a hint of floral taste. It is a mild and refreshing tea.

    Mary (5/7/2010)
    Very unique tea with authentic taste & aroma... the small hook makes big magic. Very good green tea with possible prize.. it tasted a little bit creamy like soya milk... still strong until 5th brewed... one of my favorite green tea beside Tai Ping Hou Kui... Very recommend tea, especially for the first flush this year.

    Susany (4/23/2010)
    tea is good i enjoy the taste and aroma of this tea.

    rajesh (4/18/2010)
    Good tea, very pleasant after taste. I am reviewing 2009 harvest, I canīt hardly wait for this new first flush!

    manuel (4/7/2010)
    I would not call it highly aromatic, but the taste is great. Will order again.

    Konstantin (2/5/2010)
    This continues to be one of my favorite teas. Itīs complex vegetal tastes is good anytime.

    Mark (1/31/2010)
    Graceful unfurling buds and great color in the cup. Very aromatic and full, vegetal, but sweet. This is a real treat.

    Rolf (9/29/2009)
    I really enjoyed this tea. I had bought 50g and liked it so much I bought another 100. The vegetal taste is what stands out to me, but its no where near overpowering. its a great balance.

    John (9/22/2009)
    Taste and smells like Lu An Gua Pian, with a mild floral aroma and full-bodied and buttery taste. The beautiful leaves resemble Long Jing. First two infusions are great and very satisfying, but weakens after that leaving only a little nuttiness. I find the best method for almost all Chinese green teas is to drop the tea leaves into a gaiwan already half-filled with hot water at the proper temperature and then filling the cup gently with water. What you want to avoid is blasting tea leaves with hot water and spoiling the infusion. In my opinion, YYGQ has special taste qualities that most other green teas usually do not have, and that is why this tea deserves five stars. If you want a full-bodied, smooth, fragrant tea and like the taste of LAGP, YYGQ is a nice alternative.

    Kei (9/18/2009)
    Very good for the price. A well rounded yet complex tea with vegetal and nutty notes. Steeping this one has confounded me somewhat. I like what others have said that you get a different cup with different technique. My attempt to steep at 165 for 1 minute seems to leave the leaves unfinished, a little stiff, though most teas respond well to this. Steep a little longer.

    Mark (9/3/2009)
    Very fresh, quite easy to brew. A good 09 harvest tea.

    Olivier (6/26/2009)
    This was an enjoyable tea, but no where in comparison with Lin Hai Pan Hao.

    Daniel (6/19/2009)
    One of my favorite teas, probably top three ever. The key to brewing is low temperature. Cooler brewing brings out the complex vegetal side of the tea, which is light, satisfying, and delicious. Higher temperatures lead to a nuttier flavor, which, although pleasant, is not as distinctive.

    Jeff (6/14/2009)
    I strongly recommend this tea. The taste is quite fresh. Definitely one of the best I ever tasted from teaspring.com or any other provider.

    Joao (6/6/2009)
    This is one of those rare, versatile green teas that can work well as a lighter, flowery tea, or a heavier, more vegetal tea. As with all teas, it of course depends on the steeping time/temperature/amt of leaf, but to my taste, this tea is delicious no matter how you steep it. Many lighter teas acquire a "stewed" taste if you oversteep them even by a few seconds, but I found that this tea is robust enough to handle a slightly longer steeping. (Of course, I still wouldnīt suggest anything more than 2-3 min at 170F--itīs still a green tea after all!) But unlike heavier teas like Chun Mee, Yang Yan Gou Qing is delicate enough to serve well with a lighter steeping, too. Thatīs how I prefer it, and probably how itīs "supposed" to be brewed. But the robust qualities make it a great bet if youīre like me and sometimes forget to watch the time!

    Catherine (5/29/2009)
    While this is a quality tea, it is not my style. I feel it leans slightly more to the bi lo chun side of greens, whereas I tend to prefer the dragon well side.

    mark (5/5/2009)
    For now this it the best tea Iīve purchased here, very intresting flawor and vegetable taste!

    marco (4/4/2009)
    Wow, I never expect this high quality. Very fresh.

    Alan (3/29/2009)
    My favorite tea. It looks and smells great. As a person who knows a lot about tea, I can recommend this to anyone who wants to try excellent green tea.

    Krystsina (1/9/2009)
    Subtle, pleasant and complex, this is very enjoyable tea. The only thing that prevents this tea from being perfect is the rather subdued flavor. It may be a very delicate tea, that loses doesnīt store very well. Despite the weakness, the flavorīs delicate complexity rewards careful sipping, and it is a wonderful, elegant tea.

    David (12/11/2008)
    Elegant leaf and a wonderfully soothing cup, with a nice buttery finish that just wonīt quit. I like the way the flavor profile evolves as the cup temperature drops. Steeping slightly longer than the recommended time brings out added complexity.

    David (11/13/2008)
    This tea is pricey but worth every cent. It lasted roughly two infusions, which is why I think it wouldnīt be a good everyday tea, but it is very fragrant and very good.

    joshua (10/22/2008)
    Very nice tea. Reminiscent of a good Long Jing (Dragon Well) tea. A bit pricey, but still recommend it.

    Peter (8/22/2008)
    I really liked this tea! For me, it actually tasted VERY vegetative, but not in a bad way. For me, it only maintains its taste for 2 infusions, but this is offset by the moderate price and the density of the leaf.

    Dustin (8/19/2008)
    A very good tea at this price. Even not so excellent, but it is good to try.

    Hua (8/6/2008)
    Incredibly fragrant. Little known and hence a fantastic price for the quality. Definitely one of my favorites.

    Dr Paul (6/30/2008)
    Hey this is an incredible tea. Tasty even after 3 infusions. I want more!!!

    manuel (6/2/2008)
    Delicious full bodied green tea. Very mellow and "umami". Reminded me of chicken stock.

    Étienne (5/14/2008)
    excellent tea. very refreshing. I love the unique aroma this tea has

    John (5/3/2008)
    I have never tasted and smelled a tea this fresh, my first order with TeaSpring. When I received my express-delivered tea order with the new Easy Pot, I immediately prepared a serving of this beautiful wonder followed by many additional infusions according to brewing guidelines. Totally worth it, top shelf, and I also love my new Easy Pot. Thanks for this experience.

    Andreas (4/18/2008)
    Truly excellent. I happy TeaSpring makes this available, and I stock up on it when I can.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    My favorite green tea--calming, vegetal, smooth, aromatic. Sufficient reason to retire in Lin Hai City. Cannot praise it enough.

    Gerald (4/14/2008)
    Great as ever--try this one if you want a very high quality tea without the fame and limited supply of the 10 famous teas.

    Elliot (12/19/2007)
    Extra refreshing...more than 2 delicious infusion...good tea.

    manuel (10/27/2007)
    This was a light and very tasty green tea. Also, fast and easy ordering and shipping. This was my first experience with TeaSpring and I am very pleased!

    Morgan (10/15/2007)
    Abundant aroma. Unique in taste with complexity, very pleasant. Such a great flavor.

    Ryan (8/19/2007)
    A good choice for people who want to explore different teas. Complex enough to set it apart from a large group of teas that all seem to taste pretty much the same, but perhaps not quite as characteristic as some of the more famous teas.

    Elliot (8/9/2007)
    A very good and pleasing tea. Brews perfectly every time.

    Esther (7/13/2007)
    very good tea for people who don’t like "vegetable taste", very soft.

    Christian (5/14/2007)

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